Logan Mat Cutter Reviews Of The 301, 450, 650 and 750 Mat Cutters

A mat cutter is a tool that cuts the mat that artists and photographers use to mount art pieces and photographs. It is a vital tool for these trades, as it is far cheaper than using a professional company who mounts pictures.

A mat is a paper product which comes in different types- archival and normal. The pictures can be mounted on the mat or a piece can be cut out of the mat and the picture can show through it.

You can get many different coloured mats and the mats come in large pieces, which need to be cut down with a mat cutter; the mat cutters, because of this, are a tool that many artists and photographers must have to get by and save money in the long run.

Logan Graphic Products

Logan Graphic Products (available through their website http://www.logangraphic.com/) is a quality and reputable manufacturer of mat cutters.

Although they specialize in mat cutters, they do other things as well. They provide easy to understand demos on how to use artist’s products and frame cutters and pre cut mats. These would be just as handy as a mat cutter if you needed them also.

You can get Logan products in most art stores, as their brand is quite well-known. Their products are also available worldwide, so no matter where you are reading this, you can obtain one of their products with no problem!

Logan Mat Cutter Types

The Logan Mat Cutter 301

The original Logan 301-s was essentially a thirty two inch base board, spring loaded guide rail along with a parallel mat guide. It also came with a Logan 701 straight cutter and Logan 302 cutting head and a set-up DVD. It has since gone out of stock and has been replaced by the 301-1.

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The new one is also a thirty two inch base board and seems to be rather similar to the previous model, but had probably been tweaked in size. This version is cheap and provides a top quality finish. Its mat guide has some set border widths, though it can cut any size, and it also comes with a carry box and an illustrated guide. It’s compact too, making it easy to bring around with you!

The Logan Mat Cutter 450

The 401 Intermediate had a forty inch base board with a hinging rail. It also had a 701 straight cutter and 702 bevel style cutting head. Like the other, it came with a set up DVD. This one was discontinued and replaced by the 450-1 Artist Elite.

The Artist Elite mat cutter has a forty inch capacity board. It also has a parallel mat guide in aluminum. It has a removable measuring bar and a hinging guide rail. It uses the improved straight cutter, the 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite. It too comes with a set up DVD.

The Logan Mat Cutter 650

This is a framer’s edge tool. It is perfect for small projects as well as large scale mat cutting. It has a non sticking cutting bar that needs no oil or other greasing and it comes with ten extra cutting heads.

This tool comes with an optional extension board, which can be altered in size depending on what you want to do with it.

The Logan Mat Cutter 750

This is a forty inch board also, with both straight and bevel cutting heads. It has a parallel mat guide and a squaring arm. This and a 760 model were replaced with a Simplex Elite.

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The Simplex Elite

The Simplex Elite is a multi-material sizing tool and a mat cutter put together. It is practically a complete artist’s studio tool for practically anything related to paintings and photographs. The Simplex Elite has a hinging rail with production stops and aluminum channels. It also has beveled and straight cutting heads and an acrylic plexi-cutter. It comes with a complete guide to home picture framing and a set-up DVD.

Logan Compact Models

Handheld models of Logan mat cutters are available and are compact and easy to use. These are smaller versions of the more traditionally sized mat cutters and are easier to carry around and handier to store in rooms and on shelves.

The Logan Mat Cutter 1100

One of these models is the Logan 1100 Freestyle. This is used to cut shapes into the mat board with ease and can be used with either your right hand or left hand. You can also follow traced designs with it. This model comes in red or silver.

The Logan Mat Cutter 2000

The Logan 2000 Push Style is another handheld mat cutter. It includes a retractable blade and its slot prevents the blade from bending, resulting in wobbly lines.  This model has a device that eliminates overcuts also.

The Logan Mat Cutter 4000

The Logan 4000 Deluxe is the most advanced of the compact models. It has all the features that Logan Inc. has been modeling since the seventies. It has a marker bar system and ergonomic handle. It has the bar slot that prevents flexing, resulting in straighter cuts. It also has a pivot and pull blade. And like the other handheld models, the Logan 4000 has the ability to eliminate overcuts.

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The Logan Mat Cutter 5000

This one, the Logan 5000 8-ply, is designed to cut the 4-ply and 8-ply mat boards. It also has an indicator that lights up when the blade is being used. It can easily be changed from 4-ply to 8-ply with the flick of a switch.

Reviews of Logan’s Mat Cutters

There are many reviews for all the brands of Logan mat cutters on the internet. Here are a few examples of the good reviews that the products have gotten:

“…The glass cutter is so easy to use. You never have to worry about not making a straight line, since it uses the rail of the Logan Mat Cutter…”- Ginny, on Logan Mat Cutter Accessories.

“…The name says it all, straight cutter. No wavy lines or slips. A sure cut each pass…”- Ron, on Logan Mat Cutter Accessories.

At this site  http://www.nextag.com/logan-mat-cutter/products-html you can compare all the prices and features of every in stock Logan model out there at the moment, which is handy if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for.

All these reviews show that your fate would be in good hands with a Logan Mat Cutter. So, now that you know what they do, how to get one and why you should, there’s nothing stopping you.

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