Kubota L3301 Compact Tractor Review: Yay or Nay?

I’ve heard so many people rave about the Kubota L3301, saying it’s definitely worth the investment as a compact tractor. Because of this, I wanted to try it out myself and see if it’s really living up to its claims and reviews. And all I can say is: I’m surprised and do want to share with you my experiences with this tractor.

So if you’re still canvassing or already planning to buy the L3301, read on! I’ll be showing you what this tractor is all about and what to expect with it, from the specs down to the performance upon testing it out.

About The Kubota L3301 Compact Tractor

When looking into these specifications of the tractor, you’ll be surprised that it has more power compared to most of its kind.

kubota l3301

The Kubota L3301 is part of the L-Series from the company, known as a compact tractor. But, it has the strength most tractors have, which is what many appreciate. Here are the main features it has to offer:

•Engine: Water-Cooled 4-Cycle Diesel

•Gross Power: 33 HP

•Net Power: 31.4 HP

•PTO Power: 27.7 HP

•Rear PTO Type: Transmission Driven with An Overrunning Clutch

•3 Cylinders

•Bore and Stroke: 3.4 x 4.0 inches

•Displacement: 111.4 cubic inches

•Speed: 2,700 RPM

•Fuel Tank: 11.1 US gallons

•Battery and Alternator: 12V, RC and 12V, 40A, respectively

When looking into these specifications of the tractor, you’ll be surprised that it has more power compared to most of its kind. While it does come at a more expensive price range (around $26,000), you get your money’s worth for a long-term investment. I can see that it can last in any job and would be able to withstand most intense jobs for years to come.

I can see that it’s a great upgrade in the L-series as well, coming with the dimensions fit for a compact tractor but way more capacity.

Here are the notable specs on its hydraulics and transmission system:

•Lift Control Type: Position Control

•Pump Capacity: 6.3 GPM (Main) and 3.8 PM (PS)

•Lift Capacity: up to 1,985 pounds (900 kilograms)

•System Pressure: 165 PSI

•Transmission: Gear shift with eight forward and eight reverse

•Integral Type Power Steering

•Wet Disc Type Brake

•Dry Type Single Stage Clutch

Read on to learn more about the compact tractor’s strong specs and its features.

The Important Kubota L3301 Specs and Features

kubota l3301 price

I’ll be explaining more of the features it offers here:

Engine Quality

The Kubota L-series offers diesel engines which put off he amazing horsepower. BUT, it’s still as fuel-efficient and offers cleaner burning, as it comes with the Common Rail System and electric-controlled direct fuel injection. All of the Kubota engines are also equipped with the updated EPA Tier 4 final emission regulations for safety.

Excellent Transmission

The L3301 comes with the Synchro-Shuttle Transmission with both inline forward and reverse shifting. This helps in making directional changes quick and easy to do. Its transmission has four main-shift speeds and two range-shift speeds for you to choose among different speeds for your work.

HST Transmission

Both the L3301HST and L3901HST come with the HST transmissions that offer better speed control. You’re able to operate this transmission easily just by pressing down on its pedal. It also has the inline shifting pattern which allows an easier range of shifting.

Bevel Gear Front Axle

This is an amazing feature unique to the Kubota L-series, delivering the tight turning radius with the full power transfer. This can be used and transferred to the wheels in all steering angles.

Continuous Running PTO

All the L-series models have the live and continuous-running rear PTO to make it easier to operate. It also comes with the over-running clutch, protecting the tractor’s transmission. Besides that, it has a stationary PTO option to use different implements of the L3301, like its pumps.

3-Point Hitch

The L3301 comes with a large capacity hydraulic cylinder and pump, giving the huge lifting capacity. This allows you to use more range of implements, even coming with telescoping stabilizers. The job gets done without risk!

Tire Quality

This compact tractor has excellent tire quality with traction to last on any type of terrain. It stays in place and is easy to move around, but still keeping the tractor safe and strong.

Cup Holder and Tool Box

Inside the tractor, you have a convenient cup holder to place your beverages in. It also comes with a large toolbox in the operator’s seat to access easily. This makes it great for storage.

Cool Dash Panel

The tractor has an understandable dash panel which comes with the large and readable gauge. It also comes with the LCD panel that includes all vital information, from engine error codes to parking brakes.

My Take On the Kubota Tractor 3301

It can lift heavy materials and can still move properly, having a smooth operation and drive.

For its Kubota L3301 price, is it worth the investment?

For me, it’s a huge yes! I enjoy using this tractor in most of my jobs. Not only is it easier to maneuver, but still has the excellent power and longevity to get the job done. It can lift heavy materials and can still move properly, having a smooth operation and drive.

Furthermore, I appreciate that the tractor has a quiet and extremely easy operation that doesn’t disturb the entire work area. From its comfortable interior down to the attractive and solid build, I believe it to be worth the price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality compact tractor suited for their construction business.

Wrapping It Up

With all this information said, I’m sure you’ve already made your choice and see if this tractor is made for you. It’s got enough power to work on any job AND has the strength to withstand any type of weather. Plus, it’s got that professional design that definitely adds to its attractiveness and performance.

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I hope that this review on the Kubota 33 HP tractor helped you out in making your purchasing decision! So don’t wait any longer and look into getting a Kubota L3301 for sale to help with your business now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with the Kubota L3301, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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