Invisible Fence Batteries: Electric Dog Collars & Invisible Fences for Dogs

Invisible fence batteries are the power behind the entire invisible fencing system around a home.  Pet owners who are training their dogs to remain in the yard without wandering, and who prefer not to put up fencing, often rely on these underground electronic fences.  These fences are made up of three basic parts, the transmitter, the underground wiring, and the receiver in the dog collar.

The transmitter is attached to the underground wiring that lines the perimeter of the pet owner’s yard.  Pet owners must put an entire enclosed perimeter around the outside of the yard with the underground wiring.  If the dog wanders too close to this perimeter, a transmitter will send out a radio signal or a wireless signal that triggers the receiver in the dog collar.  This receiver triggers a mild shock that deters the dog from going any closer to the fence.  The invisible fence batteries go into the receiver and help provide not only the mild shock but also the power needed to receive signals from the transmitter.

Dog collars don’t use very much electricity.  They can easily rely on a small nine volt battery for about three to six months.  However, pet owners need to be on a regular schedule to replace these batteries.  One missed shock due to a dead battery can see the dog running out of the yard into the wild blue yonder.

How Does it Work

These transmitters send out either a radio signal or a wireless signal, depending on the brand and make of the invisible fencing.  Both use about the same amount of energy, so the battery type doesn’t change much.  Some electric fences will have a high or a low voltage signal depending on how close the dog gets to the perimeter line.  Some will also trigger the dog collar to emit a high pitched noise when the dog starts to get too close to the fence before a shock is administered.  Theoretically, the dog learns to associate that sound with the electric shock and will move away before the shock is triggered.

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Another type of invisible fencing involves placing the transmitter on the home and setting up a radius around the property.  If the dog moves too far away from the transmitter, the collar will administer a mild shock.

What Kind of Batteries are Used in Electric Dog Collars

The invisible fence batteries used in electric dog collars are typically nine volt batteries in a solid plastic case.  The casing for these batteries varies slightly in size and shape.  This is why it adds to the costs of buying batteries intended specifically for invisible fencing rather than picking up standard nine volt batteries at the store.

R21 type invisible fence batteries and the R51 type invisible fence batteries both use the same style and shape of battery.  The battery used for these collar types is generally small and cylindrical in shape with two prongs extending out from one end.  It may be better to purchase the battery type intended specifically for your style of dog collar.  Generic R21 and R51 batteries don’t always fit well into the casing of the dog collar.

Perimeter Technologies specializes in producing batteries for invisible fencing.  Their R21 and R51 replacement batteries also fit the R22 and the microbe light collars for Invisible Fence Brand fences.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?

It is recommended that the batteries in the collars for invisible fencing are replaced every three months.  Pet owners have reported that the batteries last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.  This usually depends on how often the dog triggers the electric shock.  When first training pets, pet owners may find it necessary to replace the batteries more often than it is required later on.

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Invisible Fence Brand and produces their own Power Cap batteries which are recommended for their computer collars.  They also recommend that their invisible fence Powercap batteries are replaced every three months without fail.

Pet owners will often mark their replacement schedule on a calendar so that they don’t forget to replace the batteries on time every three months of the year.

Where to Find the Batteries

The batteries for invisible fence dog collars are available online and offline.  Pet owners have the option of purchasing name brands direct from the company, in online stores or in pet stores.

In pet stores, invisible fence batteries vary from 10 to 15 dollars per battery.  Online stores offer better prices and more options for pet owners such as, generic batteries at 7 to 10 dollars a battery.  However, those shopping online must pay careful attention to the description and type of battery listed.  Always compare the R-rating with the R-rating of the current battery in the dog’s collar.  This reduces the chances of picking the wrong battery type and style.

Those shopping online must also weigh the costs of shipping with the slightly higher price of the batteries in the store.  Luckily, electric dog fence batteries are small and lightweight.  The delivery costs shouldn’t be more than a few dollars per battery. Pet owners may also be able to get a deal on shipping from the right company.

How to Replace the Batteries in the Electric Dog Collar?

Invisible Fence brand fencing recommends using a penny as a flat head screw driver to gently unscrew their R21 and R51 invisible fence batteries out of the casing of the dog collar when replacing them.  Insert the penny sideways into the small slot on the top of the battery, turn it 45° counterclockwise until the battery pops out of the casing.  Replace this battery with the new battery and turn it 45° clockwise while pressing down with the penny to lock it in place.

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Other invisible dog fence collars may have cases with small screws that require a Philips head screwdriver to unlock before the batteries can be popped out.  Some cases may have sliding plastic covers that simply slide out of place when it’s time to replace the batteries inside.

Potential Health Hazards and Warnings

Pet owners should be aware of the potential hazards of using underground electric fencing. It is not a 100% foolproof method for keeping a dog contained. If a dog gets a running head start and is excited or distracted by something, it can run right past the perimeter line. The collar will only shock the dog when it comes within range of the perimeter. If the dog gets to the other side of the line, it will stop working.

Also, the collar can keep a dog from returning home if it accidentally gets past the perimeter line. Every time the dog tries to cross back over the fence it will receive a small shock.

Invisible fence batteries can also corrode and leak acid if damaged. Pet owners need to keep a close eye on their pet for signs of discomfort, skin damage or pain.

Generally, these batteries are safe to use in dog collars and will provide a least three months of consistent power before needing to be replaced.

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