Mendo Mulcher Grinder Review: The Best Metal Weed, Pot Or Spice Grinder For Sale?

We use grinders in everyday various mechanical works, and there are many types of grinders available on the market. One of them is the Mendo Mulcher grinder. The Mendo Mulcher grinder is made in Mendocino County, California, U.S.A. and it has been made for over twenty years with pride. This Mendo grinder is favorable to every herb enthusiast for some logical reasons. The service that these grinders provide is close to the service of the Space Case grinders. Mendo Mulcher grinder is not like the other ordinary grinders of the market. Metal grinder, pot grinder, spice grinder, hand grinder are all various kinds of grinders that are commonly in use. Mendo Mulcher grinder is one of the exceptional brands of grinders available.

Mendo Mulcher Grinder Review

There are many weed grinders on the market for sale. But the Mendo Mulcher is arguably one of the best. There are various sizes of the Mendo Mulcher grinders.1.5”is the smallest size and the largest is 3”. Before purchasing you have to select the size of the grinder. Then you can order the grinder on through the manufacturer website at

There are plenty of affordable grinders on the Mendo Mulcher website. Nowadays some companies like eBay are even offering discounts on the Mendo Mulcher grinder. For example, you can pick up a 2.25” Mendo Mulcher grinder for a mere 50 USD. The average price is around $79.97 for one with a kief screen. The delivery is quick as it typically will take only 3 days to deliver.

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Construction of the Mendo Mulcher

The Mendo Mulcher is a one of a kind weed grinder. Precision CNC guided milling machines are used to cut it. CNC’ed 6061-T6 Aluminium is used to make The Mendo Mulcher. The incorporation of Aluminium is very light in weight and commonly used in aircraft, boat, and bicycle applications. As Aluminium is a strong material it makes the product able to withstand years of use and wear and tear. It also gives assurance against chipping and cracking of the teeth. The teeth are sharp with the exception of the freely rotating magnetic top. The indication of the tight tolerances is given by the well designed parts. The Mendo Mulcher grinder also has fine ribbing on the tops and bottoms as well as the sides.

The construction of the storage chamber is the best feature of this grinder. Mendo Mulcher’s storage chamber is bigger than other conventionally designed grinders. The lower grinding section and cap of the grinder are more compact. Thus the height of the grinder is reduced by over 1/4”. Cleanliness and safety may also be an element when investing in a grinder. The Mendo Mulcher is better than a knockoff grinder in that case. It shows a little oil or grease when it is wiped with a tissue. But other grinders show a large amount of dirt stuck in the teeth and over the metal surfaces.


In comparison to some other brands, the Mendo Mulcher performs much better. Every grinding tooth is perfectly designed to reduce resin accumulation and increase mulching energy. The amount of teeth within the grinding maw tend to be twice that from the top competitors, a design that is proven to provide the perfect mulch blend ideal for smoking as well as vaporizing. It grinds heavy buds upward quick generally only going for a couple twists. The grinder breaks or cracks it into little fluffy chunks that are especially great for rolling. The grinder also offers an excellent screen which produces enough kief in the event that quality buds are utilized. Permanent magnetic lids make sure your herbal treatments don’t spill also it maintains a feeling of cohesion as well as unity like a single bonded organization. While using grinder for one week, the parts continue to be run sleek and smooth as they should. The screen of the Mendo Mulcher grinder stays cleaner than the other grinders in the market. It also has high quality Mendocino Mulcher with it to collect kief. When trichromes are separated from the plant material kief is created.

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The Mendo Mulcher grinder has some important features which have made it separate from the other grinders. The features are given below:

  1. The Mendo Mulcher grinder offers more teeth than every other grinder currently available in the market.
  2. It produces awesome grinding power. Even the smallest herbs cannot escape from it.
  3. It gets the herbs to the perfect smoking composition for smoking or vaporizing.
  4. It also has high quality kief collector
  5. As the Mendo Mulcher grinder is made by Aluminium it is light in weight.
  6. Solid 6061-t6 bar stock is used for the machining of Mendo Mulcher grinder. That’s why it is a hard wearing grinder which provides long lasting grinding.
  7. Mendo Mulcher has different screens. The finest available screen is 200 micron diameter. This is ideal for collecting just pure crystals.
  8. Among the high quality grinders in the market, the Mendo Mulcher is quite affordable.


Some users claim that there could be some improvements to their Mendo Mulcher, such as the addition of the o-ring between your lid and also the bottom 1 / 2 of the grinder. This could help sleek the motion and get rid of rattle/squeaks. It might also avoid metal upon metal get in touch with and slow up the possibility associated with metal shavings engaging in the plant. I would also provide preferred the actual grinder to possess smaller openings because we felt it didn’t mill buds very enough for any vaporizer. If these improvements are made than the Mendo Mulcher grinder will be more flexible to use.

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The actual Mendo Mulcher grinder will work for people that require the capability to mill up lots of buds rapidly. It won’t jam even if stuffed full and will still grind to some good regularity. The Mulcher provides you with long enduring quality grinding for a long time. The Mendo Mulcher grinder is cheaper than grinders of similar quality.

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