Makita Track Saw Review: Clamps & Accessories And A Festool Comparison Review

If you are unaware of the Makita brand name it is about time you become acquainted with the powerhouse of power tools. Makita, unlike many other brands, is a high performance manufacturer of the tool industry.  Their tools are designed to give its users a sense of excellence and confidence when they use their products for professional or at-home purposes.

Among the many products manufactured by Makita are circular saws, jig saws and recipro saws.  Each of which is created with precise and heavy duty cutting capacities to help you get through any job. Also among their vast line of power tools is the Makita track saw, which is the main focus of this article.

Makita Track Saws

Makita track saws are one of the most commonly utilized cutting tools on the market. General track saw reviews consistently rank it among the top saws on the market for all woodworkers.

The following are just a few of the features of Makita track saws:

  • It has a tip resistant design
  • For splinter-free cutting the track saw is equipped with a depth stopper
  • Can easily cut a groove of 2mm (1/16”) in depth and splinter-free
  • Bevel cut ranging -1 to 48 degrees
  • For operator comfort there is a plunge release lever
  • Weighs only 9.1 lbs due to its magnesium components
  • For a bevel cut that is more precise and accurate dual supports, front and rear are provided
  • For expanding cutting applications the track saw carries a precise bevel cutting 11/16”
  • For an easier installation of the wrench there is a locking lever which holds the blade in its position
  • To obtain that clean cut as well as splinter free cutting a preliminary cut of 1/16” is done by the built-in depth
  • For added comfort there are rubberized handles
  • For a dust-free working environment for the operator, a rear dust port 1-7/16” can be connected to a vacuum system

These features are just some of the reasons that Makita track saws are so highly praised.

Makita Accessories

Despite the many features that come with the saw you get a bonus with great Makita track saw accessories as well. These accessories can be purchased separately online or from various hardware stores.

Makita Guide Rails

Makita guide rails can be purchased for the woodworker who would like a more precise cut.  They are sold in varying sizes from the Makita website (, including 55” and 118”.

Makita Splinter Guard Replacements

Splinter guard replacements are available for purchase so that your safety is never in question when working with your Makita saw.  These are also sold in 55” and 118” sizes through their website.

Makita Track Saw Clamps

With the accessories you can also get Makita track saw clamps that come as a pair. It is used to hold the guide rails or the material that is being used in place as you use the Makita saw. The Makita track saw clamps were manufactured to be used with the Makita guide rails.

Makita Saw Blades

Replacement blades made out of diamond, steel and carbide are all available in the event that your blade becomes dull or you simply need a different cut for a new project.  Most hardware stores will also carry Makita replacement blades, however the Makita website goes to great lengths to ensure you chose the right blade for your saw, which some hardware stores may not do.

While these are just a few of the Makita accessories available for purchase to use with your Makita saw, they are all able to help make your work just a little easier.

Makita Track Saw SP6000

The Makita track saw SP6000 is one of the amazing power tools fabricated by Makita which has become highly recommended among the world of saws and power tools. Based on the Makita track saw reviews the SP6000 is one of the best saws you can find on the market. For carpenters and those who do woodworking in their spare time, this saw is for you! Upon the arrival of this saw consumers are instantly impressed by the quality of the saw, the attention to detail instructions and even the packaging of this item.  Users claim that it worked even better than advertised as it demonstrated accuracy in cutting rubber splinters without offsetting measuring at all.

Many consumers also wanted to put the Makita track saw SP6000 to the test against the manufacturer’s claim that in use it will not cause splinters or chips of any wood being cut. Most consumers rave that the Makita performed top notch in this area as well!

Festool Track Saw Review

While Makita is not the only saw manufacturer on the market, their competitor Festool also attempts to gain consumer confidence with every saw sold.  Festool is acclaimed as a reliable manufacturer that is dedicated to providing consumers with an easy-to-use, top of the line saw for all your woodworking needs. Some Festool track saw reviews claim that this product is great and seems to last for years without replacement.

Here are some of the distinguishing differences between Festool and Makita saws:

  • Makita saws have a slide lever on their saws. This lever, when engaged is used to hook in the undercut groove in the guide rail.  This prevents the saw from coming off the rail when you are attempting to cut at an angle.
  • Festool blades are typically easier to change than the Makita saws because it is just a push button to remove, while the Makita requires a two hand removal.
  • Most Festool saws have less power than Makita saws.

However, when most consumers compare Makita track saw vs Festool saws many claim that there is no comparison.  Not only does the Makita saw function smoother with much less chipping to the wood, but their saws were much more affordable than the Festool saws.  This is just another reason why Makita is leading the saw and power tool market, even over Festool.

As you can see, if you are searching for the right woodworking saw the Makita is not only reliable, but is backed by a strong company and their many reliable consumers.

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