Husky Air Compressor Reviews Including 26 Gallon, Pro Air And Portable

Husky Air Compressors no longer are made.   Campbell Hausfeld took over the Husky line before it was dropped.  In this article, I will review the Campbell Hausfeld lines, and draw some comparisons to the Husky equivalents. Campbell Hausfeld has been in business for over 170 years, and produces high-quality, reliable air compressors and air tools.  An air compressor and the proper air tools will save you time and energy costs.  Whether you are the casual handyman, or work in an industrial or professional work environment, Campbell Hausfeld has the air compressor and air tools to make the job easier.  Air tools are more powerful for less money than electric tools. Air compressors come in different sizes.  The air tank can vary from a gallon to over 100 gallons.  The motors on these compressors can vary, depending on the size of canister, and the use of the compressor.  Small canisters require less horsepower because it takes less time and energy to reach the maximum air pressure and maintain it.  In a professional or industrial application, you will need a larger canister, and a more powerful motor to keep the pressure up as it is used.  The more tools you attach, and depending on the output power of the tools attached, the faster you will use the air pressure stored in the tank.  As the pressure is used, it needs to be replaced in order to keep the tools working as they are designed.  The faster you use the air, the faster it needs to be replaced.  To replace the air faster, you will need a larger motor.  So, the specific air compressor you choose needs to fit the way you are going to use it. All Campbell Hausfeld air compressors feature an Air Delivery rating.  This is a number that represents how much power the air compressor can put out and maintain.  The air tools also have the same number representing how much power input they require to operate as advertised.  The combined power rating of all the tools must be less than the Air Delivery rating of the compressor. There are three lines of air compressors by Cambell Hausfeld are Standard Duty, Serious Duty, and Extreme Duty.  The Standard Duty are designed for the occasional use in a home, garage, or workshop.  They have smaller tanks and less horsepower.  The Standard Duty line will have larger tanks and more horsepower than the Standard Duty so they have a higher Air Delivery rating.  The Extreme Duty are designed for daily use in industrial and professional work sites.  The Extreme Duty line of Campbell Hausfeld compressors are the equivalent to the Pro Husky line.  They will have the same, larger tanks as the Serious Duty, but more horsepower to replenish the air pressure faster, allowing these compressors to operate more powerful tools longer, and a higher number of tools.

Husky Air Compressor- 26 Gallon

The Husky 26 gallon air compressor was replaced by the 26 gallon Cambell Hausfeld compressor.  There are actually a few models, including both vertical and horizontal models.  The model WL6701 is the closest the to the Husky 26 gallon.  It is a vertical model.  The NoWait Inflation system maintains pressure in the recoil hose before filling the tank so you can start working without waiting for the tank to fill.  The regulator know clicks at 5-10 psi intervals for easy adjustment.  This model is equipped with wheels and a large handle for easy movement.    This model is able to operate over 17 air tools simultaneously, making an outstanding choice for almost any application.  This model retails for $528.

Portable Air Compressor

Air compressors vary in size, weight and shape.  Very large air compressors (80 gallon, for example) are designed to be placed on one spot, and not be moved.  Most smaller models, however, are equipped with handles and wheels to make them easily movable.  The very small (1-3 gallon) typically have rubber feet and a built in carrying handle to make them easily portable.  10 gallon and larger will usually have large wheels and a handle designed for rolling them from one location to another.  While the horizontal models are usually easier to move, many vertical models are equipped to be portable air compressors as well.

Husky Air Compressor  Reviews

There are still many Husky air compressors still in use today.  If you look online, you can find many reviews on these models.  If you are looking at purchasing a used, or still-in-stock Husky air compressor, you will find these reviews are almost always positive and speak very highly about this reliable, long-lasting product.  You are going to find that, since Campbell Hausfeld took over this line of air compressors, the review and comments are equally good, and their 170 year history of making air compressors and tools proves they produce quality and maintain a high standard in the workmanship of their products. Products

The highest selling Campbell Hausfeld air compressor on is the model FP209499 3-gallon for only $74.54.  This design has a user friendly control panel and cooler running motor with an included accessory kit.  This compact, portable air compressor is great for inflation, brad nailing, stapling, and air brushing.  The gauges have been conveniently placed for easy monitoring of air pressure.  Included in the accessory kit is a 25 foot recoil hose, blow gun, female coupler, 2 inflation needles, 2 male plugs, and air chuck, an inflation adapter, and a tapered inflation nozzle.  They have also thrown in some PTFE tape for bleed-free connections. The reviews for this product rate it as a great buy.  The customers who purchased this feel that it does a great job when used for its intended purpose.  They feel it has great features for the money.  They are happy with the performance in the small size. The next most popular Cambell Hausfeld is also a portable air compressor.  It has a small tank at just 1 gallon, and is the Pancake design.  This means that the tank is a small round, low profile tank with the compressor motor on top.  This is an inexpensive model at only $59, and is designed for use with a single tool such  as an air brush, stapler, nailer, or used for filling tires.  This design has a small footprint, and fits well on top of a table or workbench.    This model is rated at 100 psi.  The gauge is easy to read, and located on the compressor body for easy, quick, accurate pressure monitoring. The customer reviews of this product are positive.  The customers feel it is a lightweight, easily portable, and performs extremely well for such a small compressor.  After long-term use, this compressor has proven reliable.  They feel it is a great bargain, and would recommend it to others. The final Campbell Hausfeld compressor I want to tell you about from is the VT6271 26 gallon 240v horizontal air compressor.  This extreme duty compressor is comparable to the Husky Pro model.  It sells for a modest $569.39 on Amazon, and is a great buy at this price.  The heavy duty cast iron twin cylinder pump dies need oil lubrication.  It is designed for industrial, daily use.  This model is designed to manage several tools at once, and maintain its pressure during use. The reviews of this product include joy at the rapid fill time (4 minutes for reach 135 lbs).  The customers are happy with the high performance.  There are no reviews from long term use, but with the solid construction, and reputation of the company, we expect nothing but good things to come from this product.

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There is a wide variety of air compressors available in a variety of sizes.  Some are portable; some are designed to be set in one location long term.  When you are choosing an air compressor, be sure to do the research so you know what  tools, and how many you are going to use.  There is no use in buying a large compressor that is louder and takes up more space than what you need.  At the same time, if you purchase a compact, portable air compressor and expect to use it for roofing projects with several air staplers, you will be upset when it can’t maintain pressure.  In either case, Campbell Hausfeld (the company who use to produce the Husky Air Compressor) has a compressor and the tools, parts and attachments you need for almost any project.   With over 170 years of experience in air tools, you know you can rely on them for quality, customer service, and longevity.

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