Meguiars Polisher Compound Kit Review: Dual Action Car Polisher


Some people think that a car is an extension of themselves, as it represents their personality and character. Their ride gives them joy and comfort and at the same time they derive pleasure when they hear good compliments regarding their car. That is the reason why some people will go to great extents in making their ride as perfect as possible. Not only when it comes to its driving but also making it look as good as they can.

A car without any blemish and bumps will be the envy of some car owners who allow their car to reach a degrading state. When a ride is left to the elements without any protection and care, it will drastically reduce its lifespan. This will result to loss in investment and much inconvenience for there will be a chance that it will not be able to function properly and will leave the owner in an unwanted state. A well- cared car is one that is receiving proper maintenance and one that has a shine to show off.

The important aspect of car detailing is making it look as shiny as possible.  A shiny car will mean that it is well kept and the paint is able to withstand the hazards of the elements. Dirt and grime will not be able to adhere to the paint allowing longer and better protection to the body of the car. With all the available polishing products in the market the one that has caught the attention of most meticulous car owners is the Meguiar’s polisher.

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Meguiar’s polisher will make your car shine better than any other wax or soap product on the market, even those specifically tailored to cars. Whether you are having a professional clean your car or you are taking the time to complete the job yourself, like other consumers, you are sure to be impressed with the shine.

The Meguiar’s polishing compound is guaranteed to remove swirls and scratches of the car’s exterior paint as actually shown in a SEMA channel production video on YouTube. The videos will teach and demonstrate the ability of the compound and the Meguiar’s car polisher in making the car have a look that is comparable to the one that has just gone out of the assembly area.

Meguiar’s Polisher for Sale

If you are looking to purchase a Meguiar’s polisher for your home, the best place to begin your search is online. is just one of the websites that lists Meguiar’s professional dual action polishers, like the G110v2 model. On their website you can find plenty of information on the way the polisher works and it include Meguiar’s polisher reviews too.

For the G110v2 professional dual action polisher model some of the following features and information is included for customers:

  • It has a feedback circuit that is located internally which increases the torque when a downward force is applied.
  • A rotating speed that starts at 1800opm to 6800opm making it the most versatile product in the market.
  • The brush is simple to replace with its side port access.
  • With the soft touch finish technology scratching of the vehicle while polishing is eliminated.
  • When purchasing the Meguiar’s da polisher it will come with a W68DA Soft Buff 2.0 DA backing plate and a canvass bag for easy keeping.
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There are also plenty of sites that carry the Meguiar’s polisher kit.  It is recommended that to achieve the Meguiar’s ultimate polish it is necessary that Meguiar’s polisher G110v2 will come with the complete polishing kit. The full range of the kit will include the quick detailer, endurance high gloss, the gold class car wash and liquid wax, PLASTX and many other great items. The features of the polishing kit guarantees that is a premium product and can remove dirt and grime without damaging the car paint. The wax will make the car have a clear and brilliant shine that will create deep reflections. In using the detailing kit, the inside of the car will have a natural revitalized look that will create a comfortable and clean finish.

Meguiar’s Polisher Review

As with any product the review that Meguiar’s polisher received has a both negative and positive result. When one will take the time to read the Meguiar’s polisher review at, you can’t help but noticed that when a comparison is made between the two aspects of the review the positive one is more convincing and realistic than the negative remarks made about the product. Of those who did take the time to issue a review almost a 100 percent have found it helpful and convinced them in using the polisher. Helpful tips were also given to give the best results, including suggestions of internet videos which will show techniques and guides in performing the task properly.

One review clearly summarizes the efficiency of the product and the happy consumer explains how pleased he was.  This client explained that even without experience he was able to handle the polisher with ease, and that the final results will be worth showing off. Other reviewers claimed that the Meguiar is not tiring to use at all, is light and has a great ergonomic handle.

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Additional Features

There are some great additional features that consumers have found to be useful, putting Meguiar’s above all others on the market.

The product comes with a long cord that will not get in the way when used and has a solid feel and a powerful motor. The motor and the overall design also make less vibration in comparison with other brands of polishers available. The motor also comes with a soft start guarantee, so that your polisher can have a long life and it can minimize the overall wear and tear on your polisher.

The G110v2 is highly recommended by people who have started using it in polishing their car. There is no possibility of damaging the car even when the polisher is used for the first time. Even when compared with its closest competitor the G110v2 has more advantages than disadvantages. In fact the only disadvantage that professionals have noted is the warranty. The competitor has a 3 year warranty and the G110v2 has only a one year warranty benefit. But when it comes to the overall performance and longevity the Meguiar’s polishers are a cut above the rest.

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