McLane Edger Review: Guide To The Belt, Blades & Parts Of This Gas Powered Edger

To some people mowing the lawn alone will not be enough, trimming and edging usually follows to give the lawn a more becoming look. Trimming is done to cut the grasses where lawn mowers usually cannot reach like walls, fences, light poles, trees or any other areas that there is something in the way of a lawn mower.  Edging is the technique utilized to cut grasses and weeds on walkways and fences and this method is usually done vertically. One of the products that can perform the task is the McLane edger.

When trimming is performed the most commonly used machine is either powered by gas or electricity. A nylon spring is attached to the head of the machine and once the power is turned on a whipping motion is achieved which cuts the grass or weeds. This is the traditional trimming machine but the more advanced type has replaced the nylon with reciprocating blades to cut the grass. An example of the advance type machine is the Mclane® 3.5 HP Gas Edger & Trimmer that is available at

Edging on the other hand will prevent grasses and weeds from creeping into walkways and fences. Cutting is done vertically and in a straight line fashion along the perimeter of the area being mowed. The power source of this machine is either gas or electricity as well, and an example of this is the McLane edger model   137-4.75GT-FT. This model is made from heavy duty steel, with dual cutterhead bearings in order to give the grass a smooth freshly cut look. The tires of this model are replaceable and made of rubber which is chip resistant.  The McLane gas edger can either be powered by Briggs and Stratton or a Honda engine depending on the preference of the costumer.

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Tips in Mowing, Trimming and Edging

When these three forms, mowing, trimming and edging a lawn, are done right it would add vitality and will give the lawn a nice and appealing look. The following are tips in how to do these tasks properly.


  1. Choosing the right type of mower is essential to start with. Different types of grass will require also a different kind of mower. If the lawn is covered with Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass or bent grass a reel mower is recommended. When tall types of grasses are growing in the lawn like ryegrass or blue grass a rotary mower is recommended.
  2. When setting the blades of a mower do it on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the height in order for the mower to cut the grass accurately and give it an even uniform look. Adjust the blades according to specifications of the manufacturer.
  3. When mowing is performed leave the grass on the lawn for this will contribute to the nutrients of the lawn as it breakdown for these are organic matter.

Trimming and Edging

  1. When the lawn to be edge is small a handheld edger can be used. But if the area is wide it is recommended to use a gas power lawn edger.
  2. Grass shears is recommended to be used around trees and also on places which is impossible to reach.
  3. Have a string trimmer handy when doing the tasks especially if the lawn to be worked on is large and the grass may have grown more than the capacity of the lawn mower to mow.
  4. A McLane edger maybe used to give the lawn a manicured look. Sometimes there will be a need for an edging tool to give the lawn an “English Garden” look.
  5. When utilizing an edging tool the soil that was removed must be returned and buried to the garden beds to help in nourishing the edges of the lawn.
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Protective gear must be worn when doing the job and make sure that children and pets are out of the way to prevent any unnecessary mishaps. More of these tips can be seen at

Trimming and Edging Machines

The Mclane edger is one of the most popular products on the market with more 50 years of experience in making durable and trustworthy machines. One such machine is the McLane Gas Edger/Trimmer (801-3.5RP-CA) available at Features of the product include a powerful 4.75 GT Briggs & Stratton engine, a curb wheel to accommodate all terrain and with a single level McLane edger blade. The machine weighs a handy 65 pounds. With the three reviews it received two have rated the machine a 5 star.

Another McLane lawn edger machine is the McLane 801 4.75 GT/3.5RP 9-Inch Gas Lawn Edger, which is quite popular on the market. Features of the product include a 9-inch blade for edging and 8-inch ball bearing wheels, a 3.5 horse power engine with a gross torque of 4.75, a single level blade with clutch and depth control with curb wheel which can be bought separately. The total weight of the machine is 50 pounds which makes it easy to navigate when being used. This machine has 41 reviews at 19 have rated the machine 5 stars and 15 have given it 4 stars. One of the reviews has stated that the machine is easy to assemble with a very clear instruction manual in how to do it.

In the possibility of machine breakdown due to wear of tear McLane edger parts are available to authorized dealer or can be ordered directly thru the company website Amazon also carries some of the parts including the McLane edger belt as part of its inventory being offered to the costumer.

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The first walk behind edger machine is the Tanaka edger. The machine is powered by a 50cc 2.5 horse power two stroke engine. A testimonial by one its owner is that the machine has been used for ten years and the parts that were replaced was the spark plug and filter. More of the product is available at the company’s own website

As you can see there are several models of McLane lawn tools that are available to those who want their garden to appear clean and beautiful year-round.

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