Honda GX390 Pressure Washer – A Review


honda gx390 pressure washer When it comes to industrial level cleaning you want to use a pressure washer that you can depend on. There are a number on the market that suffer from issues such as overheating or even just poor design. So, how does the Honda GX390 measure up? In this article we’ll tell you about the features, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and by the time that we are done you should have a pretty good idea just exactly what you will be getting for your investment. Without further ado, let’s talk about the Honda GX390 Pressure washer.

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The scoop on the Honda GX390

The Honda GX390 is a nice tool. Combining ease of use with a number of useful accessories, the Honda Pressure Washer has a few built in safeguards to help to keep it functional for a long time. For instance, if the machine runs out of lubricant it will automatically stop. Features of this nature make it a great ‘beginner’s’ pressure washer but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the power to do the job. This washer is powerful and they’ve included a number of different nozzles with the unit so that you can choose the right one for your task. Construction-wise, it’s quite solid, incorporating an aluminum aircraft frame for strength that keeps the weight down and 13” pneumatic wheels so that you can easily get it where it needs to go.

So, what Features does the Honda GX390 come with?

The Honda GX390 comes with a number of features that you will be pleased with which make it both efficient and easy to use. Some features that Honda has given this model are as follows:

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  • Oil/lubricant alerts – Fuel-based (rather than electric engines) can easily become damaged if the oil drops to dangerous levels. This unit automatically stops in such cases and keeps an inexperienced (or simply tired) owner from damaging their pressure washer.
  • Powerful Honda engine – The engine which is included with this unit is powerful enough for professional grade cleaning. With 4 gallons per minute being pushed at  4200 PSI, this is a real pressure sprayer so be sure to observe the standard safety precautions.
  • Improved camshaft and muffler – This means that your unit will be quieter than most, always something which your neighbors will appreciate.
  • 50 feet of hose – By default this unit comes with a 50 foot hose which means that you can get your pressure washer properly directed at hard-to-reach places. If you have ever used a cleaner with an inadequate reach then this feature is one you’ll really appreciate.
  • Durability – That aircraft aluminum frame that we mentioned is light but it is also extremely damage-resistant. If you want to damage your tool then you’ll to work at it.
  • Spray gun – Aside from the 5 spray nozzles this unit also comes with its own spray gun for cleaning in those hard to reach spaces. This also allows you to hose down an area without utilizing the full pressure allotted in a cleaning and this is a nice touch.

What are the Pros of this unit?honda gx390 pressure washer

This pressure washer has a lot going for it, we’re happy to say, and we’re going to lay out the Pros and Cons here for those who wish to skip ahead and get the dirt on the GX390 right away. Some of the things that we liked best about this unit are the following:

  • Longevity – The durability of the engine and the rest of the unit is superb so this is a tool that you can use for years. It’s always nice to have something dependable and Honda has made sure that the GX390 really shines in this area.
  • Weight – The placement of the engine is perfectly balanced so that it is easy to move this pressure washer with very little effort whenever you want to use it. This is a well yjought-out design.
  • Robust engine – With a powerful Honda engine and the lubricant warnings to prevent overheating you are getting a professional tool that that anyone can pick up and use with just a little practice. The power of this engine coupled with the ease of use means that you will find more and more tasks for it, as well, so you are getting your money’s worth with this cleaner.
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What are the Cons of this unit?

honda gx390 pressure washer We only found two problems with this unit and they are not, in our opinion, dealbreakers. First, there is not a specific tank identified for the purposes of detergent. Secondly, with the weight saved by using the

“The aircraft aluminum makes it durable enough to use for many years to come”

aircraft aluminum an addition shell for protection would be nice. That said, it is plenty durable on its own so you needn’t worry.

Does this unit come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. The Honda GX390 pressure washer comes with a 90 day warranty on the component parts as well as a 1 year limited warranty for the pump and a lifetime warranty on the frame. While we would have liked a more extensive warranty overall on the product we feel that it is robust enough that it may well be a non-issue (plus the frame warranty is nice).

The Verdict

It’s hard not to like the Honda GX390 with all of its features and the solid construction so we’d have to say that this pressure washer comes highly recommended. It has enough PSI for professional or home use, the 50 foot hose and the spray gun mean that you can get that concentrated spray of water wherever you need it, and the aircraft aluminum makes it durable enough to use for many years to come. From a cost perspective, these units retail at around $1080 and while this is a little more than some washers it is not that much more. A little investment now can get you a tool that you don’t need to constantly replace and in these days that kind of quality sticks out. We hope you enjoy your new Honda GX390!

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