Keser Air Compressors Review: Parts, Prices, Brands & Maintenance


Kaeser Kompressoren, founded in 1919, is the leading manufacturer of air compressors. Since the time it was founded, Kaeser air compressors have provided air compressors with innovative technologies and impressive designs. Rooted to its German technological heritage, Kaeser places specific focus on high-quality standards which ensure durability, performance and efficiency. With such heavy attention to quality and durability, Kaeser air compressors rarely drop in performance, even after years of use and replacement parts are installed.

Air Requirements

The first step in selecting an air compressor is to look at what your requirements are. What type of air quality, air capacity or air pressure do you require? Does the air produced need to be breathable, or does it need to contain heavy amounts of oil to make it heavy?

Depending on the air quality, your Kaeser air compressor parts will vary, specifically the dying and filtering system. Similarly, the air capacity and pressure requirements would define the type of air compressor and the appropriate Kaeser air compressor parts that would be required. Air capacity and pressure requirements can be obtained from the manufacturer of the pneumatic tools you need to operate. However, if such information cannot be retained from the manufacturer or elsewhere, Kaeser Air Compressors India and Kaeser Air Compressors Canada, provide specific help and support to customers in conducting a company-wide air system audit.

Budget Considerations

Getting the air requirements is only the tip of the iceberg when you need to select an air compressor. It is important to take into account the total amount the air compressor will cost. According to Kaeser air compressors, the cost of an air compressor can be divided into three parts: the equipment cost, the maintenance cost and the electricity cost. The equipment and maintenance cost collectively only contribute to 30% of the total cost of an air compressor, whereas the electricity cost contribute to a whopping 70%. There are also additional costs that might arise due to malfunction, unreliable air compressors and leaks in the system. Leaks do not only increase operating costs but also require hefty equipment replacements. The benefit in selecting Kaeser air compressors is that you reduce your electricity costs by almost half through Sigma Air Manager 3-D. As such, the total cost of an air compressor is reduced by 40-50% if one buys a Kaeser product. On top of reduced electricity costs, you can rely on Kaeser air compressors for sale to run smoothly without leaks for years to come.

Comparing Different Air Compressors

Once you have determined what type of air compressor you are looking for, it is now time to look into the different brands and options available on the market. The efficiency, otherwise known as air-end, of known brands such as Kaeser air compressors can be easily compared through the standardized CAGI sheet released by each manufacturer. CAGI sheets each easily help compare similar models. Any cooling system in any air compressor should ensure low-discharge temperatures. In units using air-cooling, it is always better to have silent radial fans than axial fans. Furthermore, a top exhaust in the cooling system allows for better air ducting. You should also ensure the operating interface is easy to use, has many features and can control every aspect of the air compressor. In this regards, the Sigma Air Manager 3-D available through Kaeser Air Compressors India and Kaeser Air Compressors Canada, is one of the most well-known and user-friendly interfaces. Other options that one should consider when looking at Kaeser air compressors for sale is the drive, interconnecting piping, sound enclosure, vibration isolation and motor. If you cannot figure out the aforementioned parts, you can get advice from any Kaeser Air Compressor parts vendor.

Comparing Brands

Before you decide on an air compressor, it is always important to check out the manufacturer’s reliability and guarantees provided on parts and the air compressor system as a whole. You should also check to see whether the manufacturer will provide timely services or hassle-free parts replacement at minimal costs. The inability to access replacement parts at a later date may lead to having to replace the entire compressor, so access to parts should be taken into account.

You should always check the warranty provided by any manufacturer in-depth. Make sure the warranty covers the whole of the air compressor including all parts and systems. It is always best to get a product that is supported by a solid distributor and manufacturer support. As such, it is always good to get a branded product. When you get a branded system like Kaeser air compressors, you won’t need to worry about poor service or delayed parts replacement. Also, it is always better to get through a verified dealer or regional subsidiary such as Kaeser Air Compressors India or Kaeser Air Compressors Canada.


Lastly, you should consider the amount of maintenance it would take to keep the air compressor running smoothly and without problems. Air compressor with simple interfaces, such as Kaeser air compressors, make servicing and regular maintenance much easier and cost-effective. With complex terminals, often external contracts need to be drawn up for service of the air compressors and often abnormalities with machinery are not noted until the outside maintenance staff comes for one of their regular visits. This does not only result in inefficiency but also can cause various mishaps such as production delays and even lost production days. Incorporating vibration isolators and sound enclosures further make maintenance much easier as they jettison the cost of having specially-made rooms for air compressor systems. It should be noted that Kaeser air compressors mostly come fitted with these options, unless otherwise requested.

Air compressors come in various shapes, sizes and specifications. However, before you get one, it is always important to take the aforementioned considerations into account. If you find it difficult to select a system or analyze your requirements, you can always call for a professional air system audit through Kaeser Air Compressors India or Kaeser Air Compressors Canada. Or if you still cannot decide, it is just best to get Kaeser air compressors for sale, as they are reliable, well-known and proven to perform.

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