Impact Driver Vs Drill Vs Cordless Drill Review Guide: Hammer Drills & Makita Impact Drivers Guide

An impact driver is a mechanical tool that essentially does the same thing as a drill. It applies a sudden strong force down on the nail while rotating. It works with a screwdriver and works well with nails and screws of all types.

Some people prefer using an impact driver to a drill. You see, a drill is the normal method of doing such tasks, but many people like the impact driver, whether to be different or to do a task better than what an ordinary drill can produce.

These impact drivers also loosen and change screws, which a drill cannot do. Many mechanics prefer to use an impact driver because of this, so if they make a mistake they can easily reverse it without a lot of hassle or a change of tool.

Impact Driver vs. Drill

There is a never ending battle between mechanics, professionals and aficionados alike about which one of these fine pieces of machinery performs the task the best. Many say that because the drill is the classic tool to use for such a trade that it is automatically the best, but there are plenty of individuals who prefer the newer capabilities of the impact driver.

What is important to understand is that they are not one in the same that than one is able to do basic drilling applications, which means that the drill should be used when you want to screw two pieces of wood together.  An impact driver is particularly used more for fastening and loosening screws or nails which were screwed in too tightly.  The doubled torque of the driver over the drill makes it a more common item in a professional setting, rather than just for basic household maintenance.

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Cordless Drill vs. Impact Driver

A cordless drill is one that does not require electricity to operate; instead it might require batteries or have a rechargeable battery pack. Without the need for wires, cordless drills are much easier to use in a wide variety of locations, and they are typically considered more maneuverable.

When creating a comparison of the cordless drill and an impact driver many will note that in some ways they are rather similar.  Both are able to screw into and remove screws from objects, both are also cordless, which means they are quite maneuverable. The cordless drill, however works through the application of continuous torque force, whereas the impact drives uses increases in pressure to achieve the same result.  The impact driver does feature the ability to change the amount of torque available, arguably making it more suitable for various jobs than a cordless drill.

Hammer drill vs. Impact Driver

A hammer drill is a drill that uses a rotary action to perform tasks. It uses a fast torque force, incredibly similar to that of the impact driver, making them not all that different.

A hammer drill is used specifically to make holes in concrete, as it has that much power, and while some impact drivers can do the same you would not want to use a hammer drill for smaller projects. Working with smaller screws or nails, especially on a delicate project, is more suitably completed with impact drills.

Impact Drivers vs. Impact Drills

If you are in need of an impact driver you are bound to be faced with a variety of options at any local hardware store or online. Drivers are not only made by various manufacturers, but they come in a variety of styles and forms, and believe it or not the driver and drill are not one in the same machine.  It is easy to confuse the two as they perform merely all the same work as the other, however there are some key differences that you should take note of before making a purchase:

  • Impact drills are much more suitable for penetrating tougher materials like concrete (cement)
  • The impact drill is actually able to drill into items, much like your typical cordless drill, however with more torque.
  • An impact drill is typically smaller and appears like your usual cordless drill, so it is easy to maneuver in cramped locations.  Whereas an impact driver is larger and requires more control over the tool.
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When shopping for impact drivers, impact drills or even just a typical drill it is important to understand the features and capabilities of all machines.  Check with the local hardware specialist or compare brands online to ensure you are selecting the right product for your needs.

Impact Drivers Makes


Makita is responsible for creating some of the most popular and reliable impact drivers on the market, and regardless of whether you enjoy using a drill over an impact driver their products often beat out all competition.

Makita currently manufactures twenty different brands of impact drivers in various colors and models, including cordless and hybrid models as well. On their website ( Makita offers classic impact drivers, which have been on the market for years, and even some modern, and newly improved models.

Impact Driver Reviews

If you do not want to go with a Makita brand of impact driver there are plenty of other brands that make quality models of drivers as well. According to Popular Mechanics, there are a few impact drivers which exceed industry standards, including the following models:

  • Bosch 26618-01- Sold just under a hefty $400 this Bosch is capable of operating on 3 various impact settings, and is rather durable.
  • Craftsman 79568- This Craftsman is easy-to-use and has a great indicator light for the battery.
  • Dewalt DC827KL- This model is small and durable, and users note that there is no wiggling and minimal vibrations felt when using it.
  • Hitachi WH18DL- This model is also very durable and easy-to-use, and it has a unique light that is mounted on the handle, which is perfect for a clear look at your work area.
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Regardless of the brand of impact driver or drill that you chose it is always important to do your homework ahead of time, and ensure that you are getting a tool that not only you are going to use, but is going to last!

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