Kukri Knives Review Guide: Cold Steel, Machete & Gurkha Knives

The kukri knife is a Nepalese knife in which the edge of the knife that does the cutting is distorted and turns inwards. It is used as both an ordinary knife and a weapon for people from Nepal who serve in the army.

The knife was also used in many important rituals of the Nepalese people, such as marriage where the groom must wear it on their person on their wedding day. These knives are often called gurkha knives on this day however.

Kukri knives are designed so that they are ideal as a weapon and for cutting purposes as well. The curved blade of the kukri knife is deadly sharp and is easily able to cut through both flesh and bone. The design of it means you can stab and chop at something or someone without having to angle your wrist in odd positions. Now and again, it was used as a throwing weapon, but not as often as the latter uses. There is a small notch in the bottom of the blade; it is said that it was so blood didn’t go onto the handle and merely dripped off instead. They are used by a fearsome military force in Nepal known as the ‘Gurkhas’.

Although, originally the gurkha knife was not used as a weapon and still is mostly used for utility in Nepal today. It can be used for chopping firewood and vegetables, cutting meat, hunting animals and even just to open tins. It is quite the versatile tool.

Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel Knives are one of the biggest names out there when it comes to knives. They have some of the best kukri available to you for just about any purpose. While numerous models and styles of kukri knives the only decision you will have to make is what features you want readily available to you.

Here are a few of the kukri knives that are sold by Cold Steel Knives:

Kukri Machete

The kukri machete is probably the most famous of all the types of knives the company offers. It is shown to be versatile and easy to use with a rounded off edges that cut deeper than nearly all other knives on the market. Not to mention most owners are surprised at the quality and durability of these knives, especially at such an affordable cost.

There are two versions of this knife: the original and the magnum model. The only difference is the size. The original weighs 16 oz while the magnum weighs in at 18 oz and the overall knife length for the original is 18 inches to the magnum’s 22 inches. They both have durable polypropylene handles and are both 2 and three quarters millimeters thick.

Two-handed Kukri Machete

This knife is ideal for cutting down all sorts of forestry you might come across, such as vines or bamboo or thistles. It is also very handy for hunting as you can throw it up to ten meters and still get a clear hit of any animal.

It comes at 33.75 inches overall and roughly 33 oz in weight. The handle is also durable and made of polypropylene like the other two, and the blade length is 13 inches. It is a good knife to own if you are an explorer, outdoorsman or nature enthusiast at heart.

San Main III

This is the general kukri knife that Cold Steel Knives sells. It is the usual sharp gurkha knife that can be used for all the utility designs and any other activities you might engage in. It was inspired by the company’s president’s partnership with a renowned martial artist. With this martial artist’s teachings, the president realized the true potential of the kukri and so this knife was born.

It measures at 17 inches overall with a blade length of 12 inches. It’s 5/16s of an inch thick and it weighs 22 oz. and is accompanied by a Secure-Ex sheath. Out of any of the other knives, this should be your first choice as it is a general branch that is easy to use for beginners and rather short in size. It is perfect for learners who want to have a go at using a kukri knife in the future. It is one of the best kukri knives on the market.

Where Can I Buy Kukri Knives?

You can buy kukri knives in any good knife retailer! Hardware shops and chain stores with outdoors links should all have a few different types of knives. Pricing knives at various retailers is important prior to purchase in order to ensure you are not paying more than you should be. Not to mention, it is nice to hold and get a visual understanding for the kukri knives before you purchase one, so a local store with various options is always helpful.  If you want to try out knives you can do so locally and find one that suits your needs and operates well, then you can take your price comparison online.

Perhaps the best place to purchase Cold Steel Knives is straight from the manufacturer themselves at their in-depth website. If you are not the online shopper the site also features assistance in finding the right retailer near your home which has the knife you are looking for so that you can try it out firsthand.

Kukri knives are also available at other retailers, like Kukri house, whose website contains several popular models of the knife. They also give you a lot of information concerning the Nepalese culture surrounding the kukri knives, which is very interesting to know before you buy the knife. They also carry a wide array of other popular knives on the market and can help you make a solid comparison as to why a kukri is appropriate for your needs.

While there has been an in-depth past surrounding the kukri knife in Nepal they are certainly destined to have an undeniable future in other areas of the world, and the uses are certainly neverending.

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