Makita Drills Review: 18 Volt, Hammer, Cordless, Tools & Parts

When it comes to doing a spot of work around the home or in the workshop, you need to find a drill that you can trust. Makita drills have become a brand that is trusted through-out the world and there are many different types of Makita drills and other products that will help you to achieve your desired objective. The Makita LCT200W 18 volt compact lithium-Ion cordless 2 piece combo kit is absolutely ideal if you have a lot of work to do and you need to use more than one drill. The kit comes with a 2 speed ½ inch driver drill that weighs just 3.5 pounds but can deliver as much as 450 inch-pounds of torque, and an impact driver that has variable speeds, this weighs just under 3 pounds and has 1,280 inch-pounds of torque. You do not get the greatest battery pack with this set, because of the power that is used when these drills are operational, but that should not deter you because of their power and how lightweight they are.

Maybe a single drill is what you need, and if this is the case then the Makita bare tool BTD141Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless impact driver might just be the drill that you are looking for. Weighing just 1.7 pounds, it will give you an incredible torque of 1,280 which is very surprising, but it is only really suited to light work and is not made for industrial use. If however you just want the Makita bare tool for light work then it will serve you well and has proven to be quite a reliable drill.

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18 volt drills

For a tool that won’t let you down, you may like to take a look at the range of Makita drills 18v. The Bare tool Makita BHP454Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless ½ inch hammer driver drill is a pretty powerful tool that will let you drill through even concrete every easily. Priced at a lot lower than some you may not be too sure of this drills power, but it will give you a reasonable 560 pounds per inch of torque that shows this drill is not the strongest, but it will see you through your list of jobs. There is a big downside to buying this particular drill though, and that is it comes with no battery, so you will find yourself having to pay so much more than you originally thought.

For those who have less experience with drilling or are simply looking for a drill that is not that powerful, there is the Bare-tool Makita BHP452Z 18 volt LXT Lithium-Ion cordless ½ inch hammer driver-drill. This drill is a lot cheaper than some and of course it is a lot less powerful giving you only 450 pounds per inch of torque. You may not be disappointed with this drill if you intend to use it for projects around the home as it has proved to be powerful enough in those circumstances; the only major let down is that it does not come with a battery.

Cordless drills

There are a wide range of cordless drills on the market and you need to find a drill that will work well for you and give you the require results. You can find a large range of Makita cordless drills right here that deliver a variety of speed, power, torque and so much more.

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There is also a large range of tools to choose from here and you can even view different tools depending on the kind of work you are about to do, which could make things a lot easier.

Makita tools

There is a vast range of Makita tools for sale online and these include the regular home and workshop tools and industrial tools that are used every day. Because there is such a great range you can always be sure to find the right tool for your job. Makita tend to make sure their products are pretty powerful and even some of the lightweight tools can deliver a torque speed that impresses.

It’s important that if you are looking for a drill for example to use in your home, that you don’t purchase one that is too powerful, particularly if you are not used to handling them. The more powerful the tool is, the heavier it is likely to be, so always ensure you get the correct tool for the job.

Hammer drills

Hammer drills help you to get the results you are looking for, but with less effort thanks to the hammer-like effect of the drill. The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B ½ inch 18 volt XRP Hammer drill/Drill/Driver is a very popular drill and has three speeds for you to work with. This is a very powerful hammer drill that weighs less than four pounds, but there is no battery with this drill, so there will be some added weight and cost when you do add one.

The Hitachi FDV16VB2 5 amp  5/8 inch hammer drill is quite a basic drill, it’s lightweight and is described as being robust, but it’s not the strongest and should not be considered a heavy-duty drill either. Nevertheless it is not as noisy as some drills and it is specifically designed so that it won’t overheat, which is always a bonus when you’re using tools for hours on end.

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Makita parts

If you like to use Makita drills and other tools then you will be pleased to know that there are many Makita parts for sale online, for example, there are over 500 different parts and products on, not to mention elsewhere. You should always ensure that you get your parts from a trusted seller who has a good reputation. Sometimes it is also tempting to buy parts that claim to be compatible with Makita tools, but you may on occasions find this is not the case and you could in fact damage your tools and the wood, concrete etc. that you are trying to work on. It’s worth shopping around for your Makita parts because you can find some great deals online.


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