Kennedy Tools Guide: Customer Service, Catalogue and Manufacturing

Generally, the word tools may have different connotations for different people or professions. It may be part of a machine, carpentry or even apparatuses that can be used to produce an item or achieve a task to be done. Although the word tool has a broad description and may touch the different improvements and inventions in life, still tools have become a part of each and everyone’s day to day survival.

When it comes to creating state-of-the-art tools, as well as tool dependable storage, Kennedy Manufacturing is known to be one of the longest lasting tool and tool storage companies, having succeeded at the top of this industry for almost 100 years and counting.

Well Known Kennedy Products

The evolution of Kennedy tools and toolboxes has made Kennedy Manufacturing Co. one of the most trusted and well regarded companies to produce and manufacture high quality standard tools and storage chests, which are now widely used among hobbyists and professionals alike. One of its most famous and popular products, having already proven its worth for effectiveness and durability, is the line of Kennedy toolboxes, perfect for storing a wide variety of tools.

Kennedy Tool Storage

Basically, tool storage units are the main thrust of products that Kennedy Manufacturing provides its customers. Kennedy offers many different kinds of tool storage chests that can cater any type of tools an individual has such as mechanical tools, carpentry tools and even medical tools. Between their steel tool chests, roller cabinets, modular storage cabinets or tool storage, the Kennedy line of products has it all.

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For instance, in commemoration of its century of services, this year Kennedy Manufacturing is offering limited edition tool storage products such as the Canopy and Roller Cabinet and the 7 Drawer Machinist’s Chest to its valued customers. Yet, with regards to its array of products, more information and product details can be reviewed in the Kennedy tools catalogue, which offers consumers several different types of product catalogs in PDF files.

Kennedy Toolboxes

Out of all the product lines of Kennedy Tools, Kennedy toolboxes are easily the top notch product available on the market today. These toolboxes provide guaranteed performance and durability when it comes to an array of both innovative and classic designs. Kennedy storage products are known, not only within the United States but worldwide as well, for their superior quality, security and durability.

Kennedy Professional Tool Box

Perhaps one of the well-known toolboxes for storage of both Kennedy tools as well as any other brand is the Kennedy Professional Toolbox. This product’s features provide a durability that can sustain years of solid use. With its more than sufficient storage and concrete construction, this type of toolbox will surely meet the standards of even the most demanding professional out in the field. With its 3 variations of size, the needs and requirements of each individual user can and will be completely achieved, whether they’re in need of something smaller and more compact for a personal workshop or large and expansive for a garage or jobsite.  Other features of this product also include:

  1. Sizes to choose are available between 20 and 24 inch models with a length of 25 inches, a width of 10 inches and a height of 9 inches.
  2. It also includes a removeable steel tray with dividers for your hard to store socket sets, which provides an ample space for storage.
  3. The steel design is indestructible due to its chip, ding and dent-resistant powder-coat finish in a brown, wrinkled texture.
  4. The steel handle is coated with vinyl and is designed to be very comfortable to carry.
  5. Lastly, tools are safe and secured for it closes securely using chrome lift latches that cannot be easily opened.
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For more data and details regarding the different Kennedy tool box reviews and prices, this tools website provides an array of toolboxes that consumers can definitely use to browse through products and read the customer reviews thereof. As for problems, suggestions or inquiries, consumers can contact the Kennedy Manufacturing customer service website.

Senator Toolboxes

As a major competitor to Kennedy Manufacturing, Senator Tools has its own toolboxes for sale on the market. Their line of products includes the Senator 14 Drawer Superwide Lock On Red, which comes in a scratch and dent resistant red or blue powder-coat finishes. There is the more typical storage unit that features five shallow drawers and two deep ones; this Senator toolbox also features Thermo Plastic Resin (TPR) castors as well as a center based locking mechanism to ensure the safety and security of consumers tools within this toolbox. While Senator toolboxes are a less well-known brand, they provide high quality, durable product that gets the job done.

What Makes Kennedy Manufacturing the Best Available Tools and Tool Storage Company?

For decades, Kennedy Manufacturing tools and toolboxes have been considered as among the best in high standard quality tool storage in America. The biggest difference between Kennedy tools and toolboxes lies in the quality of materials used in their construction, which contribute to the strength, durability and sustainability of their products. Since toolboxes are the top selling products of Kennedy Manufacturing, here are some of the useful tips that can be found in regarding the process of taking good care of your tool storage unit to ensure its continued good condition and function.

  • Basically, the most important factor in taking good care of toolboxes or tool storage units is to clean them constantly. Dirt and moisture on or in tools and toolboxes can make the metal storage components rust and weaken, as well as look just unkempt.
  • When cleaning your toolbox always make sure to first remove all tools from within, in order to gain easier and wider access to ALL areas both in and out of your toolbox. . Also, include the tools in cleaning for some them may contribute to the dirt and rust in your tool storage unit.
  • Always put the toolboxes or tool storages in a clean and dry place to avoid the moisture that can contribute to the formation of rust, which makes the metal difficult to lift or move. Also, always remember to grease the toolboxes as well as other tool storages in order not to stack up due the rust.
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Kennedy Manufacturing has provided state of the art toolboxes and tool storage units that are famous worldwide for their commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.

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