Makita Planer Guide 2023: Review, Jointer, Parts And Hand Planer Review

A planer is any power tool that can smooth out any flat surface, be it wood, metal, or even concrete just by switching blade attachments. There are various types of planers from the stand-alone table top planers and different hand held models. Having a planer of one kind or another is a must for any DIY enthusiast to have in their garage or workshop, as there are various uses for a good planer. And when you’re talking about planers or other power tools for that matter there is one brand name that has been trusted the world over for their quality, Makita.

Different Uses for a power planer

You might be thinking that you do not actually need a power planer in your workshop, but if you consider yourself as a serious craftsman then you need to have at least one of these. Although lumber already comes planed straight from the hardware store, they are still not perfectly straight. You will notice that when you join two cut pieces of lumber together, they will not fit perfectly. This is where a power planer will come in handy, you just set the incremental thickness that you want to shave off from the wood and just let the machine do the work for you.

Using a Makita planer is a lot more convenient than doing it the old-fashioned way, which is by using a hand planer and lots and lots of sandpaper. What used to take hours by hand will now just take minutes, maybe even just seconds.

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Makita – The Company

For many years now, Makita has always been one of the top power tool manufacturers. They offer a complete line of tools ranging from hand drills, table saws, grinders, impact wrenches, and of course planers. Makita is known for making high-quality power tools that are not only very precise, they are also known to last.

Makita also prides itself for giving excellent customer service to all of their customers. If you are having trouble with your Makita planer or any power tool, you will surely find a nearby service center that can help you out with your troubles.

Different Types of Makita Planers

As stated before, there is more than one kind of Makita planer, there are table top models, hand held models and there are even combination planers, all of which are sure to satisfy even the most discerning craftsman and DIY enthusiast.

The Makita Planer Jointer Combo Model 2030

The problem with other combination machines is that they often do a so-so job at most, this is not the case with the Makita Planer Jointer combination power tool. As a testament to how durable and efficient these machines are, you can still see 20 year old Makita 2030 model planer-jointers being used today and they still work like they just came out of the factory. They have a powerful, heavy duty motor that can work even the hardest wood types, and it can go at it for hours without any fear of overheating. This is a jack of all trades that does the job like a master.

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The Makita Thickness Planer

The Makita Planer 2012 Model is one of the most compact thickness planer available in the market right now. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport from site to site, it also makes the Makita thickness planer easy to use and store. The Makita 2012 thickness planer also runs quieter than most of the other planers from other brands, but being quiet does not mean that it’s a pushover. The Makita thickness planer can work with any kind of wood thanks to its powerful 15 amp motor. Even though it is small, it can go through lots of lumber without any difficulty whatsoever.

What Other People Think About Their Makita Planer

People just cannot find anything bad to say about Makita planers, unless they talk about the planer’s dust collector, or lack thereof. Excluding any minor imperfections, those who own a Makita planer are just plain happy that they got it. People like its powerful electric motor that does not considerably heat up even after hours of use, they also like that it is easy and safe to change the blades when they get too dull. There are some people who bought a Makita planer in the 1980’s who are still using the same one until today.

Where You Can Get Your Own Makita Planer

There are lots of places where you can get your very own Makita planer, if you ever do decide to get one for yourself. Since Makita is a very popular brand in power tools, it is a safe bet that you can find them in your local home improvement center. You can also get them via online stores like, in fact it is actually more convenient to purchase online since you can easily compare prices from different online shopping sites.

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And since all Makita products are built to last you may even want to consider buying second hand tools. You can get an older model Makita planer second hand at websites like eBay at very affordable prices. And if the secondhand Makita planer you got needs repairs you can always bring them over to any Makita service center near you, chances are that Makita still makes the necessary parts for even their older models.

The Makita Planer 

Even though the Makita power planer is more expensive than other brands, you cannot deny the fact that the extra cost is well-worth it. If you look at it from a different perspective buying a much expensive Makita planer may save you a lot more money than buying the cheaper brands. Makita planers are so tough and durable that it will rarely breakdown on you, and if in case it does break it can get repaired in no time flat. Makita planers can last for a long time, so long in fact that you will never need to buy a new one ever again.

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