Lineman Tools Guide: Hand Tools, Suppliers and Equipment

Being a lineman can be a very demanding job, especially in an area where there is a lot of interference from nature, like strong winds, heavy rains and hail. Since the work area of the lineman is located 30 feet from the ground, he needs to get up to that area to manually perform the job. Just a few years earlier, linemen used to climb the poles manually but today, with the help of bucket trucks, this job has gotten easier. Not only does it carry the lineman but various tools as well, making the task simpler and safer, especially when working at higher heights and with live wires.

There are plenty of lineman hand tools aside from the necessary wearable equipment like water proof shoes, multi-tasking belt, rubber gloves and helmet. Usually there is a small lineman hand tool kit which gets attached to the lineman’s belt. This kit contains the basic tools like pliers, wrench, screwdriver, circuit tester and skinning knife. There are plenty of companies that provide these tools: Klien, TradeMark, Stanley, Copper Hand Tools, and Crescent, to name a few.

Various Lineman Tools

Lineman Pliers

This is one of the important pieces in a lineman’s hand tool equipment, and you can get the Stanley 8-Inch Bi-Material Pliers for just $8.90 from Amazon. This is an amazing tool that helps with grasping and cutting hard wires, as well as bending the wire. A lot of customers have also found this tool amazingly efficient and much faster than previously used methods.

If you require a little larger plier than you can get the Crescent 9-1/4 inch high leverage solid joint pliers. This plier has laser hardened cutting edges and a polished head which makes look and work like new, even after years of use. It is made up of drop-forged alloy steel, which promotes the durability and the toughness of the tool.

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Circuit Testers

Another essential lineman hand tool is the circuit tester. This tool is necessary as the lineman needs to be able to ascertain the presence of electricity in the wires on which he is working. You can go for a really cheap tester like the Heavy Duty Circuit Tester by ATD, which is under $10. There are also some circuit testers available with a voltage meter for specific voltage checking, as well as whole kits with various tools. A lineman can get the right one according to his needs and requirements.


Another important tool that linemen should always carry is a screwdriver. Usually people go for the Philips head and flat-bladed one, Stanley fluted screwdriver set, Milwaukee screwdrivers, Klein or WLHA sets. This kit is necessary as the lineman may be required to loosen and tighten various types of screws quite often in his duties.

Skinning Knives

Among the various power lineman tools are the skinning knives. If you go for the Klein’s skinning knife 44120, you will find it’s very helpful as the handle has finger groves made up of molded or textured plastic, which makes these power tools ideal for scraping notch or copper wire. There is a hook at the back of the handle that allows it to hang in the lineman’s belt for easy access and storage while working.

Other Linemen Tools and Equipment

Waterproof Insulated Boots

In addition to the aforementioned lineman tools, there are other types of necessary, personal protection equipment, such waterproof insulated boots. If you are looking for some inexpensive waterproof boots, you can get them from for around $20 to $40; if you are looking for some really professional lineman boots then you should look for some leather boots that are waterproof as well. You can get some like these from J Harlen Co. These boots are stylish looking yet they are water-resistant and contain a water repellent board, making them ideal for linemen everywhere.

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Waterproof Work Gloves

Waterproof work gloves should be insulated as well as durable. You can get the Klein leather Lineman’s Work Glove for just $27. They are soft with grain leather construction and are reinforced with leather palm and finger patches. There are plenty of other work gloves as well, such as the Youngstown leather gloves, Youngstown heavy duty utility gloves, Mustang Work Gloves, Mustang work gloves with cuff, and Kunz utility work glove, in addition to various others.

Lineman Tool Suppliers

There are plenty of lineman tool suppliers in various parts of the world, with China being one of the largest suppliers of lineman tools. They have almost all the equipment linemen need in their jobs, ranging from the simple plier to the large bucket truck. Among the various China lineman tool suppliers are Cangzhou Bohai Safety & Special Tools Co. and Cangzhou Zhongbo Heavy Industry Machinery & Equipemtn Co., Ltd. There are few from India as well such as Kenz Tools India Pvt Ltd., RAC Exports and others.

Lineman tools for sale

If you go to, you will find that almost all the lineman tools are for sale or at a discount from the market. For instance, if you’re looking for pliers you should see the Klein’s tools where you will get the 9 inch high leverage side cutting plier for just $26.71 while in the market or at various other sides you will get it at $29.70. This company also provides a few other new pliers at a much cheaper cost; it’s all dependent upon what you personally need and want to use.

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Similarly if you are getting a skinning knife, you can get the Klein lineman’s skinning knife for just $18.60 from, while other retailers charge around $23.20. There are plenty of other lineman tools for sale on the site. is not only a trustworthy and safe site for shopping, you can also get the various lineman tools and equipment at a cheaper rate than most other online sales.

Lineman’s hand, power and personal equipment tools are guaranteed to make the lineman’s work easy with safety and durability. When you are buying these things, make sure you get the best quality tools as it is highly important while dealing with electricity. If you buy cheaper or lower-quality ones, it can be quite dangerous as there is a chance of getting an electric shock, so make sure you buy these lineman tools after careful research and consideration.

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