Ingersoll Rand Air Tools: Impact Wrenches, Dryers, Half Inch Drives & Air Guns

When it comes to using an air tool that is powerful and reliable then you might want to consider the range of Ingersoll rand air tools especially if you wish to do different types of maintenance work on any kind of vehicle. The Ingersoll Rand TiMAX 1/2-Inch air impact wrench is an extremely strong tool that can be used for hours at a time. It weighs just under four pounds, yet it can deliver the best ratio that you have seen in its class, an incredible 750 pound torque, which is yet to be beaten. The only downside to this air impact wrench is the price, but you do get what you pay for.

The Ingersoll Rand 2130 half inch heavy duty air impact wrench is another of the favorites in the maintenance industry, although it cannot give you as much torque as the TiMAX model, you may find the 550 pounds sufficient, and it’s certainly cheaper than the TiMAX too. For an impact wrench that does not deliver an phenomenal amount of torque, it is ok when it comes to handling, weight at just over four pounds can be a bit of a disappointment if you are used to the newer and faster models, but it works well for the price.

What about air impact wrenches?

When you are looking to buy or use some Ingersoll rand air impact wrenches then I can suggest you take a look at this website you will see that there is a wide range of air impact wrenches for you to choose from and they come in at different capabilities and prices that deliver a wide range of results. Getting the right wrench for the job is vital; if you choose one that is slow and has a lower torque then you could be wasting your time. Plus you need to find an air impact wrench that is comfortable to use for hours on end and is not too noisy. On the page that I have provided a link to is the opportunity for you to download a vehicle service catalogue that shows you the full range of Ingersoll products.

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A range of Ingersoll rand air dryers

The Ingersoll Rand refrigerated air dryer 32 CFM is one of the most popular air dryers and it is appreciated by many because not only is it environmentally friendly by reducing its energy consumption when it’s output is less than the maximum cooling capacity, but it also works hard to ensure that the air is always dry and thus it helps to avoid damp and its associated problems. This is one of the smaller units on the market, and is not as powerful as some, yet it does do the job quite nicely and is self-contained. The small size (18 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 18 inches in height) means that not only is this one of the smaller air dryers, bit it’s relatively cheap too.

If you are looking for some bigger Ingersoll rand air dryers then it may be worth your while considering the Ingersoll Rand refrigerated Air dryer 106 CFM. Although this unit is not too much bigger than the 32 CFM air dryer it does have a bigger and better output and is able to be added to your air supply line and flow restriction can be reduced. This unit stands at 21.5 inches in length, 16.5 in width and 22.5 inches in height, providing you will a reasonably sized unit that delivers the dry air that you need without taking up too much room. This Ingersoll rand air dryer is a lot more expensive than the 32 CFM, but it does have  a better output.

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Delivering the goods despite the size

Going back to the air tools, the Ingersoll Rand ¾ inch ultra-duty air impact wrench is ideal of you are looking for an Ingersoll rand ¾ in drive. It delivers an amazing 1200 maximum torque and weighs 7 pounds, making this particular impact wrench one of the fastest and strongest on the market, no wonder it’s so popular. If you are prepared to pay the price for this air impact wrench then you should go ahead, it can seem pricey, but you will receive an air tool that is second to none and even fits into small places which makes it so much better to use.

The Ingersoll Rand ¾ inch super duty air impact wrench is considerably cheaper than the previous model we looked at, but it still manages to deliver the goods. The maximum torque is slightly less at 1100 but and it does weigh an extra 5 pounds (12.4 pounds in total) but it’s still pretty fast and a valuable and reliable tool that should not be dismissed.

How about a ½  inch drive?

When it comes finding a small but powerful air impact wrench then you should consider the to the Ingersoll Rand TiMAX ½ inch, this is a very popular tool and for just under four pounds of weight you will get a maximum torque of 780, which is pretty good. Granted, it is not one of the most powerful but it is pretty good for its size and weight, and what’s more is it’s reasonably quiet too, meaning you can get on with your jobs and not be pestered by the noise that some air impact wrenches give you.

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Last but by no means least, the Ingersoll rand air gun

The Ingersoll Rand TIMAX ½ inch titanium duty air impactool is incredibly popular thanks to its reasonable price and its ability to deliver a maximum torque of 780. In fact, it’s known to have the best power-to-weight ratio around and that quite something. This excellent Ingersoll rand air gun can be found here and weighs just over four pounds, meaning you can be sure to find it easy to work with while getting the jobs done quickly. There has been some disappointment in the past with regards to its torque rating, but the Ingersoll Rand TIMAX ½ inch titanium duty air impactool is a relatively small tool and this should be taken into consideration.


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