LEM Grinders Review: Electric Meat Grinders & Sausage Making Equipment Guide

If you thought that all meat grinders were the same, you would definitely be wrong.  LEM grinders are top of the line when it comes to grinding mass quantities of meat efficiently and quickly.  Their grinding tools have become staples within butcher’s shops and delis across North America.

LEM Products

Depending on your business or personal needs for a grinder LEM offers several tools to help make your work much easier.  The following are just a few of the grinding products offered by the company:

Sausage Making Equipment

Among the many grinding products that are available from LEM are the tools that you may need to make sausages. You may have use for their stainless steel sausage stuffers that come in various sizes and various weights, each created with an easy to use and easy to clean parts.

Also sold through the LEM website are sausage casings, there are casings for all forms of sausage you may be attempting to create: natural, collagen, smoke-flavored, hot dog and fibrous.  There are also casing closures available for purchase which work with all casings sold.  If you are looking for a combination of all these casings you can purchase the variety pack which includes each casing for a low $24.99 through www.lemproducts.com. Each of these products allows sausage makers to create unique and fresh sausages for their personal or professional enjoyment.

Grinder Knives

LEM produces several sizes and metal qualities of knives for all your grinding needs.  Each knife is constructed of durable and sharp stainless steel or carbon steel.  LEM also reminds all those consumers who are purchasing replacement knives that when replacing this portion of your grinder that you should also replace the plate so that you grinder continues performing at its best.

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Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for a faster performing meat grinder, then look no further than the LEM electric meat grinders.  There are several quality grinders produced by the company that are ideal for various needs and uses, some that are high-grade for the daily uses of butchers, and those that are ideal for the personal uses of the natural grown farmer.

The following are just some of the electric grinders that LEM manufactures:

  • 1HP Big Bite grinder with a #22 head
  • .75 HP Big Bite grinder with a #12 head
  • 1.5 HP Big Bite grinder with a #32 head
  • .35 HP Big Bite grinder with a #8 head
  • .25 HP Big Bite grinder with a #5 head

For the homeowner who is seeking to use a grinder on a smaller scale, perhaps only a few times a year, there is also the #8 Countertop 575 Watt grinder.  This model is powerful, easy to use and compact, perfect for storing during times when it is not in use. The 575 Countertop is made of quality aluminum and it comes with easy to understand directions and set-up, so you don’t have to be a professional to work this machine.

These electric grinders are designed to push meat through the grinder faster than other products on the market, and utilizing more meat, saving you money and time.

Additional Grinder Accessories

For those who are seeking to get the most out of their grinder for any extended amount of time, there are several additional grinder accessories available for purchase from LEM.

There is a foot pedal switch available for those who do a lot of grinding and don’t want to get as tired as quickly. This allows you to have your hands free for ensuring ideal grinding of meat.

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A grinder cleaning kit is recommended if you want to ensure your machine functions properly.  This kit includes everything from various sizes of cleaning brushes to silicone spray that is safe for use with food.  The spray ensures that your machine does not develop any rust and that your machine runs smoothly every time.

Meat mixers are sold just to help ease your work. These mixers allow you to custom compose meats with certain flavors or other meats, so that you can compose the exact meal you are looking for.

LEM Grinders Reviews

If you are looking for proof of the quality of LEM grinders reviews online are always good places to start your search.  Amazon.com reviewers of certain LEM products claim that when compared to other brands of meat grinders, like Deni, the LEM grinder was made of quality and durable stainless steel. Other users rave about the ease of operation and the quality of the meat that results from use.  This user claims that his LEM grinder worked better than any other grinder used before.

Many reviews also claim that their LEM grinder has lasted them for years.  One reviewer even claimed that his electric grinder has lasted through all five of his years in the deli business, without the need for replacement or repair.

Finding LEM Grinders for Sale

If you are looking for a LEM grinder retailer near you, you can actually start online.  At www.lemproducts.com they provide you with a store locator that allows you to enter your zip code, and you will be provided with the nearest retailer to you.  The same goes for LEM grinders Canada, as you can find stores in Canada in the same manner.

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If you don’t want to waste the gas you can certainly purchase a wide range of LEM meat grinders through their website. Before you purchase from their website you may even benefit from doing a little online research.  Finding the LEM grinders best price online for the specific tool you are searching for is the only way to ensure that you are getting the right deal for your business.  Certain sites will offer these tools for lower rates if you are purchasing more than one unit, whereas the LEM grinders EBay page is useful if you merely need to purchase a single machine.

Regardless of where you purchase your LEM grinder, you can be certain that you are going to get a quality product that will last your business through many great, money-making years to come.

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