Ingersoll Rand Compressor Parts: Replacement Parts, Manual and Dealers

Ingersoll Rand is a multi-billion dollar global company that has been committed to providing its customers with superb technological innovation. Compressed air systems, pumps, fluid handling systems and high quality tools are the product lines of this diversified company. For 135 years it has been Ingersoll Rand’s tradition to continuously manufacture technologically advanced equipment and tools to meet the demands and requirements of its customers.

Being at the forefront of the industry, Ingersoll Rand does not limit itself to producing top-notch compressed air technologies only, but it understands the after-sales service requirements and customers’ productivity demands. To provide beneficial solutions for these concerns, complete Ingersoll Rand compressor parts and a wide range of other support product offerings are made available by the company in all its branches worldwide. It recognizes the value of giving complete and total service for compressed air system equipment, whether these are Ingersoll Rand units or not.

To provide its customers further quality service, Ingersoll Rand offers convenient one-stop-shopping with amazingly low prices. Customers no longer need to go to several suppliers to purchase Ingersoll Rand compressor parts because these are all available in this single-source solutions provider.  Each product purchase is backed up by warranties that have different terms according to distributors. You can check with your local distributors regarding these details.

For Ingersoll Rand parts manuals and technical publications, you can click on . Technical documents and instructions manuals can be accessed through this site. This will help the customers to maximize the use of their equipment and it also contains information proper security measures with regards to the use of the equipment and installation of parts.

Ingersoll Rand Compressors

The majority of air compressors being used today are either piston air compressors or rotary screw compressors. There are several parts that make up the components of an air compressor but it is generally composed of three main parts, namely the motor or engine, the tank which holds the compressed air, and the air pump. Most parts of popular brands including Ingersoll Rand are generic and interchangeable like the filters and check valves. Many parts however are specifically and exclusively designed for certain models and brands only. An Ingersoll Rand piston compressor, which is also called a reciprocating compressor, is made up of these main parts.  It uses pistons powered by a crankshaft and delivers air at very high pressure. Here are the main components of these compressors.

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  1. Pressure Switch
  2. Check Valve
  3. Compressor Pump
  4. Belt Pulley
  5. Pulley
  6. Motor
  7. Tank

Ingersoll Rand Replacement Parts

Part of the commitment of Ingersoll Rand is to extend its service solutions to its clients regardless of the air compressor brand that they own.  High quality parts like valves, gaskets, filters lubricants, and for the prominent compressor technologies which include:

  • Rotary Vane
  • Rotary Screw
  • Centrifugal
  • Reciprocating

It also provides replacement parts for other major brands including:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Bellis & Morcom
  • Compare
  • Gardner Denver
  • Joy
  • Champion
  • Sullair
  • Kaeser
  • Leroi
  • Quincy
  • Sullivan

To be sure that you will get the accurate and corresponding replacement part, search for and check the model number of the part/s that you need. For a comprehensive list of aftermarket Ingersoll Rand replacement parts, visit You can find both the most common and hard-to-find parts from this source because it carries the widest and latest variety of compressor parts. Furthermore, these are available at very competitive prices and are guaranteed high quality and genuine products.

Ingersoll Rand Compressor Dealers

There are several credible sources of Ingersoll Rand compressors where you can find the finest and latest models. You can check online regarding their shipment arrangements, payment options and return policies. Below are three of the sites where you can find good dealers and distributors in your local area.

Ingersoll Rand Compressor T30

Since its introduction in the market in 1929, which is a good 80 long years, Ingersoll Rand Compressor T30 has consistently been the finest and at the top of its product category. In fact this model series has earned a prestigious award for the company in 2010, the Innovation Award from the Professional Tool and Equipment News. This model is the embodiment of Ingersoll Rand Company’s mission statement to create and manufacture environment friendly, safe and cutting edge air compressor products.

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Ingersoll Rand Compressor T30 has been an important and reliable partner of several vital industries which include electronics, medical, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, ammonia industry, instruments and painting industry. For several years Ingersoll Rand Compressor T30 has proven to accomplish and handle heavy duty tasks which made it indispensable equipment and most admired product among industrial companies.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

Sometime in the 1870’s, the Ingersoll Rand Company launched its very first pneumatic device, which is a machine operated by compressed air. And it has never looked back since. Today it has become the global leader and the premier world class air compressor manufacturer. Its unrelenting passion to provide its customers from all over the world state of the art, durable and reliable products molded this company to what it is today.

Ingersoll Rand air compressors have a complete product line up to fit the resources, preferences and requirements of its clients. There is an air compressor model for every level of task and performance needed to be handled and accomplished. For car and electricity industries, there are premier models, high pressure models are ideal for engines and power stations, the non-lubricated models are specially built for chemical, textile and packaging industries and last but not the least, the oil-less models that are perfect for medical and food industries.

Ingersoll Rand Company has got everything covered, from high quality equipment to air compressor parts, after sales service down to business solutions. It is truly committed to providing its clients and business partners the best products and services to ensure the continuous improvement and progress of the industries that it has been serving for many years. It maintains its leadership in the heavy equipment industry, particularly air compressor manufacturing, because it has been consistent and unswerving to this commitment.

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