Kupa Nail Drill Review: The Mani Pro Nail Drill And Parts Guide

Kupa Nail Drill

The Kupa Nail Drill

Kupa was founded by Mr. Kito Ochi in 1984. His goal was to fulfill the demands of the nail industry, which the younger generation seemed particularly attracted to. KUPA is an acronym for the names Kito, Upshaw and Associates. The initial products of the company were born due to Mr. Kito and Upshaw’s knowledge of dental products.

Mr. Upshaw had been in the dental industry for several years and was a dental technician in the US Naval hospitals. His knowledge of dental lab products is what helped him become acquainted with the nail filing products. Mr. Upshaw approached his colleague Mr. Kito Ochi, whom he’d known since 1950, and within two years KUPA was contacted by a Japanese manufacturer Urawa Corp. who offered to manufacture top quality nail filing drills for the company.

Nail Drills

Urawa Corp. in collaboration with Mr. Upshaw and Mr. Kito designed a nail filing machine in accordance with the quality the two dental technicians were expecting. After the finalization of the design the UP-200 was formed. It was an immediate success gaining fame with the top salons of the world. UP-200 became a standard to be compared with. The UP-200 also acted as a catalyst for the rapid expansion of the KUPA Inc.

These Nail drills are not suitable for home usage and can be dangerous if not being used by trained technicians; they are mainly aimed for the salon industry where there are trained personnel who can work with these machines in an effective manner. The machine in an untrained hand can be very dangerous but in a trained hand it can do wonders. Kupa also offers free salon educational classes to train people.

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Kupa Products

Following is a list of products being offered by Kupa Inc. for nail industry:

  • Upower-2G
  • Upower G3 Cordless
  • Upower UP-200
  • Upower UP-200V
  • Upower Super UP200
  • Mani-Pro Original
  • Mani-Pro Supermax
  • Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe

The main differences in the above products is the availability of the foot control, RPM values, the height, length and weight of the hand piece a few special features and some optional equipment.

Mani-Pro Nail Drill

Kupa Inc. offers three different types of Mani-Pro nail drills.

Mani-Pro Original

The Mani-Pro original is a powerful and economical nail filing tool confined in 3”x5” control box. The control box and the hand piece are available in 4 different colors blue, black, purple and transparent. It is one of the fastest and most durable nail filing machines currently available in the industry. It comes with a light weight friction grip-chuck hand piece, a strain relief cord and an illuminated power controls with reverse and forward modes of adjustable speed for the drill. The speeds of the drill can be changed from 4500 to 15,000 RPM.

According to a very happy customer the Mani-Pro is easy to operate and easy to fall in love with. Several customers claim that they have recommended the Mani-Pro to their friends and family.

The current price of Mani-Pro Original is $179. Considering the quality and durability of the machine the price tag isn’t abnormal in fact it is money well spent.

Mani-Pro Supermax

The first look at the device makes you think that it won’t be very effective or of good quality, but do not be fooled by the size of the machine. The Mani-Pro Supermax is a really powerful device contained in a small and easily portable box. It comes with a KP-36 hand piece which has a high torque coreless micro motor which can reach speeds up to 25,000 RPM. There are also forward/reverse and speed control buttons, and a cradle and a stand for the hand piece. It is available in two colors sky blue and white. It is a very user friendly and easy to use machine.

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Mani-Pro Supermax’s price tag of $350 at first looks a tad bit expensive but considering the quality of the parts used in the machine the price tag is really justifiable.

A proud owner of Mani-Pro Supermax states that once you get the hang of it you can’t let go a perfect device for your salon gets the work done quickly in the end a profitable investment for your business.

Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe

If you are looking to save space at your workstation get a Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe. The hand piece of this machine can be used in multiple locations the touch button technology enables the multi use of the electric file. It is compatible with the KP-36 or UG-12 hand pieces. The machine is very easy to install with a modern outlook that enhances the look of your table and saves a lot of space. The device has a very modern glossy design which is quite eye-catching.

The Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe costs a mere $325 and is a very reasonable price tag considering the functionality of the device.

According to happy customers you don’t know what you are missing out on until you invest in a Mani-Pro Spa Deluxe system.

Kupa Nail Drill Parts

Kupa Nail Drill parts are readily available in the market, firstly the quality of the parts used in Kupa products is excellent they have a very long life and are durable but still if any part is broken you can buy the parts from the internet or local Kupa dealers. Kupa Inc. also provides a one year warranty with its products.

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Kupa Inc. is a powerhouse when it comes to the nail drills industry. Kupa Inc. nail drills are one of the best available in the market with most reasonable prices. It has become a standard in salons and you can also buy the different products from Ebay. Kupa nail drills have captured a significant amount of the market in the UK. If you are looking for high quality and durable nail drills for your salon use Kupa Inc. nail drills should be your first choice to satisfy all your needs.

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