Kennedy Toolboxes Review: Parts, Locks and Used Tool Chests

Also known as tool chest or work box, toolboxes are predominantly a metal or plastic box used to sort out, carry and protect the tools that are used by craftsmen of various trades. Before, toolboxes were metal containers which were viewed as exclusively made for specialized craftsmen such as mechanics, jewelers and construction workers. Yet, as time went by, these boxes have undergone improvements as well as different varieties, and are widely used nowadays not only by craftsmen but also almost all individuals as well; they are convenient and safe storage solutions for anyone who wants to store and protect their tools.

The evolution of toolboxes began with just a simple box wherein all the tools were placed inside. However, as improvements were made over the years, toolboxes these days are now commonly designed with a hinged cover top and a handle for carrying. It can be a plastic or metal that has one or more latches also included to secure the cover of the box, and smaller compartments were made for sorting out individual types and pieces therein. A good example of toolboxes which have already proven their durability and well-deserved name in the toolbox industry are the toolboxes from Kennedy Manufacturing Company.

Types of Kennedy Toolboxes

Since Kennedy Manufacturing has proven its worth in making state of the art toolboxes, two different types were presented to the public in order to provide choices for their consumers as well as to promote varieties that can cater to a wide range of uses. These types include the traditional toolboxes and the machinist’s chest; both types are specially designed to ensure optimum ease of use and convenience for different trades.

Traditional Toolbox

Just like the traditional design of toolboxes, the Kennedy traditional toolbox also features the lunch-pail type design wherein the handle is located on top with an array of drawer sizes inside. It presents unique, one-of-a-kind storage opportunities with its large storage area and long flat compartments and felt-lined socket compartments perfect for sorting out of tools. It also has a single steel latch to secure its cover down, ensuring safety and security for your tools.

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Kennedy 22 inch Cantilever Toolbox

Known to be one of the finest models of Kennedy toolbox, the Kennedy 22 inch Cantilever toolbox is the most durable box among all competitors. It has a wide bottom area excellent for the large storage of tools. Its durable powder coating is perfect for protection against of chips and dents that can cause spots on its steel frame. Its design is ideal for those with an eye for organization, with its variously sized interior compartments perfect for systematic arrangement of any tools. There is also large divider that will be perfect for storing larger tools, or larger sets of smaller tools like socket sets included inside this toolbox, averting any potential damage or confusion as to the location of various tools. Other features include:

  1. Partitions with 12 adjustable and removable compartments for organized tray storage.
  2. A steel core with a brown powder finish that is highly chip resistant to prevent the occurrence of dents.
  3. The length is 22 inches with a width of 13, height of 11 and a length of 23 that signifies its huge capacity for storage.
  4. A slightly cushioned vinyl coated handle that promotes comfort to its owners.
  5. When the box is opened, consumers can easily see all the tools in just one glance, making it utterly efficient and time-saving.
  6. Lastly, tools are safe and secured for it also has plating locking hardware that cannot be easily opened.

Machinist’s Chest

Considered to be another one of Kennedy Manufacturing’s finest types of toolboxes, mechanic’s chests are made for those minute tools that need to be placed in an organized manner to ensure ease of locating and using. The projects inherent in a machinist’s job include the need for tiny parts and precision tools, and there’s nothing worse than searching furiously through jumbled together bits and pieces to find the one you need; this toolbox is ideal for machinist’s storage because of its specialized storage facilities, making it easier to find that part you need right away. The chest usually includes a felt lining and wide array of specialized drawers with different sizes. Together with its zinc-coated dividers for customizing large drawers, consumers will no longer need to dig around for that minute space for tiny part storage.

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Kennedy 520 Machinist’s Chest

When it comes to mechanist’s chests, the Kennedy 520 Mechanist Chest is said to be one of the top selling products among its type. With its 7 drawers, consumers can easily designate spaces for their tiny tools and parts, which are ordinarily harder to store than larger tools. Yet, aside from its compartments, other features of this product also include drawers that are top-till wool felt-lined, its vinyl cushioned and steel core top handle for a comfortable grip and brown wrinkle finish good for the prevention of dents. As for the pricing, the usually offers this product in an affordable price of $304 dollars which is also reasonable compared to other brands.

As for the Kennedy 22 in Cantilever toolbox as well as other traditional Kennedy toolboxes, more information regarding the details and pricing of product are seen in, which offers a wide variety not only of Kennedy toolboxes but other products as well such as proto-toolbox which is also another type of toolbox.

What is a Craftsman Toolbox?

For decades, Craftsman has been known to be the greatest manufacturer for toolboxes; they are widely sold in department and hardware stores. Just like any other toolbox, it also has its own drawers and compartments for storage of tools and other useful parts. However, in this case the toolbox is a 40 inch ball bearing toolbox which is quite different from most other models of tool chest.

Craftsman toolboxes have been synonymous with quality, efficiency and durability since the brand trademark was first registered by Sears in May of 1927. They have upheld the standard to which all tool and tool chest manufacturers have attempted to live up to in the time since, with customer satisfaction priorities evident not only in the quality of their products by also by their Customer Loyalty Club as well as their lifetime warranties offered on most of their hand tools and non-powered lawn and garden products. Craftsman is arguably the most popular toolbox manufacturer around today, but that does not necessarily equate with the best. That is more for the consumer to decide, based on needs and requirements for their own tool storage needs.

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As with any product you’ll find in any industry, Craftsman is not immune to its own issues and complaints. One of the most common issues consumers encounter with their Craftsman toolbox is how to remove drawers; here are some of the useful tips that can also be found in regarding the process of greasing them up for it to continually work out for years.

  • Initially, the handle must be pulled up way from the drawer that the person wants to remove and then they can pull the handle out towards themself. Drawers should be emptied by removing its contents, including any liners that can be found at the bottom of the drawer and put it on a safer place.
  • Afterwards, look inside the toolbox and trace the black, pointed plastic tabs which are commonly found within the door tracks. Consumers should then pull the black pointed tabs using their fingers in order to release the tracks.
  • As the tracks are released, grip the drawer sides so that the index finger can either move the black plastic tabs up r down. It is best also to hold one plastic tab up and the other one down as the consumer pulls out the drawer for a one forceful pull will surely release the drawer which gives access to the consumer to pull it out the rest of the way.

Given with all these important facts aforementioned above, it only shows that the Kennedy toolboxes, while not necessarily as popular as some of their competitors, provide products and services that have consistently proven their worth as well as their durability and, perhaps just as important, their affordability. As evidenced by Kennedy Manufacturing Company’s 100 years of existence, the consumer’s tools are safe and secured just like the quality and durability of Kennedy toolboxes.

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