Hunter Air Purifier Buying Guide Plus Hepa Air Filters And Cleaners

Current Hunter Air Purifiers include several different lines.  The HEPAtech line uses true Hepa filters, effective airflow design, and extremely quiet fans.  The PermaLife line uses washable filters, meaning no replacement filters, ever.  The QuietFlo™ line uses a true heap filter proceeded by a pre-filter to remove larger particles and extending the life of your expensive Hepa filter.  The Hunter Total Air Purification Air Purifier delivers complete air protection from pollen, dust, smoke and other allergens while increasing indoor ozone, and reducing airborne viruses, germs, mold and mildew.

According to EPA studies, indoor air is typically 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  You can changed that statistic in your own home with any one of these Hunter Air Purifiers.

Hunter Hepa Air Purifier

Hunter Total Air Purifiers employ true Hepa filtration, cleaning 99.97% of all airborne pollutants down to .1 micron in size.  While the replacement air filters may seem expensive at $50-$75 each, when you consider that they need only be replaced an average of once a year, it breaks down to only $.14-.21 a day for pure, allergen free, oxidized air.  What a wonderful gift for yourself for only a couple dimes a day!!

Hunter’s QuietFlo™ Fan quietly draws air into the unit, passing it through an activated carbon pre filter.  This filter reduces odors as it snags the larger particles.  It then passes through the Hepa filter that captures almost all other airborne particles.  The air is then exhausted gently back into the room to avoid disturbing any particles that have already settled.

Hunter Air Cleaners

Hunter has developed an amazing system that will clean the air with almost no noise and that will purify almost as well as a Hepa filter, without the expense of replacing filters every year.  They call this sytem the HEPAtech System.  It works by employing a Whisper-Quiet Hunter® Fan that draws air into the unit.  This fans does not have the noise associated with many competitive models.   It draws the air through a Washable Pre-Filter captures large dust particles, lint, and pet hair from dirty air. Then, the permanently charged HEPAtech Electret Filter effectively captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micron in size.  The ionizer distributes negative ions throughout the room to enhance the cleaning process while freshening the air. (This added feature is available on select models.) Effective Airflow Design exhausts clean, purified air back into the room from the top to avoid stirring up settled particles

Hunter Air Filters

When you look at the list of Hunter Air Purifier filters, and the prices, you can see that they are not the cheapest.  You know that you can find filters for less, so why would someone want to spend the money for a Hunter filter?

Hunter’s Advanced Activated Carbon Pre-Filter 30901 reduces cooking, tobacco, and pet odors.  By using one of these pre-filters, it will help your expensive Hepa filter by eliminating the larger particles before they begin clogging up and stopping air flow through your Hepa filter prematurely.  Although the life of your filter depends on the environment you are using it in, the pre-filters typically last around three months.   When you start using your new air purifier the filters will clog up faster, but the cleaner your air becomes the longer the filter will last.

Hunter QuietFlo True HEPA Hunter Air Purifier Filters are the heart of the Hunter Air Purifiers.  These filters will capture 99.97% of all airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron in size. Just like the pre-filter, your Hepa filter will last longer as you use your purifier more.  Once you have effectively cleaned the majority of particles from your air, your filter should last for at least 12 months.

Amazon .com Products

The most popular Hunter Air Purifier on is the  30057 HEPAtech Air Purifier.  This unit sells for only $56.99, although the list price is $90.  It is rated for rooms up to 12’x13’ and changes the air in the entire room up to six times per hour.  It features a three speed fan and filter change calendar.   This unit is part of the HEPAtech line, which has the best Clean Air Deliver Rate (CADR) per dollar, which means it is the most economical air purifiers available.

Owners that have reviewed this product have bragged about the fact that it is just a quiet 5 years later as it was the day they bought it.  They have raved about how it has kept the air clean despite owning multiple cats in a small apartment.  One customer has stated that they have run two purifiers for seven years without ever being turned off before one finally broke.  They then bought two more.  This same customer owns an indoor dog and cat, and recommends these systems to every pet owner.

The next most popular Hunter product found on is the Hunter QuietFlo Air Purifier model 30090.  This purifier also has three fan speeds, and changes the air in a 12’x12’ room approximately 6 times per hour.  This model sells for just over $71.  The pre-filter in this model reduces odors in the room by 30% or better, and comes with the standard 5-year limited warranty offered on all Hunter products.

Customer ratings are high, and the reviewers claim they “love this filter”.  They are shocked at how much dirt this purifier removes from the air, and how much was in the air to begin with.  They recommend it for its quality and effectiveness.  One reviewer stated that they have it in the living room ad do not have to turn if off while watching TV because it is quiet enough not to interfere.  One reviewer suffers from asthma, purchased this model, and has noticed a remarkable difference after only two weeks, and claims it to be quieter than the fan they had on medium in the same room.  They are purchasing another purifier.

The next most popular model found on is the Hunter 30378 HEPAtech Programmable Air Purifier with 3-Speed Fan.  This model is rated at 4.2 stars out of 5, and sells for an amazing $130.29 on  the retail price of this model is $272!!!

This model is designed for much larger rooms (up to 19’x21’).  While this model features the standard three speed fan and pre-filter, it also has the ionizer found on only select models.  It also brags a unique, programmable digital LCD panel that indicates the filter-change level.   Even in the larger room, this models will still change the air about six times per hour.  It features the HEPAtech filter that eliminates 99.97% of all airborne particles.  The ionizer is controlled with a separate on/off switch, as some people may prefer not to use it.

The customers who have reviewed this product love it.  One customer claims to still be running the older version of this same model for over 12 year, and has bought another.   The reviewers love this slim model because it is so small and quiet, they simply place it in the corner of the room, or near a wall, and forget that it is even there.  Asthma sufferers using this model brag about how they feel better after just a couple weeks of use.  One customer even noted a noticeable difference in the dust in the room.


Hunter is a company that has built fans since before electricity (they were water-powered).  They have a long-standing reputation in quality and outstanding workmanship.  These air cleaners and purifiers are the most effective and efficient models on the market today.  Owners love them, and brag about the effectiveness and noticeable improvement in air quality within their homes since purchasing these products.  If you suffer from allergies, own pets, or deal with the troubles of asthma, you need to try one of these amazing products.  In a short time you will notice the difference in the odor and how much better you feel from breathing clean, purified air.

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