How to Remove a Stripped Screw? 2 Easy Methods!

So many people ask about how to remove a stripped screw, which is irritating to deal with! However, it does happen to many of us, and while annoying, it’s fortunately easy to fix. But to ensure that it’s fixed successfully, you have to do it correctly, with the safe methods to prevent damage to your equipment!

With that being said, what can you do to remove the stripped screw without the hassle? I did the tests and research about it, so read on as I show you different methods how! It’ll have you learn how to unscrew a stripped screw in no time.

How to Remove a Stripped Screw

There are actually so many ways to do so without spending much!

How do I remove a stripped screw? There are actually so many ways to do so without spending much! Here are the four helpful methods to follow:

Use a Screwdriver

how to remove a stripped screw
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1. Maximize Your Grip Strength

if you’re able to grip your screw head using the screwdriver, you can still try removing it by hand. Try doing so with penetrating oil, letting the screw sit for 15 minutes and gripping your screwdriver handle with your wrench for more leverage.

2. Add Material For Grip

If it still continues to slip out despite the oil, add grip to it by covering it with any of these:

•Wide rubber bands

•Steel wool

•Green abrasive

•Duct tape

Press these to the hold with your screwdriver and try removing it again.

3. Tap Your Screwdriver

Tap your screwdriver gently to prevent damaging your screw head. If you’re working on fragile objects skip this step. This is the best option if you stripped a Phillips head screw by using a square #1 drill bit, hammering it to the screw head.

4. Push Hard

Place your palm on the screwdriver’s end and press directly down with full force. Do NOT slip or stop when you feel like you’re about to slip! Also, make sure it’s going in the right direction to prevent it from getting even more stuck.

5. Heat the Area

If you’re able to heat the screw without damaging anything around it, then this can loosen its threads. Use a heat gun or propane torch to do so, then add a drop of water, and try removing it again.

6. Cut With a Hacksaw or Dremel

how to unscrew a stripped screw
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If nothing works, then try cutting a part of the screw head and use a flat-head screwdriver. Turn the screw afterward and see if this works. You can combine this method with other ways I mentioned above.

Use an Impact Driver

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1. Set it to Loosen Screws

Once you have your impact driver prepared, make sure to set it to loosen screws from its switch. When using an impact driver, do NOT use an impact wrench, as it can damage the material. This method is best used for sturdy construction, but not on electronics or sensitive materials.

2. Hold It In Place

Fit the correct-sized drill bit to your driver and place in the screw, which are hard enough for easier removal. Hold the impact driver at a 90-degree angle and grip it at the midpoint, keeping your grip strong. This is important for better chances of loosening it up without damaging anything.

3. Strike With a Mallet

When both your tool and grip is ready, strike the end using a heavy mallet, which will help secure the bit. I recommend that you use a rubber mallet than a metal one when doing this. Using rubber can prevent any damage or scratches on the driver as you hit it.

4. Check Your Driver Direction

Before you begin using the impact driver, be sure that it’s in the correct driver direction. Some drivers might end up jarring out of position as you strike it with a mallet. Monitor its direction to be sure it’s still accurate and will loosen the screw successfully.

5. Repeat Until Screw Loosens Up

Continue to follow the hitting and turning, repeating until the screw loosens. Once it’s loosened up and is ready to remove, take away the impact driver. Use your screwdriver to remove the stuck screw from the hole and you’re done!

What Type of Socket Set is Best for Removing Stripped Screws?

When it comes to removing stripped screws, having the right tools is crucial. A socket set is often the best choice for this task. With a wide range of socket sizes, you can easily find one that fits the stripped screw head perfectly. Investing in a quality socket set is a wise move for any DIY enthusiast, as it ensures you have the right tools for the job. Before making a purchase, consider reading reviews and comparing prices to make an informed decision. Browse online retailers or visit your local hardware store to explore various socket set buying wrench sets.

Wrapping It Up

For screwdriver bits that keep slipping from the screw head, you need to increase your torque or friction. With simple and effective ways to get that improved grip, you won’t have to spend so much time and money getting it fixed. Just remember to use the right methods on how to remove a stripped screw for success!

I hope this article on how to remove a stripped screw helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and follow these tips on how to get a stripped screw out now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips on how to remove a stuck screw? Then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.