Marshalltown Trowels: Brick, Concrete, Masonry, Drywall & Skywalker Stilts

Marshalltown is an American company based out of Marshalltown, Iowa that manufactures construction tools for different purposes. With more than 100 years of experience they are one of the top construction tool producing companies in the country.

A trowel is a kind of hand tool used for varying purposes such as smoothing or spreading around various types of pliable materials, such as plasters, toppings, and textures. Marshalltown trowels is a globally recognized brand with more than 100 years of experience with acknowledgements from top construction companies for their quality and durability.

With so many hardware options to help you complete a construction job it can be difficult to select just one brand of tools to help you complete the job. This article is intended to introduce you not only to the brand created by Marshalltown, but the various tools that are available to help you get the job done!

Marshalltown tools:

They are not limited to manufacturing of trowels, in fact they offer a wide range of construction tools,  being used in the following fields of construction:

  • Masonry
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Tiling and Flooring
  • Archeology
  • Concrete
  • Drywall
  • EIFS

Marshalltown Trowels:

In the early years of the company it was known as Marshalltown Trowel Company because at the start they were only making plastering trowels. As time went on they began to manufacture brick trowels, which was another success. That is why they are considered as the pioneers of trowel manufacturing.

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Over the years they have improved their quality of material used for the manufacturing of their products. The Marshalltown trowels consist of only a single piece of metal, making it much stronger than some other brands.  Stainless steel is standard for modern day trowels because of the durability and its resistance to rusting. Apart from the production of stainless steel trowels they also produces gold trowels. These gold trowels are manufactured by combining the elements of gold with stainless steel to produce a stronger metal. Aside from the conventional wooden handles they also provides comfortable Durasoft, plastic and leather handles.

Because of the extreme variety Marshalltown trowels are popular amongst archeologists, plasterers, decorators and bricklayers around the planet.

Recommended Trowels:

Marshalltown 19/11d is one of the bestsseller in brick trowels. It is made of high grade steel and the impact point is extra strong so that it can withstand powerful impacts. Not to mention the handle is Durasoft, so the 19/11d is very comfortable to use.

Marshalltown 19 11FG 11-Inch Philadelphia Brick Trowel with DuraSoft Handle

According to a satisfied user the 19/11d feels a little heavy and somewhat less flexible in the start but once you get to know your tool you’ll find it to be amazing for laying bricks!

701SD V-Notched is another one of the members of the Marshalltown plastering trowels family. This tool is ideal for those who are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Similarly it is made from hardened stainless steel with a Durasoft handle and weighs only 372 grams, which is very light.

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Marshalltown 701SD 11-Inch by 4-1/2-Inch Notched Trowel V with Curved DuraSoft Handle

The Marshalltown Skywalker Stilts are a popular drywall tool that is being used by a lot of many business professionals. They are light weight, have good balance, and the adjustable front shocks make it popular if you are looking to work on high ceiling and walls. This product is a better alternative to working with ladders, paint buckets and other construction materials.

Marshalltown SW224 Skywalker 2.0 Stilts Adjusts from 24-Inches to 40-Inches

According to a customer these stilts are perfect for suspended ceilings, painting, molding, drywall taping etc. With good adjustable front shocks which do not compress until appropriate pressure is applied. The straps are very handy and make the use of stilts very secure and the leg padding is very comfortable indeed. The height adjustment is very easy to use just pull the lever adjust the height and you are good to go.

Long gone are the days when Marshalltown was a mere trowel company. Today it is a major powerhouse in quality construction tools.

Marshalltown Concrete Tools:

The company is also manufacturing a wide range of concrete tools from finishing trowels and floats to shovels, cutters, brooms etc. Almost any kind of tool associated with concrete can be found. These concrete tools are typically a contractor’s first choice because they know Marshalltown is synonymous with high quality.

Recommended Concrete Tools:

The cyclone power trowel is a machine used in place of a hand trowel. Concrete workers know that troweling should be done as soon as the floating is completed, meaning the faster troweling is completed the better the end result. Thus Marshalltown introduced the cyclone power trowel. This machine hosts 3-4 trowels which are attached to a motor, which is sold at two speeds 11 HP and 9 HP. Compared to a hand trowel it is much faster and when the work is to be done on a large scale hand trowels are not an option.

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Marshalltown 10760 46-Inch 9HP Cyclone Power Trowel

Another great tool is the Rock N Roller. This trowel is a simple tool used to decorate concrete with various designs and imprints.

Marshalltown E83D 2-Inch Flat Professional Solid Maple Seam Roller with DuraSoft Handle

This is a great alternative for decorative tiles, it is less costly to use the roller over using tiles. Consequently it takes a lot less time to decorate the concrete using the Rock N Roller compared to the decoration using the tiles.

Marshalltown Masonry & Drywall Tools:

The company has a complete range of masonry and drywall tools, catering for the needs of the people. Eemployees have been striving to provide tools for almost every field of construction. Yet another department where Marshalltown tools have been widely popularized is in the field of archaeology. Kent Flannery, an American archaeologist, has given the Marshalltown trowels an iconic status in his article “The Golden Marshalltown.”

While there are many brands of construction tools on the market there is only one brand whose name should come to mind when you think high quality and durability, Marshalltown.

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