LED Flashlight Reviews Guide: Tactical, LED Light, Surefire & Maglite Reviews

LED has been around for quite a while but had very limited uses. As technology develops however, LED is likewise slowly expanding its use to include lights for the homes and vehicles. Used to be for tiny indicators in gadgets only, LED has come a long way from that in terms of innovation.  Those who rave about its advantages say it will soon replace incandescent bulbs and they are beginning to do so.

LED flashlight reviews are very persuasive drawing in more people to make the switch. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of LED over incandescent bulbs to see whether it is good enough for you and your household.

LED Flashlights: Overview

LED flashlights didn’t used to be effective at reaching greater distances with its light.  In terms of how far the light reaches, incandescent flashlights used to be the dominating player. Today however technology has changed the score. LED has not been developed to reach as far as any incandescent light with its distance. Some even say it is better but this remains to be a subject of debate.

The problem with LED is that it created a sort of blue light, which was odd for home use; people have been used to the yellowish light of incandescents.  But today, LED light is looking more white than blue.    The brightness is also improving significantly which makes it good for gadgets like the flashlight. Based on LED flashlight reviews, customers are happy with the brightness provided by some of the better brands of LED flashlights.

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The main reason why manufacturers are investing in research and development for LED is its inherent advantage in energy consumption. It uses up far less energy than incandescent bulbs and can thus stretch battery life longer – making it cheaper to use.  Energy efficiency is a big thing. So if LED can be improved to work just as well as incandescent bulbs for something as useful as a flashlight then it will surely be the better choice.

As mentioned earlier, constant innovation is underway. Here are some of great examples of new LED flashlights.

LED flashlights: Some New Products and Leading Brands

If we are to believe LED light reviews, then so many people apparently prefer it incandescent these days. Surefire reviews, for one, are pretty positive.

One good product from the brand Surefire is the E2DL LED Flashlight which doubles as a flashlight and a tool of self-defense now commonly known as a Tactical Flashlight. In tactical LED flashlight reviews and product descriptions, the E2DL Defender LED Flashlight touts itself as being virtually indestructible with a tactical high mode of 200 lumens.  With bright light, it is designed to overwhelm an attacker at night.  It is equipped with a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to concentrate light into a powerful beam which can be quickly activated by a push button.  The scalloped tailcap is said to be an additional weapon too.

Satisfied users in tactical flashlight reviews commend the durability of the E2DL LED Flashlight in terms of covering or casing as well as LED light runtime. Built from hard aluminum, it is said to be shock proof and can be dropped with no damage incurred. The light has been found to last long too in terms of battery life and resistance to shock and other damages.

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Some products also come in small packages to make it handy and easier to fit in the purse. One such product is the Mini Maglite LED which also boasts of brilliance in the dark and excellent light-focusing features.  Just by twisting the head, you can conveniently turn it on and off and focus the light. Based on Maglite reviews, another good feature of the Mini Maglite LED is its options for 100% power, 25% power, blink and SOS.  This way, you control your light output depending on the purpose.  If you purchase this Maglite flashlight, it will also come with a holster making it easier to carry around.

Although both Maglite and Surefire are pretty reliable brands, they aren’t perfect yet. When it comes to focusing the light, LED flashlights do not perform as well as incandescent bulbs.  Considering what it used to be, the brightness of LED flashlights from both manufacturers are impressive but flashlights using incandescent bulbs are still better in this respect.

LED Flashlights: Conclusion

The Internet has a wide array of brands and products to choose from. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the choices will make your head spin. So before buying a flashlight, LED or otherwise, make a mental list of how you want it to perform, as different products have different strengths. Do you want it small and handy? Or do you want it to be powerful or weapon-like? Remember that LED isn’t as bright as incandescent bulbs but the reviews are looking good all the same. If you don’t need to light up the entire parking lot or one huge football field, the current brightness of LED flashlights will actually do just fine.

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As for buying, before settling on any particular brand, go through the long list of LED light reviews and tactical flashlight reviews available online and see if the product is of reputable quality and comes with warranty.  The service of the shop you are buying from is especially important too.  You wouldn’t want to end up with damaged goods on your doorstep and wait forever for a replacement.

Finally, before making that purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it bright enough?
  • Will it last long?
  • Is this flashlight going to die on me in just a few hours or is it great for long hours of use?
  • Is it energy efficient? Can I save on batteries with this model?
  • Is it easy to carry and is designed with firm grip?
  • Will I be able to effectively focus the light if I need to?
  • Is this the cheapest I can find for the qualities I demand?

Once you’ve researched the above criteria, you would probably be ready to make an informed and wise choice as to whether or not you need an LED flashlight.

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