Maxam Knives Review: Kitchen, Pocket Knives & Cookware Guide

Knives have been around for centuries, going all the way back to the caveman days where they were made out of animal bones. In this time and age, though, there are different materials that will last longer and stay sharper then bone. Maxam knives use stainless steel, and sometimes surgical stainless steel, for their blades, which makes them endure exceptionally well compared to other materials. These knives can be used for a range of things including cooking, hunting, fishing, household use and any other uses that may need a knife. They are so durable and long lasting that the company is completely behind the quality of their knives that each one comes with a lifetime warranty.

Maxam Pocket Knives
Whether it is used for hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, or any general use, the Maxam® Lockback Pocket Knife with 420 Surgical Stainless Steel Honed Blade and Durable LeymarTM Handle, is a wonderful choice. It has the lockback feature, which stops the blade from closing; there is also the feature that does not allow the blade to just randomly open up either. One customer’s review states everything quite nicely, giving their Maxam knife 5.0 out of 5 stars, and simply said that this was the best knife ever.

Another customer reviewer, about the Lockback Pocket Knife, which has a honed, stainless steel blade and a grip made up of sturdy Leymar,  said that for the price he paid for his knife, it was in fact amazing. He felt it was good, strong and durable, and excellent for fishing. He fully recommended this knife for anyone who needs to cut fish and bait, as well as anyone who just enjoys collecting knives.

Buying Maxam Knives Wholesale

While looking for knives, sometimes it is best to buy them wholesale, directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees that a person gets the best price for exactly what they are looking for. A knife set that might normally cost around $20 at any other retailer may cost you only $5-$10 when bought wholesale. There are many great sites on the internet that provide wholesale products, but in order to find the best price, it is always best to do research and compare pricing and quality before making a decision.

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Maxam Kitchen Knives

When choosing kitchen knives, there are a few things to think of. Durability and longevity are a couple things to think of. Maxam kitchen knives have three divots in the handle to help add durability and longevity to the knives. Most blades are made of stainless steel, while some are made of surgical stainless steel, which adds to the longevity of the blades since they will not need to be sharpened as often as other blades made out of different materials if they ever need to be sharpened at all. Some of the knife sets come with a wooden block to hold all the knives in it, also there are some that come in a plastic carrying case, or in velvet lined cases to help preserve them or the customer has the option to make their own block to put the knives in. All knives are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

There are also different sets to buy. There is a set of 8 steak knives, Maxam 8pc Steak Knife Set Dishwasher Safe Polypropylene Handles Triple Faux Rivet Design, on amazon for only a little bit over $20. Here is a link to the site. There are also whole kitchen sets, Maxam 20pc Cutlery Super Set Surgical Stainless Steel Blades Polypropylene Handles, which has any knife a person may need to use in a kitchen including steak knives, a butcher knife, filet knife, and many more.

Maxam Cookware

While most people may go for the non-stick cookware, stainless steel is the best way to go, as there is no worry about chipping away the Teflon or other materials that is used to make the food not stick to the pan. Although stainless steel can run on the expensive side, the pots and pans will outlast any non-stick cookware. Maxam makes a set of pots and pans that is made with surgical stainless steel. The use of this quality of metal improves the durability of the cooking set, and enhances the longevity of the set also.

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One specific set, Maxam KT17 Waterless Cookware Set, which consists of 17 pieces, is helpful in cooking that there is little to no need to have any water or oil while cooking. The way this cooking set works is that the cookware has an encapsulated thick aluminum in the bottom, which helps ensure that there are no hotspots and that the pot or pan heats up fast and evenly. The cookware consists of 304 surgical stainless-steel constructions, on the inside and outside of the pot or pan. The reason it is called 9-Element is that it consists of these following nine elements: iron, chrome, manganese, molybedenum, silicon, nickel, aluminum, copper, and vanadium. This 9-Element structure allows for the cookware to be stacked on top of each other, to help save space and energy. In order to cook on top of one another, it is best to start by cooking each pan on individual burners; when the built in steam-release valve whistles, just stack the pans on each other to finish cooking all the food. The set also comes with lids that, when used with correct pan, are self-sealing that helps lock in the flavor and nutrients. After cleaning and when being put away the lids can be inverted to lie on top of the pan to be either stacked or hung up. The handles are nonslip phenolic handles that are completely welded to the outside of the pan; they can also withstand heat, cold, and washing detergents.

This is a great way for people who are health conscious, to cook well for the family, as they allow for vitamin and mineral retention. The pots are also dish washer safe, which allows for easy cleaning; although, the lids are best washed by hand because of the steam-release valves. As is the Maxam promise, the cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Another customer review, which gave another 5 out of 5 stars regarding the waterless cookware set, the Maxam KT17, was also effusive in their praise of Maxam. After having this product for over a year, the owner felt that there weren’t enough ways to describe her adoration for her cookware set. She went on to say that it works exactly as advertised, provided you don’t cook on high, and the food is healthier for her family, the pans are effortless to clean. For the price she paid for this excellent product, she said it was wonderful, and fully expects it to last for a lifetime.

Maxam Knives

Maxam knives and cookware are the best when it comes to quality and pricing. Whenever comparing prices and quality, Maxam will beat the competition with no problem.

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