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Old Wilton Vise Identification? What You Should Know

One of the most popular questions I get asked is about the old Wilton Vise identification. Many people ask me about vintage vises and see if I know how old they are, and unfortunately, I can only guess. This is because many manufacturers don't add date stamping to vises, so there aren't many clues to work with.

Some people can investigate the style of the vise to see what year it was designed in, though this is just a ballpark date. Other clues include patent date markings, which you can estimate an issue date from. But if you own a Wilton vise, then not to worry, it's actually easier!

While there is a lot of misconception and inaccurate information online, I did the research to help you out. So read on as I talk about your Wilton vise models and how to find out the date it was manufactured.

Old Wilton Vise Identification

old wilton vise identification
Free-Photos / Pixabay

If you aren't familiar with it yet, the slide key you see on Wilton vises have dates stamped on it. These dates indicate when the vise was ready to be released or for sale.

You can find the slide key in the body of the vise, which keeps its front jaw from rotating. It's a square length of key stock, fitting to grooves of the vise.

To find the slide key, you just need to unscrew it all the way and flip it over. You'll see that there is a date stamp in various formats, usually mentioning just the date and year.

So for example, if you see numbers like 9-945, it indicates that the vise was ready for sale in September 1945. Others look like 9-50, which indicated in September 1950. Some also look like 5-20-60, which indicates that it was made on May 20, 1960.

GUAR EXP On Your Slide Key?

Another thing to look at is the GUAR EXP above the dates. This means that the date doesn't indicate the release, but its expiration. I'll be getting into this later on.

wilton vise date code
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

Some slide keys come without any date stamps at all, while others have typos that show the wrong dates. If ever you received one without a stamp, this just goes to show that it was either released accidentally, or they were made early even before Wilton added the slide key.

Another thing you should know is that date stamps may NOT be a manufacturing date. This is because castings would sit unused for years at a time, so vises could have date stamps that were made long after the vise was cast! This makes the process of learning about your scout vise manufacturing date even more difficult. I'll explain it in more detail on the next sections, so continue reading on!

Finding Out the Date Your Wilton Vise Was Made

I last mentioned that some vises may have inaccurate dates because castings may have been made even before manufacturing vises. For example, Wilton stopped making vises back in 1957 (in Chicago), however, vises that have Chicago castings show date stamps two decades LATER.

vintage wilton vise
katya10 / Pixabay

This indicates that the casting molds were used after moving, or they made castings before moving. Then, these castings were made into complete vises to release. Most of the vises have smaller models which were most likely not sold to many. As a result, experts, presume they were cast in Chicago and weren't finished unless needed, which may have been years later.

People agree that Wilton began creating vises in 1941, with sources showing these were for military or government contracts. This was done until World War II ended. Wilton's founder, Hugh Vogl, filed a design patent for his vise in 1941 and was approved in 1942. This was quick for a patent approval process, and it may be due to World War II.

In Summary

This is where GUAR EXP comes into place, which stands for guarantee expiration

With all this being said, it seems to show that from the years 1941-1944, Wilton vises had no date stamp on its slide key. After a few years, the company changed the date stamp and product guarantees. Data shows that Wilton began stamping the date of when the guarantee expires instead of the date of sale.

This is where GUAR EXP comes into place, which stands for guarantee expiration. It shows the month and year that shows when the guarantee loses effectivity. This created a lot of confusion, so they stopped doing this in 1960. So now, we know that unless it has GUAR EXP on the date, it refers to the actual manufacturing date.

For unstamped vises, they are most likely made between 1941-1944. And that's how you find out the fate from your old Wilton vise identification!

Where Else to Learn About Old Wilton Vises

You can begin the thread in this blog in the comment section right below.

I know how difficult it must be looking for more information regarding the old Wilton vise identification. Like mentioned, a lot of people are still looking through it, too!

That's why it's fortunate many people publish in forums to give light to various queries on the topic. Similar to this article, there are experts who have contributed to forums and blogs that show accurate findings and knowledge on Wilton vises.

So do you want to read on further about these, including information on the Wilton Bullet Vise? Then you can find various forums with users that post their findings online. Or, you can begin the thread in this blog in the comment section right below.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to owning a Wilton vise, it's a bit easier to figure out when it was manufactured, but takes some research. As long as you have a Wilton vise date code and brush up on your history, you'll know more about your vise. Fortunately, many professionals have continued to contribute to these common queries to help us out even further!

I hope this article on the old Wilton vise identification helped you learn when your vise was made. So don't wait any longer and begin checking your vintage Wilton vise yourself now!

If you have any questions or want to share your knowledge on the Wilton 4 vise, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

The Bosch Radio PB360S: Best Jobsite Radio For All?

If you're thinking of getting a Bosch radio, then I recommend the PB360S the most of all models. While I commend Bosch for their excellent quality job site radios, this particular model stands out in many ways. But like what I always say in my reviews, I can't say that without backing it up with facts!

So I did my research and tests to show you how the Bosch job site radio works and if it's truly worth the price. After all, my aim is to help and make sure you get something worth YOUR needs. Read on to learn more about my Bosch job site radio review now!

A Summary of the PB360S Bosch Radio

For me, I del like the best radio from Bosch is the best job site radio among all brands. As you can see, this is going to b a pretty positive review, considering the features offered! Not only does it have the sound quality, but other necessary features that make it worth the investment.

bosch radio

From power tool batteries down to the handy charger, the radio is complete and has what you want AND need. Just focus on your job while enjoying the tunes without the worry of its batteries draining anytime soon.

The body is pretty sturdy, having a strong protection frame with a subwoofer and four speakers. The radio also comes with four AC outlets so there's no need for a power bar.

But of course, the radio does have some minor issues, such as its sound power and its charging capability. Furthermore, it's one of the more expensive and heavier compared to other job site radios. But I'll be getting more into these details in the next section so read on!

The Benefits of the Bosch Radio

Why get a Bosch radio Bluetooth? This particular model comes with amazing benefits like:

1. Charges Your Batteries

This is one of the only radios that acts as a battery charger, too. It's great if you don't work near electric outlets.

2. Extremely Durable

The body is water and dust resistant, also heavy-duty to withstand any falls with its sturdy aluminum/rubber roll cage.

3. Heavy-Duty Sound Quality

It's the only job site radio with four speakers and a subwoofer, offering the surround sound for you to feel lows.

4. Acts as a Power Bar

The radio can also be used as your power bar in case you forgot it or choose not to bring it with you.

5. Plays MORE Music

You're able to connect your gadget and play media through the AUX cable included with the radio. It also accepts USB sticks!

Bosch Radio Parts

bosch jobsite radio

I'll be showing you the three main parts of the Bosch radio and its body. It'll give you an idea of what it looks like and how each part performs:

1. Power Bar

The radio has four AC outlets which are non-GCFI, which you can use as long as your radio's plugged in. It's protected using fold-down covers to prevent dust and water from coming in, too!

2. Charging Station

You can find the charging station behind the radio side, with an opening that's secured well. The design may make it difficult placing and removing the batteries, though.

3. Media Center

There's an area you can charge or plug your small gadgets or hook it up to the radio. You can charge your gadgets via USB, or play media via AUX. There's a velcro strap to secure your gadgets!

What Everyone's Saying About It

So, what does everyone think about the Bosch radio? If you look at all the customer reviews almost all of them average at about 4/5 stars! After analyzing constructive reviews, here's a summary of what they thought:


•Superior sound and radio quality to top brands

•Has a built-in charger

•Extremely durable


•Needs AA batteries for radio presets

•Poorly-designed media center

•Can't have you play music through USB but through AUX only

But what about my own verdict?

I also recommend that you get a Bluetooth add-on than us the AUX, though this is personal preference.

Well, I absolutely love this radio and agree with all the positive comments! It comes with the amazing sound quality that has me enjoy my work. Plus, it's multipurpose, charging my batteries while belting out tunes.

However, I'm weirded out as to how the USB connection can't have you play through, just charge it. I also recommend that you get a Bluetooth add-on than us the AUX, though this is personal preference. Other than that, I enjoyed the radio.

How Does the Bosch Radio Compare to Others

When you compare the Bosch PB360S to its other predecessors, you can see it's better. However, it's more expensive and bigger than the rest. While this may be a small issue, it also means that it comes with superior quality and durability.

In terms of the specs, here are the main differences to learn about them:

The PB120 is affordable and a good option if your radio is always close by. It's the smallest and lightest option weighing three pounds with a 12V Li-Ion Battery. It can run for up to eight hours on its two 5-watt speakers.

The PB180 is a great option if you value longer runtime on one charge. It has a whopping two days runtime on its 18V Li-Ion battery, weighing less than four pounds.

bosch radio bluetooth

The PB360S is the best among all for its versatility and charging capabilities. It utilizes 14.4 or 18V Li-Ion batteries BUT weighs 25 pounds!

Wrapping It Up

The Bosch work radio endures the job site environment easily with its extreme features and quality sound. When thinking about the PB360S Bosch radio, you know that this is a unit to last. It's got the IP rating of 54, which would stand up to almost any weather. Furthermore, it's dust resistant and withstands high-pressure jets, which worksites definitely need.

Click here to view on Amazon

I hope that this article on my Bosch radio review helped you find what's best for you. So don't wait any longer and invest in a unit for yourself now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own Bosch work radio reviews, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

The Dewalt DCF887B: 3 Best Impact Driver Reviews For You!

Are you considering to invest in the Dewalt DCF887B? I'm sure many of you have used drills for your woodwork and the like, and it's tough! Rather than using heavier and bulky drills for the job, I always recommend impact drivers, with Dewalt always surpassing expectations.

However, there are so many models from the Dewalt brand, that it's difficult to choose from the many. That's why I decided to do my research and reviews on the top three models of the brand, including the Dewalt 887. So read on as I show you more of my reviews and comparison between these models.

The Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver


I want to begin with the Dewalt DCF887B, which is honestly my personal favorite of all three! This one has a brushless motor and runs for more time on just one charge compared to brushed motors. Besides this, it's quieter and runs cooler than other motors, putting out 1,825 inch-pounds of torque!

Furthermore, the motor has the ability to speed up to 3,250RPM and up to 3,600 impacts per minute on high gear. So you can sink in your driver into just about ANY wood or material with ease, ready to do whatever work you need done.

It's also got an all-metal transmission that has three gears, making it more powerful, but heavier. However, it's not that heavy and only weighs less than three pounds without the battery.

This three-speed transmission has a variable-speed trigger, so you can adjust it according to your needs. Changing bits is also easy to do as required, only needing one hand. The impact driver can accept different measurements of bits.

As for its other useful features, there are LED lights on the model. They operate on 20-second shutoff delay for safety and run on battery. However, this package has no battery included but is compatible with 20V MAX VR battery packs from Dewalt.

The Dewalt DCF886B Impact Driver

dewalt dcf886

This impact driver is actually the upgrade to the DCF885, and it shows! While the older model has a brushed motor, this one comes with a brushless motor. As a result, you have more runtime with the battery, it would run even cooler and has a longer life than brushed motors.

So if you're going to use your impact driver a lot, then it's best to use a brushless motor like the DCF886B.

This impact driver comes with a maximum torque rating of 1,500 inch-pounds. It also has the power of up to 2,800RPM and 3,200 impacts per minute. All that power coming from a tool that only weighs two pounds!

For its extra features, there are three LED lights around the driver's collar, which illuminate well as you work. They light up for 20 seconds after releasing the trigger.

Note that because it's a DCF886B model, the B stands for BARE tool. There is no battery but is compatible with battery packs from Dewalt. It also comes with a tool belt clip and efficient money-back guarantee and warranty from Dewalt themselves.

The Dewalt DCF895C2 Impact Driver


Last but not least, I have the DCF895C2 impact driver, which has two battery packs, which offers more power.

I like this driver because it's the most compact of all the models mentioned. So if you plan to drive fasteners overhead or in right spots, this is your best choice. Furthermore, it weighs only three pounds with the battery.

However, since it's compact, expect it to have less power. It has a maximum torque of about 1,500 inches-pounds and isn't as quick. The highest is about 2,850RPM from its three-speed transmission. Furthermore, it offers up to 3,300 impacts per minute, which is adequate enough but not the most powerful.

For a more compact size, you get less speed and power. But you'll like it since it also has a brushless motor, offering more battery life and runtime. As for its body, it has no clutch but a hex chuck with accepts hex shank bits only.

Like the Dewalt models I mentioned here, it has three LED work lights that switch on for 20 seconds. It also uses two battery packs which charge in an hour or less.

Which Dewalt Impact Driver Is Best For You?

For those who want the combination of both power and flexibility, investing the Dewalt DCF887B.

Impact drivers are such handy tools I love and appreciate for its power and size. Plus, they're comfortable to use without twisting your wrist, with Dewalt surpassing expectations. But which of all these models are best suited for you?

For those who want the combination of both power and flexibility, investing the Dewalt DCF887B. You also get a brushless motor with a compact size, as well as a 3-speed transmission for more control. Furthermore, it has maximum torque compared to the other three models.

However, if you don't need or want the three gears and aim for simplicity, the DCF886 is your best bet. It's simple yet powerful, though comes as a bare tool so you need to invest in batteries. It's also quite affordable, making it a good option for those on a budget.

For those who want the complete kit that comes with the impact driver, charger, batteries, and everything else, then the DCF895 is the way to go. It's not as powerful as the Dewalt DF887 but still offers the precise performance. Plus, it's the most compact of all three models if that's what your main focus is.

Wrapping It Up

With the many different types of impact drivers available today, it's confusing knowing which is right for you. Through learning about the reviews and evaluating your needs, you can choose the suitable one for your wants and needs. It's actually easy and worth the time researching for quality impact drivers you'll use in the long run.

I hope that this article on the Dewalt DCF886, DCF887B, and DCF896C2 helped you out! So don't wait any longer and look into any of these impact drivers to invest in now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews or comparisons of the DCF885 vs DC887, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Tools of the Trade Cookware Review: Worth the Investment?

When I stumbled upon the Tools of the Trade cookware, I was impressed with its offerings. As someone who loves to cook a lot, this would be my top choice for stainless steel because of its strength. Plus, it's a high-quality name with many reputable reviews to trust from various consumers worldwide.

Not only can you select different sets, but they also have individual pieces so you can get whichever you need. But what exactly makes the brand an excellent choice in the first place? Read on as I show you my Tools of the Trade cookware reviews to help you out!

Tools of the Trade Cookware Features

It comes with a triply encapsulated impact bonded bottom

Here are the following features the Tools of the Trade Stainless Steel Cookware Sets have to offer:

• The tool of the Trade pots and pans have the medium-heavy weight. While people might think that slightly heavy weights aren't recommended, it's actually beneficial for cookware! This is because very thin cookware causes food to burn easily, while extremely heavy ones are hard to move around. At least you have one that's the middle ground

•They are made of the shiny and polished stainless steel. In fact, you can see your reflection clearly with it! This adds to its unique and beautiful look for the kitchen.

•It has riveted handles in all pots and pans to ensure strength and security. It also ensures that the handles don't fall off.

•It comes with a triply encapsulated impact bonded bottom. This makes sure that the heat evenly distributed throughout the pan for even cooking. It enhances the heat properties as well and is non-reactive, meaning that acidic foods won't have a metal taste.

• You can even use the pots and pans in your oven, taking on up to 450-degrees. You can use it in many situations actually, may it be electric, gas, glass, or induction stovetops.

tools of the trade cookware

Glass Lids For Convenience

Another main reason why I love Tools of the Trade Cookware is because of its glass lids. For some reason, some people don't like this feature but I love it because you see your food while it cooks. You won't have to lift the lid when checking your food, which can ruin the cooking process.

However, it does have some disadvantages, such as the special care you need to put to the glass material. Furthermore, you can't use it in the oven at extremely high temperatures, any higher than 350-degrees and it breaks. But other than that, I have no trouble with glass lids and appreciate it.

If you want, there are lids made of other materials if that's what suits you better.

Any Issues From Tools of the Trade?

tools of the trade cookware reviews

Those who used the Tools of the Trade cookware and didn't like it complained about the stainless steel in general. It's not mostly about the brand and its quality, but the preference of cooking on something that isn't stainless steel.

Weirdly, stainless steel has a bad reputation for some, which I don't understand. As long as you cook it properly, you won't have any trouble with the cookware at all.

When I first tried cooking on stainless cookware, everything was smooth and there wasn't any trouble. What I did was to use oil on the pan and have it reach medium temperature before placing the ingredients. Furthermore, there wasn't any issue on cleaning since nothing stuck to the pan.

Is Tools of the Trade Cookware Worth It? 

tools of the trade pots

If you're wondering if the Tools of the Trade cookware is worth getting, that's a huge YES! It's worth the price with high-quality materials and construction, looking like it's built to last. Furthermore, it has such an attractive design that looks great in any kitchen.

As for this performance, the food heats well from low to medium heat and your food doesn't burn. It also comes at very affordable prices, with cookware at the same quality being higher than this. I enjoy using it and it's now become my favorite cookware to use so far, especially considering it's stainless steel!

I recommend it to all people who prefer using stainless steel cookware and want something that lasts long.

Other Reviews From Consumers

The only few negative reviews I've encountered were the ones who don't prefer stainless steel in the first place.

When you look at the Tools of the Trade reviews, you can see that the majority of it are positive. Many owners have reported how their cookware can last for years and still continue to cook well. It performs just as well as it did when they first purchased their cookware set!

The only few negative reviews I've encountered were the ones who don't prefer stainless steel in the first place. Other than that, everyone raved about its strength and even heat distribution. It's all similar to what I thought of the stainless stew cookware, and I still rave about it until now!

Kudos to Tools of the Trade cookware for their sets at affordable prices!

Why Should You Get Stainless Steel Cookware Anyway?

If you haven't tried stainless steel, you're probably wondering why you should!

For starters, it's a safe material that has no toxic chemicals compared to non-stick cookware. Furthermore, it's non-reactive so there's no worry about ingredients having a metal taste after cooking it. And since most of the stainless cookware has quality bottoms, none of your food will stick and it will cook evenly all throughout.

It's one of the optimum cooking materials, a personal favorite of mine that I'll always use. As for any cons, there are only very few negatives that can be solved with better cooking!

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to cooking and the like, you'll want to consider investing in stainless steel. With Tools of the Trade stainless steel cookware, you can reap the many benefits it offers AND cooks amazing food. They're strong and durable, performing like new for years to come, making their sets worth the investment.

Click here to view on Amazon

I hope this article on the Tools of the Trade cookware helped you out. So don't wait any longer and get a set for your kitchen now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own reviews on the Tools of the Trade cookware set, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery: Is It the Best Choice?

There are so many different battery packs I use for my tools and equipment, like the Craftsman 19.2 Volt battery. It's actually one of the newest additions to the Craftsman battery packs available today! But does this C3 battery live up to its claims and deserve to be called the ultimate upgrade people need?

I know how difficult it is choosing battery packs and figuring out which is best for your tools. That's why I did the research and testing, so read on as I show you everything you need to know about the Craftsman C3 battery. This can help you figure out if the battery is worth your investment.

Click here to see on Amazon

FAQ: Craftsman 19.2 Volt Battery

Before anything else, let's learn more about the Craftsman 19.2 volt battery from these frequently asked questions:

1. What's the difference between the XCP and new lithium-ion batteries?

craftsman 19.2 volt battery

A lot of people have wondered about what exactly makes these new XCP batteries much different compared to their predecessors. The new XCP batteries come with more advanced designs, offering improved power delivery from the battery to your tools.

As a result, it increases the battery performance compared to the typical Lithium-Ion batteries. Furthermore, the new XCP batteries even come with rubber oversold and fuel gauge, while the older Lithium batteries don't. This makes the newer battery a much better choice because it produces better power for longer tool runtime.

2. Are the Craftsman C3 batteries reverse compatible?

Some people also wonder about the battery compatibility of the battery with their tools since they use previous battery models. After all, you wouldn't want to waste your money on batteries that won't be able to work on your previous tools!

Fortunately, with the Craftsman C3 batteries, they ARE reverse compatible, working with both older and newer tools. All C3 19.2-volt batteries with all types of C3 19.2-volt tools that were made previously. It will also work with all C3 19.2-volt tools released in the future, so no worries!

3. How long does it take to charge the C3 batteries?

craftsman 19.2 battery

One of the things to consider about your battery is its battery life. However, most people forget about the charge time the battery life holds, which is another crucial feature.

With the C3 batteries, it offers great power and longer battery life, though its charging time depends on the type of charger you use. For powerful and fast chargers, it can take up to half an hour for a full charge. If you have a slower or older charger, it can take up to ten hours.

You can check your charger and the official website for accurate battery charge times.

4. The new battery is 4-amp hours. What does that mean?

You probably noticed from the manual or on the battery, it mentions that it produces up to 4 amp hours. That means your battery has up to four times longer run time compared to the Craftsman C3 19.2 volt Ni-Cd battery. It's a huge difference making the battery worth the purchase, considering that they're compatible with previous tools.

For end users, this means that you can use your newer batteries for an even longer time. Not only for a longer time, but with more efficient charge time, too!

5. The XCP batteries have extreme weather performance. What does that mean?

When you say extreme weather performance, you can already expect that the battery can hold up to almost anything. To be more specific, these batteries can operate in conditions between 5-128 degree Fahrenheit!

So regardless of how hot or cold the weather or your tools are, the batteries will work as normal. There is minimal risk of damage due to weather or temperature, making it versatile and strong. This is compared to Lithium-Ion, or Ni-Cd batteries, which can't function properly if put in such extreme conditions.

6. Why are the Lithium-Ion battery prices so low? Are the cells poor in quality?

One common misconception with many consumers is that the cheaper their equipment is, the less quality it has. That's actually a huge no, especially with the new Craftsman batteries!

Through advanced technology and better manufacturing process, Craftsman optimized a battery without the high price. But instead of racking prices up, advanced technology has made it easier and cost-effective to produce these batteries. As a result, it lowers cost without sacrificing the cell quality,

So don't work about the battery quality or its strength, Craftsman continues to innovate.

My Final Verdict

People will also appreciate the slightly smaller size this battery has, showing a significant difference in thinness.

Overall, I believe that the Craftsman 19.2 Volt battery may not be as powerful, but just as efficient. It's not more powerful when doing a Craftsman C3 battery comparison with lithium-ion, honestly. BUT, it's slightly more powerful compared to regular NiCad.

craftsman c3 battery comparison
kaboompics / Pixabay

People will also appreciate the slightly smaller size this battery has, showing a significant difference in thinness.

For many users, you won't sense much of the difference in battery power. With that being said, this makes the battery a nice choice if you're using it for more compact tools. You'll also appreciate that it comes with a battery gauge to indicate the charge level of your battery. It lights up in green, yellow, or red for clear indicators.

These batteries are not officially available for the whole of public yet. However, you can expect it to come out the spring to purchase and test for yourself!

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right battery pack for your Craftsman tools and equipment can be confusing with the many available. With the new addition of the Craftsman 19.2 volt battery, you need to do further research before getting one! That way, you won't waste your money and receive the right battery your tools will surely power up on.

Click here to see on Amazon

I hope that this article on the Craftsman 19.2 battery helped you learn if this pack is for you. So don't wait any longer and begin getting the right battery of your own now!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with any of the Craftsman 19.2 lithium-ion battery packs, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

Dewalt DCK299M2 Review: Is It Better Than the DCS299D1T1?

I was really excited to do my own Dewalt DCK299M2 review and compare it to its other predecessors. I can't pass up an opportunity to test out Dewalt, who always produces the best tools and continues to improve. But does the DCK299M2 really stand out and prove to be the better version of its past models?

I did the research, the reviews, and even the comparisons to show you just how powerful all their models are. So read on as I show you all about the Dewalt DCK299M2 and the DCK299D1T1! Let's see who wins based on all the necessary features as workers need.

The Dewalt DCK299M2 Review

This DCK299M2 review will be more extensive than the next one since their kits cover similar tools.

dck299m2 review

This specific kit is the ideal choice if you have a variety of other DEWALT cordless power tools. It's also ideal even if you're still planning on investing in a variety of their tools. This is because it comes with the FLEXVOLT battery, one of the newest innovations from the company.

Their battery is compatible with all 20V MAX tools, even those which tun on 60V or 120V MAX batteries! So if you're running a tool that's 20V, expect it to have up to four times of a longer run time compared to standard battery packs. This is an amazing investment if you hate having your work cut short to recharge your batteries.

Besides the FLEXVOLT batteries, the kit includes a hammer drill and impact driver, running on brushless motors. The brushless motors along are a huge advantage because they run even longer with just one charge. Plus, they operate cooler and have even more power compared to brushed motors.

The Hammer Drill

Because of these advantages, it's more compact yet powerful, offering a sped of up to 2,000RPM and 820 unit-watts of power

The kit comes with the DCD996 three-speed hammer drill, which has a metal transmission for extra strength. You can power through masonry and other materials quickly and with quality! It also has a half-inch nitro barbarized metal chuck, which offers the firmer grip on your bits.

Because of these advantages, it's more compact yet powerful, offering a sped of up to 2,000RPM and 820 unit-watts of power. It's a bit smaller and weighs less than five pounds with a length of about eight inches. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic grip handle and removable side handle for more comfort.

The Impact Driver

As for the DCF887 impact driver, this is a classic tool many contractors own! The driver is smaller and lighter than the hammer drill, weighing less than three pounds and measuring five inches. Don't be deceived by its size because it offers a ton of power, putting out speeds of up to 3,250RPM, a torque of up to 1,825 inch-pounds, and 3,600 impacts-per-minute.


Furthermore, it has the three-speed transmutation and variable-speed trigger for more accurate work. It's also compatible with one-inch shank bits for tighter areas. Besides this, it has three LED lights like most of Dewalt's tools!

Dewalt DCK299D1T1 FLEXVOLT Kit Features:

•Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a free service contract of one year and a limited warranty of three years

•Includes a contractor bag with belt clips, as well as its FLEXVOLT battery with a rapid charger

The Dewalt DCS299D1T1 Review

powertools / Pixabay

When you first look at the tools this kit includes, they're actually similar to the DCK299M2! They include the DCF887 impact driver and the DCD996 hammer drill like the previous kit. So what makes it different and worth the price?

The significant difference between these two is its battery and charger. With this kit, it comes with two individual 20V 4.0Ah MAX batteries rather than just one FLEXVOLT battery. The charger is compatible with the said battery, also making it different from the other kit.

However, with everything else, it performs almost as similarly since it comes with the same tools.

This difference may or may not be an advantage to you, depending on what you need. I'll be getting into which kit is best suited for you in the next section!

Dewalt DCCF299M2 Kit Features:

•Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, as well as a free service contract of one year and a limited warranty of three years

•Includes a contractor bag with belt clips, as well as its two Lithium-Ion batteries with a charger

Who Wins This Round?

Now that you're familiar with everything you need to know about both the top Dewalt models, which is best? Honestly, that actually depends on what your expectations and standards are for tools.

If you use 60-120V Dewalt cordless tools such as joist drills or circular saws, you're better off with the DCK299D1T1 kit. This is especially if they utilize FLEXVOLT battery since the kit includes it. The FLEXVOLT battery is compatible with a variety of 20V MAX tools, including tools that use higher voltages.

However, if you don't use cordless tools with high voltage usage, then the DCK299M2 is a great choice. This kit includes two 4.0Ah batteries, which offer a long lifespan to last for many tools. These batteries are compatible with various 20V MAX DEWALT tools, making it worth your investment.

I would say both are excellent choices, but they have different advantages that cater to different consumers. From your budget down to the tools you use, you have to take all these into consideration when choosing your kit! Either way, I know you'll enjoy the quality Dewalt has to offer among all their tools and equipment.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you have the Dewalt Flexvolt combo, a DCK299M2, or DCS299D1T, it doesn't matter! What matters is that you have the right tool suitable for you based on your research and relevant reviews like these. And with Dewalt, you almost can't go wrong with the tools and equipment they have to offer.

I hope that my DCK299M2 review helped you out and had you make a choice. Now the next step is to see which is better: the DCK299P2 vs DCK299M2!

If you have any questions or want to share your own DCK299M2 review, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!