KMG Grinder Review: Knifes, Clones, Parts, Plans And For Sale Guide

Early human beings used stones and bones as their first tools. Gradually they learned to sharpen the edges of the stone as the human evolution process progressed. Simple and rough tools instantaneously evolved to knife blades of contemporary times. But, the process of evolution underwent through various time conditions and these are done through sheer hard labour. Modern machinery has developed the belt grinder machine to make better tools and blades, and take craftsmen and professionals to a whole other level.

Belt grinding is the processing of metals through a machine, with the aid of abrasives, to derive a polished and smooth finish. There are several belt grinding machines available on the market. The standard size belt configuration is 2”x 72”, which most grind makers use to make knives.. One of the more popular belt grinders among these is the KMG grinder.

The KMG Grinder

The KMG grinder is a heavy duty machine used by modern blade smiths to come up with artistic and ingenious knives. It has arguably become the benchmark of the knife making business because of its superior proficiency. Rob Frink of Beaumont Metal Works in Columbus, Ohio designed and built the favoured KMG-1 grinder. Aside from its time tested dependability it is also one of the most affordable professional grade grinders being offered in the market. An off shoot from Bader BIII, the KMG grinder is a rock solid built machine which can be used with a great variation of accessories as compared to other ordinary machines. What makes this even more appealing is that you can order it according to your required configurations, size and other custom modifications. Not to mention that Beaumont Metal Works has a very accommodating personnel, such Mr. Rob Frink himself.  Now that is a real great package deal!

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Some of the KMG belt grinder’s distinct features include precision tracking, adjustable and replaceable platen, belt drive, adjustable tool bar, tough steel built construction, accurate rollers and wheels, up to 14” contact wheels , 2 x 72” belt size, keyed ¾” drive shaft and a belt drive. The accessories, optional attachments, motor and pulleys can be purchased individually. All are being sold separately from the main unit.

KMG Clone/Grinder Plans

Due to its growing popularity and high quality reputation, and Mr. Rob Frink’s design, the idea is being borrowed and copied by many knife making enthusiasts. Creative minds and monetary conscious knife smiths are inspired by the superb KMG grinder design. Homemade 2″x72″ KMG style belt sander/grinder are among the growing trends for individuals who cannot afford to buy a brand new grinder from known manufacturers. They find it uncomplicated and quite easy to assemble. They can even look out for the best value spare parts in accordance to their needs. Blade smiths love the blade grinder’s easy to upgrade and trouble free modification features. Beaumont Metal Works is more than glad to give a helping hand to blade smiths who want to build their very own KMG inspired grinder.

Michael Clerk’s detailed plan at looks is very useful and informative. It presents specific and step by step method of coming up with a great blade grinder imaginable. All materials needed are completely enumerated and the pictures shown are very impressive. Illustrations and diagrams are likewise conscientiously presented.  It is very accessible and easy to comprehend and is done in an unselfish and generous way, as they are sharing such important information.

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KMG reviews

More than just a few groups of blade smiths testify to KMG grinder’s superior craftsmanship. It is highly recommended for its proven quality yet economical quality, which means you are getting a tough and durable machine at a reasonable cost. It is almost too good to be true. But rave reviews and testimonials from satisfied users give evidence to this.

Below is an excerpt from the Kmg review article by Mr. Ed Caffrey of ABS Mastersmith. This is being reproduced and reprinted for the purpose of presenting credible and plausible review for this amazing blade grinder machine.

“This machine is a WINNER!   It is more heavy duty than any other grinder on the market.  The craftsmanship is outstanding, and Rob Frink is one of the best folks to work with that you will ever find.
Even though I wrote about some modifications, don’t take them too seriously.  I am one of those people who wants things in the shop just so so, and the modifications that I did were to suit my preferences.  If you have special needs/desires for a custom built machine, inquire with Rob, he knows what will or will not work, and can give you guidance.

If you are looking for a grinder that is smooth, quiet, and built to withstand the test of time, I suggest you look into the KMG grinders.  I predict that with the type of customer service he offers, and the quality of machines he builds, Rob Frink and the KMG will be at the top of the Knifemaking Grinder market within a short time! “

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Kmg Grinder for Sale

An array of KMG grinders can be availed at popular prices during blade shows. There are also postings of these blade grinders for sale in the internet. Just take a closer look at the dates of posting. Many entrepreneurial souls who make quality KMG grinder clones are selling their products also through the internet.

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