Husqvarna Axe Review Guide: Wetterlings, Splitting Axe, Splitting Maul & Hatchet

Husqvarna Company was first founded in 1689 as a military arsenal that produced muskets for the use of the Swedish army. Since that time the company has expanded and diverted its production into sewing machines, bicycles, motorcycles, kitchen equipments, chainsaws, lawn mowers and construction products. is the company’s website and has a complete listings of their product from letter A to Z. Husqvarna axes belongs to the category of the products made by the company as accessories for outdoor and forest equipment for landowners.

Husqvarna axes and hatchets though are not the main product line of the company but are still made with the same quality assurance and a guarantee to satisfy its users. In comparison with other product brands in the market axes made by Husqvarna are as durable and of the same high quality but at a lesser cost.

Axes by Husqvarna

All around Husqvarna axes can best be used to cut down small trees and for limbing logs. The curved Husqvarna axe handle is embossed with the company logo and the blade is made of quality steel all forged by hand. The weight of the axe is .85 kilograms and it has a  length of 68 centimeters.

There are two types of Husqvarna splitting axes. This is the bigger version which weighs 1.5 kilograms and a length of 74 centimeters. To give superior tempering to the steel it is alloyed with silicon, vanadium and magnesium. The handle is made from hickory wood which gives it the toughness and durability, how an axe handle should be. The smaller version which is the Husqvarna Small Splitting Axe has a different look from the bigger version starting from the head up to the handle. The bigger difference lies in the weight which is only .9 kilograms.

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All Husqvarna axes are hand forged and the steel is tempered with silicon, vanadium and magnesium. And all axe handles are made from American hickory noted for its toughness and durability. This includes the Husqvarna Sledge Axe which has length of 82 centimeters and weight of 2.5 kilograms.

Another product that may look like an axe is the Husqvarna Hatchet. This product is still made with the same quality assurance by the company and has weight and length of .5 kilograms and 35 centimeters respectively.

The Husqsvarna Splitting maul is an axe made to cut and split wood. The poll is specifically made for splitting wedges from chunks of wood. has the 6 ½ pounds splitting maul made by the company available for sale. If the costumer will order from this site the shipping time is usually 1 to 2 weeks with a discounted price. The website practically carries all the Husqsvarna axes including the Husqsvarna axe wetterlings.

Husqavarna Reviews

Husqsvarna axes did not have many reviews on sites like Amazon. The website that provided an extensive review on the product is The website has compared the hatchet which is made by the company with another brand and the following findings were noted by the author.

  1. There is significant price difference between the two products. The other brand has a price list of 110 dollars whereas the husqsvarna hatchet has a price list of 40 dollars.
  2. The handle is shorter by one inch compared to another leading brand which is at 13 inches.
  3. The handle of Husqsvarna axe has a grain that is as perfect as could be compared with the other brand. The grain runs the length of the handle and is very straight.
  4. The head of the hatchet weighs more at 1.21 pounds compared with the weight of the other hatchet at 1 pound.
  5. The product has an advantage in splitting wood because the eye is less concave and this is not taking into account the weight difference.
  6. The product is ready to use once taken out of the box and has a razor sharp edge. The product has an overall looked of a fine finish as compared with the other brand.
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The weight advantages of the Husqsvarna hatchet will best come into play when splitting wood. Lesser force is required in performing the task even when the two brands are equally sharp and have the same grind the product is still able to provide the user lesser strain when utilized.

Other Products of Husqsvarna Company

Besides Husqsvarna axes the company is also in the business a making power tools. The zero turn mower is one such product available for the costumer to purchase. This mower with its engineering design will be able to turn on its own axis. The machine will consume less time in mowing greater stretches at lesser time and will give better results. The product will give a stable ride to the operator back with premium engines for maximum performance.

Mowing lawns can sometimes become a tiresome activity especially when using a walk mower. The walk mower made by the company will make mowing lawns into leisurely experience of caring for the lawn. The engines of the machine can be selected by the customer from Honda to Briggs. It has a 3 in 1 cutting system design and an autowalk self-propelled drive system which gives the operator the chance to spend less energy in doing the task. The blade can be stopped anytime with its blade brake clutch system.

Another product of the company which is tandem with the Husqsvarna axe is the Husqsvarna chainsaw. When cutting is needed to be done around the house a versatile chainsaw made by the company is wise choice in doing the job. From cutting down small trees or pruning, the machine will be able to perform the task without a hitch. The chainsaw can even be utilized in cutting up firewood and for limbing together with your axe.

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All the products that the company has made be it the Husqvarna axe or the power tool lines, have received the same meticulous engineering and tradition that the company is known for since the time of its existence.

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