Mantis Tillers Reviews: Stihl, Garden Tillers, Mini Tillers, Parts and Reviews

A garden tiller is a machine that is often referred to as a rotary plow as it electronically plows through fields or gardens using a rotating device. They have been around since 1912 and were invented to provide a hassle free method of tilling your garden or farmland.

Although there are huge plowing machines for farmland now, tillers are still vastly used by those who wish to plow out the land in their gardens for planting. Those who want a garden, and a nice looking one, must realize that it doesn’t come without some tilling work, but luckily with a tiller it is not as much hassle as it used to be.

The Mantis Tiller

Mantis is a company that specializes in making tillers, although they do make garden products of all sorts from composter to yard call products, their specialty is the one outdoor tool. They have a vast number of tillers and a wide range of products that are very popular among avid gardeners, including the Mantis mini tiller.

All of their tillers have a five year warranty for defects and are warrantied for life against ordinary breakage during ordinary work, which proves that they are confident in their product and sure that you will not have any problems getting even the toughest tilling done. Also, they give you your full money back if you do not like it within a year of you purchasing the Mantis tiller, so they must be extra sure you’re going to love it!

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If you are seeking more information regarding the Mantis garden tillers, or any of their products, the Mantis website has the answers you seek as well as all of the products that they produce.

Types of Mantis Tillers

Mantis has a lot of different types and models of tiller, and it is important that you choose the one that suits your tastes and needs most. The following are some of the popular and recent models that Mantis has released.

Mantis 9 inch (2 or 4 cycle)

This is the original Mantis tiller and is by far the best known. It has a lot of great features that rival all other companies who try to beat it. The quality of this tiller is outstanding!

It weighs twenty pounds and has variable speed throttle, it also takes a mix of oil and gasoline for the engine and has a cool recoil option. They have standard grips, which are both comfortable and ensure you will not get paint on your hands from prolonged use. The motor spins at an impressive 240 rpm.

This is a really good tiller for all garden enthusiasts. It will loosen up extremely consolidated ground with no problems whatsoever for the user! It is also very good for mixing fertilizers for your garden plants before you use it. Definitely a good buy for any gardening enthusiast.

Mantis tillers reviews of this product claim that they are built to last. The warranty and customer support make the Mantis the best product on the market.

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Mantis XP

The Mantis XP is a bigger version of the previous Mantis design. It is 16 inches and weighs 34 pounds. It doesn’t take a gasoline and oil mixture for its engine, but other than that it is essentially a bigger version of the previous model.

It can do all the same tricks and tasks the nine inch can, only bigger and some people will claim that bigger is better as you can see if you read some of the reviews on Amazon.

Mantis Electric

This model is an electric tiller, meaning it needs no fuel whatsoever and is handily battery powered. This might be easier for first time users as they don’t have to be purchasing fuels at all and can simply recharge it.

It has a push button to start it up and comes with three speed settings. It is double insulated in the battery and has a 540 watt circuit breaker. This tiller can equally loosen up the hard ground just as well as the others.

Mantis deluxe 9 inch (2 or 4 cycle)

This model is the newest of its kind in the Mantis tiller family. Along with all the brilliant functions such as the variable speed throttle and the special recoil, they now have a lot of brand new features that the previous models and no other market tiller posses.

These new features include a flush mounted throttle, height adjustable handles, comfortable handles and a front bumper handle. A great product, made better!

Other Mantis Products

Mantis provides much more equipment and services than the main tillers mentioned above. In fact, they also have mini tillers which are smaller, more compact versions of the first 9 inch Mantis tiller and easier to use for first timers and for smaller plots of land.

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Also, they have many attachments and Mantis tiller parts to go with it, such as the plow attachment which allows you to plow as you till. There is also the planter and furrower attachment, which lets you dig holes to put your seeds in as well as till. There are many more parts which are listed on the Mantis site.

There are also a few accessories you can get, such as a debris bags and oil cans. They also sell the oil you can use for the tillers that use it, such as the 9 inch and the deluxe in a handy list on their site.

Stihl Tillers

Stihl tillers are probably Mantis’s biggest rival in the tilling market. There are many forums arguing over which one of them is the better company. There have a rather even front and there is no denying that Stihl is a good company, so it is important that you consider all options when selecting the right tool for your garden.

Well, now that you know all you need to know about tillers from Mantis, you should have no problem choosing the right tiller for you and all your home gardening needs.

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