Kobalt Tile Saws Review: 7 Inch & 8 Inch Tile Cutters, Wet Tile Cutters And Stands

Cutting tiles can be a bit tricky without the right equipment. With all the flying tile dust and uneven breaks it can result to loss of money and time during the course of putting tiles. These predicaments can be done away with if the equipment and correct type of tile saw is used when doing the job. There are different types of Kobalt tile saws available that can be utilized in order for the work to progress without a hitch.

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Wet saws are preferred when cutting tiles because of its finer finish and reduction of damage to the tiles, plus it does not allow debris to fly around during the actual cutting. Another added factor of the wet saw is that friction on the blade is greatly reduced which gives the saw longer blade life and better precision results. Water can either be pumped externally or internally while the wet saw is in operation. Here are different types of wet saws that are available to choose from depending on one’s need.

When needing to cut tiles into circles a tile circle cutter is the preferred Kobalt tile saw. The purpose of this machine is create holes in order to accommodate fittings and pipes that are sometimes in the way because of the plumbing, like in bathrooms and sinks. This type of saw may lack versatility and is sometimes simply attached to a power drill.

An overhead tile saw is a heavy machine which is not advisable to be used by do-it yourself individuals. The railing system allows for precision cutting and is placed under the table where the tiles are placed and saw is situated on top of the operation table. Some company makers may produce the product with a ready stand but sometimes it is necessary to purchase the stand separately.

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Band saw is not merely a Kobalt tile saw but also a hardened type of saw which is capable of even cutting granite and marble. The long blade with the teeth on the side allows for precision cutting. This type of saw is mounted on the table and with an exchange of blade it is also used to cut glass with precision.

The type of saw that is most versatile is the one that has the combined qualities of a band saw and the circular saw and this is the ring saw. Different types of blades are available to use depending on what material is being cut which can include concrete glass.

To cut tiles and even hardened materials, like porcelain, to fit odd patterns the table tile saw is recommended. When working with large types of materials for cutting it is advisable that the table that it is mounted on has a sliding mechanism for easy manipulation. But with all these types available on the market the most commonly known is the Kobalt tile cutter.

Kobalt Wet Tile Saw

A specific example of the Kobalt wet tile saw is the Kobalt 7 inch bench tile saw with stand that can be viewed and purchased from the website www.lowes.com. The highlight of the product includes a 5.8 amp motor, a laser LED light for precision cutting which is built in, a table that can be manipulated to elevate at 22.5 at 45 degree angle to accommodate a bevel cut and the table is oversized and made of aluminum. The parts of the Kobalt tile saw parts of the 7 incher are a 110 volts heavy duty motor, a front injected type water cooling system, a 14” by 11” sliding table, a safety mechanism in cases of overload, with a blade that has the capacity to cut a 12” by 12” tile with a thickness of 1 ¼”. More details of this Kobalt tile cutter can be read at www.sportsmanguide.com.

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An 8 inch Kobalt tile saw is a type of overhead tile saw with a railing system.  The 8 incher is recommended to use if there are lots of tiles to cut. Features of the products are ball bearing mechanism of the side rail, a bevel and plunge cutting capacity, 11-amp motor, and the table is caste aluminum, an easy to open blade guard, capable of angled patterns, with recessed handles and laser guided for precision and a work light.

Www.betatollselect.com has listed the highlights of the Kobalt tile saw kb 7005. The motor of this product is one horse power direct drive without overload protection. The motor is capable of rotating to accommodate bevel cuts and is housed in a plastic casing. The laser guide for precision cutting is located at the front of the blade. The safety guards that are installed are for splashing and for the blade of the machine. The accessories of the product that comes along with the purchase includes an adjustable protractor, a table oil and tile bucket.

Kobalt Tile Saw Review

The overall performance of the 7 incher is considered to be exceptional with some concerns that were noted by the costumer. The product has the tendency not only to wet the blade but also the operator the issue can be resolve by using a poncho or a rubber apron. Another thing that was noted was the bevel cut did not deliver as expected. There is no problem with design when larger tiles are being cut but when smaller tiles are being used the guides where not able to accommodate and precision cutting is not possible.

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An 8 incher can be recommended to a friend to use. The saw is powerful for a reasonable price. The overall rating of this Kobalt tile saw is rated 4 and 5 for the value, design, ease of use, and quality which are all rated at 5. Some flaws that were observed include the fact that the tray support is only located on the right side, the amount of play that the table exhibits during operation is undesirable and when long cuts are being done the difference between the two ends can be as much as ¼ inch.

Despite these facts, if you are looking for a quality and trusted brand of tile saw, Kobalt can be just what you are looking for.

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