Jerith Fence Review Guide: Installation, Parts, Pricing & Aluminum Fence Guide

Jerith is one of the largest and oldest aluminum fences manufacturers in North America. In the year 1961, Jerith was the first manufacturer to construct decorative fences made from aluminum. Since then they have mastered their trade and have become a leader in the fencing industry in the U.S. Their products are known for being of superior quality and their service is outstanding.

Unlike many other aluminum fences and gates that are imported from China, all the Jerith fence parts and products are made in their big Philadelphia factory. This is because they understand the sentiments of their US customers who would prefer and value fences and gates made in America. Apart from making fences with the right combination of quality, experience and service, Jerith has been constantly working to improve their products. This is the reason why their products are of the best quality and they follow high standards as compared to any other fence maker.

Jerith Fence Series

Jerith fence has been classified into different series. They are as follows:

100 Series Fence Style

The fences of the 100 series are an alternative to iron fences. They are made from wrought iron so they stay beautiful without you having to maintain them. The classic 100 series wrought iron fences have been made using the same design that have been used for more than 100 years. These fences have exposed pickets on the top, and the Jerith fence installation process is very easy as it can be fixed without much effort.

  • Style # 101

This fence style is made using the traditional design of wrought iron fence. At the top of the section of this fence, the points of pickets are even with pinched tops. The height of the fence is the actual length of the picket. The sections of this fence can rake 12 inches over their span of 6 feet. The post spacing at the center of this fence is 72 1/2 inches, and it comes in 3 different colors: black, white and bronze.

  • Style # 100

The style # 100 fence is slightly varied from the style #101. This wrought iron fence alternative is a little distinct and it comes with staggered picket points with pinched tops. The sections of this fence can rake 12 inches over their 6 feet span just like the previous fence style. Their post spacing at the center is also same at 72 1/2 inches. The length of the picket and the height of the fence is the same, and it comes in three different colors: bronze, white and black.

  • Style # 111

This wrought iron fence, a version of style # 101, has been constructed to replace the standard picket points with Majestic, Victorian and Imperial finials. These finials are intended to look elegant allowing you to maintain the beauty and the safety of your property. The fence height is the actual height of the picket, and the pickets are constructed to accept other finials apart from the traditional ones. This style it is available in black, white and bronze colors.

200 Series Fence Style

The fences of the 200 series have a smooth rail on the top that makes this style of fences perfect to be used around the pools, making these the most popular design. The 200 series aluminum fence is made from aluminum so it does not rust, making it ideal for pool enclosures. If you cannot make up your mind to get the right fence, then Jerith fence reviews can help you decide which of the following fences you can buy to enclose your pool. You can also buy your Jerith fence online after you have made up your mind and had a look at the Jerith fence pricing.

  • Style # 202

The fence of style # 202 has a smooth rail on top, which means that the picket points are not exposed. This fence is made with a more modern design, and the height of the fence is the actual picket length. Over their 6 feet span, the sections of these fences can rake 12 inches. Because of its classic design, this is one of the best-selling fences from Jerith. If any part of your fence has been damaged due to wear and tear then you can replace it with Jerith fence parts.

  • Style # 200

The style # 200 fences are very similar to the style # 202 fences. The difference that lies between these two styles is a little modification has been done to the former. The style # 200 fences is a combination of the traditional looking top rail with pointed pickets below the rail. It comes in three different colors that are white, bronze and black.

  • Style # 211

In the style of # 111 fences, the style # 211 aluminum fence gives you the opportunity to change its finials from the traditional picket points to give it an appearance of elegance and beauty.

Modified style # 200, # 202 and # 211

These three different styles of fences are similar to the above mentioned Jerith fences but they have some variations. The modification of these fences has been done so that the pickets do not extend below the bottom rail. These fences are available in the height of 54 inches and they are fit to be used in pools that have strict enclosure codes, requiring 45 inch spacing between the horizontal rails.

If you are on the lookout for stronger fences Jerith’s prestigious regency aluminum fences are something you should consider. These fences do not look like the industrial fences as they are designed to be used in residences. The regency fences use slightly bigger Jerith fence parts to create sections in the fence that are 33% stronger. These easy to blend fences can be used in the yard or pool of your residence to make it look naturally beautiful. There are three regency fence styles: Windsor, Kensington and Buckingham. There is also an option to use rings between the top two rails which gives it a regal appearance.

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