Makita BHP451 Reviews, Spare Parts, Comparison & Makita LXT202

Makita, a highly esteemed and world- renowned Japanese Power Tool Company founded in 1995 has yet another top notch gadget that won trust and confidence of both users and product reviews. This tool is the MAKITA BHP451, a model that sprouts from the new breed cordless power drills.


Reviews show that MAKITA BHP451 is a fantastic tool; in both being a hammer and a drill. It can be used from drilling holes to sinking nails, bolts and screws on concrete, wood, or metal. One of the features that show to be favored in reviews is its three (3) variable speeds. The user can choose three different speeds depending on the use and the surface it is used for. Reviewers add that this wider range in speed allows the user to use the drill and hammer in both the most delicate and roughest job. Here are the speeds and their corresponding beats/revolutions per minute:

For the drill:

Slow speed-     renders 0-300 RPM

Med speed-      renders 0-600 RPM

High speed-     allows up to 1,700 RPM

For the hammer:

Slow speed-     4,500 beats / minute

Med speed-      9,000 beats / minute

High speed-     25,000 beats / minute

Another feature that many users like about the Makita BHP451 is its easy access switches. Two of the switches are strategically positioned on top, while the other one can be accessed just above the grip. The top switches are used to select speeds 1, 2, or 3, and to choose whether to use it as a driver drill or hammer. Since they are clearly marked, it is just easy for the user to switch modes and change speeds without the help of another person. The switch above the grip however, is used to choose forward or reverse motion of the drill.

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This product also comes with 2 LTX Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries and a 45 minute optimum charger. It is a wireless tool and all that powers it is its Lithium-Ion battery. Since it has two batteries (one already attached to the device, and the other a spare), the user can continue working without getting interrupted. The 45-minute optimum charger is a cool innovation that comes with the tool. Using a built-in memory chip in the battery and a CPU chip in the charger, it analyzes and decides the best charging method and time for the battery.

Battery charging and replacement is very easy to do. Battery life depends on the use of the hammer drill. When used on concrete, battery extends up 30 minutes of nonstop usage, while it reaches up to 45 minutes on masonry. However, when used on wood or installing hardware, one does not have to change battery all day.


When you compare Makita BHP451 reviews with its counterparts, you will see the advantages of its design in all areas. Compared to other hammer drills and even the earlier Makita models, at 2.2 Kg, BHP451 is lighter yet more compact. It is among the top-5 compact and light weight drills in its class. This tool only weighs 4.9 pounds which is only about 10% lighter than average hammer drills in shops today. The battery is also top notch; among the top-5 battery run-time. Its Lithium-ion batteries can power the hammer drill by 15% longer than the regular batteries out there.

Power is one very important factor to consider when choosing the best hammer drill. By its size, Makita bhp451 generates up to 560 in-lbs of torque which is very powerful for its size. It is expected to perform with high resistance to stress because of its transmission and external motor brush. With these strengths and a few more, bhp541 scores 4.5 of 5 stars by satisfied customers.

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More product reviews from satisfied customers can be found on the following sites:

The Makita lxt202

Makita lxt202 is a combi-pack which composes a BHP451 LXT Lithium-Ion Combi drill/driver, a BTD140 18V Litium-Ion Impact Driver, battery charger, and a plastic carry case. This powerful set of versatile tools is a wise buy at about £285. The BTD140 is a perfect addition to this set. It also has a forward and reverse action, electric brake, electronic power control, integral job light and it only weighs 1.5 kg.

When you need spare parts

Aside from the hardware stores near you, spare parts Makita BHP451 are available on the net in various websites. These sites offer 3-7 shipping days and sell genuine parts by their suggested retail prices. Always ensure that you replace defective parts only with genuine ones. If the tool is still under warranty, it would be best to take it to the nearest Makita accredited repair center. Though under-warranty defects happen rarely, Makita ensures to replace your under-warranty defective parts without any charges.

For a piece by piece diagram of the Makita bhp451 hammer drill, together with a list of spare parts and their prices, checkout this page:

Things to remember when drilling

ü  Do not press the tool excessively when drilling. It will not speed up the drilling process. In fact, putting too much pressure on the tool will only damage the tip of the bit, decreases the tool’s performance and significantly shortens its service period. Use moderate pressure only.

ü  At the time you break through a hole, there is a tremendous force exerted on the bit. When the bit is about to break through the other side of the material, hold the tool firmly and steadily to prevent injury or damage to the tool.

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ü  Do not pull a stuck bit. Stuck bit can be removed by simply reversing the rotation of the bit. Just apply a gentle pulling force and the bit will pull itself out through its reverse rotation. Also remember to hold the tool firmly because the bit may back out abruptly from the material.

ü  If you are working on small pieces, do not hold them by hand. Always use a vise or any similar hold-down device to secure the material that you are working on.

ü  When the battery has completely discharged due to continuous work, do not replace it with a fresh battery yet. Allow sometime for the tool to rest and cool, say 15 minutes.

ü  For best results, use wood drills equipped with a guide screw when drilling in wood.

ü  When drilling through a metal surface, make an indention first by using a center-punch and a hammer to guide the bit to drill in the exact point and prevent it from slipping.

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