How to Make a Wall Collage: What You Need to Know

I’ve always seen these beautiful and attractive rooms with a wall collage filled with photos and inspiring notes. After seeing how it made a room more personal and vibrant, I decided to try doing it myself to spruce up how my room looked like! But: I didn’t know how to make a wall collage!

Believe me, I’m not the most creative type out there, but I really wanted to learn how to make a wall collage and add a bit of my personality to my bedroom. So with a few affordable materials, a vision and determination, I decided to go ahead and do it!

So if you’re looking for how to do a collage of pictures on the wall, read on! I’ll show you how to begin making the beautiful wall collage decor for a more beautiful room.

The Different Types of Wall Collages

There are a ton of different wall collages to look into, so I like categorizing them into three main ones, which are:

1. Photos-Only Wall Collages

2. Objects, Sayings, Notes, Random Things

3. A Combination of Both

No matter which one you do, they can match anything in your home. For me, I love putting it over my bed, on large free walls, or your television walls for better appeal when the TV’s off.

wall collage
Free-Photos / Pixabay

An amazing wall collage’s secret is all about its lines. Beautiful designs have various objects, saying, and/or pictures that are hung in a way they have similar lines for better symmetry.

In this article, I will be focusing mainly on wall collages that either consist of objects and random things, or both sayings, random things, and photos.

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Tips on Making Your Own Wall Collage

To help you create that wall collage, you have to do more than look into the lines and/or hang things up messily, here are some tips and tricks to help you create that beautiful decor:

1. Draw It Out

The first thing you should do is to draw a model of your wall collage on paper. This will help in seeing what works best for a certain room you’re designing. Write down all the measurements as well, from the sides of each bed, the height from floor to ceiling, to give you a gist on what the measurements of your chosen objects and photos should be like. Bring this “blueprint” of yours to the store so you know what to get!

2. Tape Measure

This is going to sound funny, but you need to make sure that your tape measure is with you at all times. I go for a small tape measure because I never know when I need to measure something I find and love at the store. That way, you know if it fits in the space you planned or not. I also recommend that you purchase materials like strong screws, a hammer, and cute frames.

3. Lay It Out

Before you begin installing the screws on the wall or hanging it already, make sure that you lay everything out on the floor at home. This is to see if everything looks great and is well-measured. If so, start hanging and begin in one corner first, having a pencil and paper in case you’ll have to tweak some measurements as you put screws or hang your stuff. Be patient and hang safely and properly!

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how to make a wall collage
Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

Wall Collage Helpful Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you know some helpful tips and tricks, follow these helpful do’s and don’ts this time to help you create and finish that beautiful layout:


•Do collect all your chosen items and lay it out before getting them to see if it looks great and that you space it out with your tape measure.

•Do buy more than what you need. After all, you can return it as needed and it’s better to have more than less, especially if you change your mind in certain objects or photos.

• Do have at least one focal point in the wall collage, or an eye-appealing object, like deer antlers, or large flowers.

•Do stay consistent with the texture of your photos. When hanging photos, it should either be all mattes or no mattes at all. It ruins the entire look and feel.

• Do ensure that all the layouts you make for the wall collage have similar lines and offers symmetry to look organized without trying!

collage wall
Free-Photos / Pixabay


• Don’t feel dumb for trying to follow the tips and tricks I suggested! Sure, people might b watching you as you do your lay outing on the floor or always have your tape measure with you, but let me tell you: it works wonders!

• Don’t have all the sayings or all the objects you find. While it’s your space and you can add as much as you want, using too many words and sayings may end up feeling imbalanced and difficult to read. Too long phrases look busy, while the one-word frame looks too small. Get a balance of both!

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•Don’t space your designs too close or far apart from each other. There isn’t an official formula for it, but I recommend it to be about two inches apart or so. Again, spacing things out on the floor helps a lot!

•Don’t only use small and little frames in the collage. Go for a combination of both big and small, which looks a lot better!

Wrapping It Up

A collage wall is a beautiful way to express yourself and your personality in a room. Not only does it add a touch of you, but it will definitely make any room look more vibrant and brighter. Plus, it’s easy to do and you can do it entirely on your own without much of the expenses.

I hope that this article on how to do a wall collage helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin making your own now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and wall collage ideas, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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