Laser Measuring Device Guide: Device Reviews, Measuring Tape & the Bosch Laser

Laser measuring devices are an excellent tool for the carpenter or construction worker looking to save time and effort.  The laser measuring tape works exactly like traditional measuring tape except you don’t require two people to measure long distances for a laser tape measure.  These laser measuring devices are also more efficient and better at measuring distances more accurately.

A laser device will shine a light on an opposing wall or hard surface and measure its reflection in order to accurately gauge distance. Most laser measuring devices can be accurate up to 60 m with a 1.1 millimeter variance.  And that’s just about twice the measuring length of a traditional tape measure.  Additionally, you don’t need to worry about people walking across the tape measure as you’re measuring and it only takes a few seconds to complete the measurement.

Those looking for the best laser measuring device should check online for laser measuring device reviews through a website like Amazon and online hardware stores.  Customers who have used different measuring devices will be able to point you in the best direction.

What Does a Laser Measuring Device Look Like?

Laser measuring devices are typically small handheld devices with an electronic screen and encased in plastic.  At one end of this device is a small light hole through which the laser will shine.  Do not look directly in to this light, as it can cause eye damage.  The device is usually about the size of the palm and rectangular in shape. Many of these devices have a clip on the back or come with a pouch that can be attached to and worn on a belt.  This makes the device even more convenient and easy to use.  The LED screen will display the distance from an object to another object after you have measured with the device and can also provide other information such as, whether it is on or not and how much battery power is left.

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The Best Laser Distance Measuring Device to Use

Ideally, the best laser distance measuring device will have a long battery life and is very accurate.  Good devices will also be sturdy and be either weather or waterproof, as construction workers will end up using these devices and all types of terrain.

The Fluke 411DLaserDistanceMeter is a compact and reliable distance laser for home use and small projects.  This device is relatively affordable, coming in at around $109.  It is weatherproof, but it is not waterproof, so be careful when using this Fluke 411D Laser Distance Meter around water sources. Overall, the Fluke is a good little device for people who need a low-cost distance laser for their projects.

The BoschGLR500 LaserDistanceMeasurer is another great device to have around.  It is a great product for the professional.  This Bosch laser measuring device measures length, area and volume, depending on the different needs of the worker.  They can also measure from several different reference points; the back, the front, a swing out extension pin or the center of the optional tripod for the device.  In fact, this Bosch laser distance measurer has enough memory to store up to 30 measurement modes and the results of their measurements.  The Bosch GLR500 Laser Distance Measurer can measure distances from just two inches on up to 500 feet.

The SpectraPrecisionHD50 LaserHandheldDistanceMeter is another great product for professionals that works well in dangerous or hard to reach spots.  The Spectra is waterproof up to IP54 and can be used for underwater projects.  It can measure up to a distance of 165 feet with an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch.  The Spectra Precision also records length, area, volume and infers distance is using Pythagorean Theorem.  Additionally, the Spectra Precision HD50 Laser Handheld Distance Meter has addition and subtraction functions for measurements within its memory.  This device also features a unique continuous measurement mode to continuously measure distances as you work.  It only requires four AAA batteries to produce over 30,000 measurements.

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Caring for a Laser Measuring Device

Most laser measuring devices require very little in the way of maintenance.  Keep them clean and store them in their pouch or a dry out of the way place when not in use.  These devices do operate on battery power.  Most require AA or AAA batteries and will display the amount of battery power left on the LED screen.  Most devices will provide tens of thousands of measurements before requiring new batteries.  So, there’s no need to keep stocked up on batteries or worry about having to replace them every week.

Each device will state on the packaging whether not it is weatherproof or waterproof and up to what depth it is waterproof.  Pay close attention to this information.  Once a device gets wet it is unlikely to work well in the future or even at all.  The laser used in the device is relatively self-maintaining. Try not to give the laser hole blocked up with dirt or debris as this can interfere with the device’s ability to take an accurate measurement.

Laser measuring devices are great products for the professional construction worker or contractor. They act just like your very own laser measuring tape and will accurately provide the distance between two objects.  Yet they go so much farther, providing math functions to figure out area and volume and store measurements in memory so they can be brought up again at the push a button.  Most of these handheld devices will provide many thousands of measurements for just a few batteries’ worth of power. When tape measures just don’t measure up, consider using the best laser measuring device for your needs.

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