Machetes For Sale Review Guide: Cheap Combat, Barong & Survival Machetes For Sale

A machete is a tool similar to a cleaver that is used to cut the dense growth of plants. It is typically used while walking through a forest, and is handled by a single person. Primarily, the machete is used as a tool to help pass through the dense jungle but it is also used as a weapon by rebels or fugitives usually in Africa. It is even used by the national armed forces. The machete is also used by butchers to cut meat, mostly in the parts of Central America.

If you are considering buying a machete then you must buy the best quality machetes for sale as those of lower quality are not as efficient for cutting. The low quality machetes can only help you to clear small plants out of your way, but a high quality machete will help you to get deeper into the dense forest. Machetes are available in different sizes allowing you to determine what size you need for the task at hand.

Affordable Machetes

Some of the most popular machetes on the market are reliable, durable, but are also affordable.  Here are some cheap machetes for sale:

ESEE Lite Machete

This machete has a razor sharp 18-inch blade that allows it to easily cut through vines and bushes. Its Micarta grip 5-inch handle is easy to hold in one hand. This machete can also be used as a replacement to a hatchet because it has a conventional convex bend that allows it to chop easily. The ESEE Lite machete costs somewhere between $50 and $65 and can be found in various stores that sell hardware supplies.

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Gerber Gator Machete

The 15-inch blade of the Gerber Gator machete is similar to the ESEE Lite machete, but it is slightly less sharp than the latter. One addition to it is an 18-inch saw on the back side of its blade. Unlike the ESEE Lite Machete, the handle of this machete is two-handed which means that it will give more power with each swing. Apart from cutting bushes and small vines, this machete can also be used to cut large pieces of wood. The Gator machete is one of the cheap machete for sale as it costs somewhere between $15 and $20.

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

The Kukri machete from Cold Steel is slightly smaller in size than the ESEE Lite machete and the Gerber Gator machete as its blade size is 13-inch. However, it cuts with a great cutting power as it weighs just 16-oz. and its blade is curved.  The sharp blade of this machete makes it eligible to be used in place of a hatchet apart from doing its basic work of cutting through the dense jungle.  If you are looking for machetes for sale in UK or some cheap machetes for sale in au then the power-packed Kukri machete is available in both of these two countries and it costs $24.99 only.

Ka Bar Kukri Machete

The Ka Bar Kukri machete is even smaller than the Cold Steel Kukri Machete as its blade is just 11.5-inch long. As the size of its blade is small, the blade has been made slightly denser to help it cut with more power. The blade of this machete is made from carbon steel which means that it is highly durable and it lasts a long time. The sharp blade of this Kukri machete can cut through almost anything, and the handle of this machete has been made to get a good hold of the machete in hand and so that it doesn’t slip while swinging it. This machete is available at retail shops for a price range between $50 and $60.

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Combat Machetes

There are many combat machetes available on the market today, a few of which have been listed below:

The Condor Knife Tool CTK 3006MB Combat Machete has an ergonomic handle to provide user comfort and grip. Its 18 1/4” blade is made of stainless steel and has a mystic camo finish.

The Condor tool and Knife Combat Machete is another combat machete from Condor. It has a 13-inch blade, which has UltraBlaC2 finish, and a comfortable black handle. It comes with a leather sheath.

Barong Machete

If you are looking for a barong machete then you should consider the Condor 14-inch High Carbon Barong Machete. The 14-inch blade of this machete is in the shape of a traditional Philippino leaf. The blade is razor sharp and it cuts through the dense growth of jungle just like any other machete. It is also used in martial arts and it has been specially made upon the request of martial artists who wished to have a longer but lighter heavy duty weapon.

These condor machetes are made in El Salvador, and they come wrapped up in paper to prevent oxidation. The barong machetes are separately packed in boxes after being placed in cardboard sleeves for extra protection. The blade of this machete is made of 1075 high carbon steel and it has been given finishing touch of black powder epoxy. As the blade comes razor sharp from the factory, there is no need to sharpen it. It can be used right after unpacking it. The black polypropylene handle of this machete provides good grip so that it does not slip out of the hand. It also has a leather sheath to offer protection and extend the life of the machete.

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Survival Machetes

There are various styles of survival machetes. They are as follows:

Kukri Style

This survival machete is large and heavy so it has a high chopping power which can even cut through wood. This can be used as a replacement for a hatchet.

Bolo Style

The Bolo style machetes are used to clear off the path while walking through a dense forest. This machete can be used as a replacement for an axe and a saw.

Panga Style

As the Panga machete is originated in Africa; it is there where it is used the most. This bulky machete has an intense chopping power. It is not good for self-defense so it should not be used as a weapon.

Latin Style

The style of Latin machete is used by the US military. It is not ideal for heavy chopping as it does not have the brute force chopping power like the Bolo and the Panga.

Pricing for survival machetes often vary, however you can often find a quality machete survival for under $100.

Before you purchase any affordable machete it is important to understand what it was created for, and you should check the fit in your hand. Remember that not all machetes are created equal, and that affordable does not have to mean unreliable.

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