Use Magnetic Chalkboard Paint For a Beautiful Room!

Whether you have a kid or want to add something cute to your home, then magnetic chalkboard paint and walls are the way to go! This is an amazing way to add personalization and character to areas, especially for children as you can write down reminders or teach them with it. As for me, I love using it for shopping lists, countdowns, sweet messages, and even hang photos for more decor.

magnetic chalkboard paint
StarzySpringer / Pixabay

And surprisingly, it’s quite easy making your own magnetic chalkboard wall, not requiring much effort or expensive materials. Even if I don’t have the incredible DIY skills, I was able to finish it and have it look beautiful within the day!

So, where do you start? Read on as I show you how to make a wall magnetic chalkboard to help you out!

Choosing Magnetic Chalkboard Paint and Materials

Before you begin making a magnetic chalkboard, you’ll need to invest in the right materials. With that being said, I highly recommend that you get the following:

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

If you’re wondering what kind of paint to purchase, it depends. Some want non-magnetic chalkboard wall though I like magnetic chalkboard paint for my kids and me to have fun putting on magnets and the like.

I highly recommend that you choose branded paints made of good materials. Don’t opt to purchase the generic brands from local home depots, as many have a complaint about the paint not working at all. While it’s a bit pricey, it’s more than worth it for effectivity and durability.

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•Foam Rollers

•Painter’s Tape

•Foam Brush

•Tape Measure




•Wooden boards for borders

You need to prepare all of these before anything else so you won’t have any problems when creating the board!

How to Make a Magnetic Chalkboard

magnetic chalkboard wall
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Once you have everything laid out, the next thing to do is to begin making the chalkboard wall! Follow these tips carefully:

1. Measure The Wall Area

Measuring a crucial step, so make sure that you measure out your chosen area on the wall, then draw the box with a pencil lightly. There’s no right or wrong length, as long as it fits your wall and looks great for you!

I recommend that you use a long level so it keeps the lines straight. Using painter’s tape, line it up based on your pencil-drawn box, pressing it to the wall to ensure that the tape’s sealed.

2. Paint the Wall

Have you ever wondered about how people get perfect paints without any lines on the tape? I highly recommend that you paint the wall inside the painter’s tape box, which is where the magnetic chalkboard paint goes.

The color will “bleed” and seal over the tape as you paint the chalkboard on it. That way, no more touchups! I painted mine gray, but you can use any color as long as it isn’t similar to your existing wall paint now.

3. Use the Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

magnetic chalkboard wall
Kaz / Pixabay

Once the first layer of paint dries up, use a small foam, roller and place the first coat of chalkboard paint. I did five coats on paint for a magnetic chalkboard, use three if it isn’t magnetic. Make sure you use a foam roller to prevent leaving any specs on the wall and making it have a rough finish. I used a four-inch roller and followed the instructions the paint manufacturer provided with the paint. Make sure you stay wary of the colors!

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4. Smoothen the Paint

Also, after each coat, I use another foam brush and brush down vertically to help smoothen out roughness. No, there’s no need to add an extra coat of paint with it, simply start from the top and brush down with just one smooth stroke. Continue to do this until after you put on the last coat of paint.

5. Remove the Painter’s Tape

Wait for the last coat of paint to dry almost to completion. This may take about a few hours or overnight. Once almost completely dried, pull off your painter’s tape slowly, which will reveal the chalkboard box. You’re almost ready to go!

6. Create the Border (Optional)

Once the painter’s tape is removed and you’ve already waited for the paint to dry after a day, you can now use the chalkboard and enjoy! However, you can also add borders if you want, using the wooden boards measured according to the height and width of your chalkboard. I did this as it hid imperfect linings from how I painted it.

If you want to have the border look like what they have in school, take a whitewood board and have it stained in whatever color you choose. Use a liquid nail and put the glue on the back of your wooden boards before you begin to nail it on the wall. This ensures that the board stays on the wall if you don’t nail it to a stud. I

7. Use It and Enjoy!

Make sure that you wait for the chalkboard to dry before using it. I recommend that you wait for at last 24 hours before you begin testing it out. To erase it, I use lightly damp rags and it works fine.

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I change the chalkboard four times every year, or about once every three months when it begins to be difficult to erase or I can’t write as well as I did before.

Wrapping It Up

When creating a magnetic wall chalkboard, you’ll be shocked as to how easy it is. As long as you have the right magnetic chalk paint and other necessary (and affordable) materials, you can get started and have it done to use within the day! It’s that easy and will definitely be put to good use in any home.

I hope that this article on magnetic chalkboard paint and how to make it helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into making your own chalkboard wall now.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about making a magnetic chalkboard, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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