Hegner Scroll Saw Review: Blades, Parts, RBI, Dewalt & Excalibur Scroll Saws Guide

Wood workers and hobbyists use scroll saws to cut abstruse designs in wood, plastic or metal; it is a comparatively safe saw to use for this work. The scroll saw has a small-width blade with fine cutting teeth that make it possible to make complex, intricately designed cuts, such as puzzled pieces or pieces cut for inlay work.

The scroll saw is much the same as band saw, with the exception of their blade motion; that’s where they differ. The blade of a band saw operates in a perpetual loop motion, whereas the scroll saw consists of saw blades that operate through up and down quick reciprocating motion.

There are two advantages to using a scroll saw over a band saw. Firstly, the blade can be taken off and put back in place in a situ through a pre-drilled starting hole. Secondly, a scroll saw can cut considerably more elaborate curves. Scroll saws can cut complicated curves and joints flat-on with amazing precision and accuracy. Scroll saws are often used for thicker wood inlay (intarsia) projects and are also used to cut dovetail joints. The cut (kerf) of the scroll saw is all but unseen by the naked eye when a fine blade is used. In market today one example of the most enduring product is Hegner scroll saw.

Hegner Scroll Saw

Among the lauded features of the Hegner scroll saw is the built-in sawdust blower that automatically clears the sawdust produced off of the cutting line while the machine is in operation. The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one best saws produced by this brand; this is one of the most popular scroll saws on the market and can be found for sale on Amazon with an impressive 5 star customer rating.

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Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

For those who might have an interest in the Hegner 18” Variable Speed Scroll Saw, here are some facts and features to acknowledge:

  • This speed scroll saw weighs about 50 pounds, so it can be moved without strain when necessary.
  • The saw has a dual-tilt table for ease of use.
  • This scroll saw has a 400 RPM to 1700 RPM variable speed induction motor, so you can adjust your speed as necessary for your project.
  • The Hegner variable scroll saw has an automatic sawdust blower that runs while the motor is on, so that no sawdust can sit and obscure your view while cutting.
  • A double quick lock tensioning system ensures that your material will not shift during shaping and cutting.
  • Many more interesting features can be seen on amazon.com.

The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw remains one of the most popular models of scroll saw for its various user friendly features. It is quiet, compact, precise and versatile; it cuts nearly any material and assists the operator in creating an extensive range of projects. Made in Germany, Hegner scroll saws are famous for the incredibly easy installation of their blade, the longevity of blade life, excellent cutting control, quiet and smooth operation, and precision sawing.

The Hegner scroll saw stand is designed especially for Hegner saws. The special ribbing these stands feature absorbs the vibration of the scroll saw and fits all Hegner scroll saws except the Polymax. The stand weighs 31 pounds and sits 31 and a half inches tall; although, if the consumer chooses to do so they can request that the stand sit at chair height, or twenty and a quarter inches. You can acquire the stand from the Hegner website.

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Hegner has been manufacturing top of the line scroll saws for over twenty-five years; they’ve set the high performance standard for modern high-tension scroll saws. You can read more data and details about how to use Hegner scroll saw at Ehow.com. You can see the reviews of the product from Amazon customer reviews here. You can also find Hegner scroll saws for sale on Amazon, as well as on shopping.com, if Amazon is out of stock online.

Amazon has a lot of Hegner scroll saws for sale, such as Hegner 22” Variable Speed Scroll Saw and Hegner 14” Precision Scroll Saw, which live up to the Hegner reputation in terms of efficiency and reliability as well as ease of use.

Many different brands of scroll saws are on the market today in competition with the Hegner scroll saw, such as the Excalibur scroll saw, De Walt scroll saw and RBI scroll saw.

Excalibur Scroll Saw

The Excalibur scroll saw, made in Taiwan, has a distinctive tilting head design that provides a steady platform for precise cutting on an angle or straight. The entire head of the scroll saw tilts 45 degrees to the left and right, allowing the operator to safely produce a precise and accurate cut by controlling the work piece on a level surface; most comparable scroll saws simply include an inclined table for angular cuts. The upper and lower arms of this saw are sturdy and strong, to keep the blade straight with nominal blade deflection for absolutely perfect cuts.

Blade changing on the Excalibur scroll requires no tools, as it uses finger functioned blade clamps. This makes changing the saw blades a snap. The Excalibur is comprised of a 120Volt, 1.3 ampere constant torque permanent magnetic motor and has a large 12×18 1/2″ table surface. It weighs 55 pounds and has an onboard dust blower.

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De Walt Scroll Saw

Originally made in China but since moved to the United States, the De Walt scroll saw’s electronic variable-speed control lets you to make accurate, quick adjustments and employ speeds ranging from 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute. This saw relies on a dependable 1.3 ampere motor for the power you need and delivers a variable stroke length between 3/4 inch and up to 2 inches deep. This application-specific performance results in improved control and cleaner outputs. The De Walt exclusive, no tools necessary blade clamps allow for a mere few seconds worth of time to complete a blade change.

Moreover the arm is quite easy to lift, creating it easy to thread the blade through materials while making inside cuts. Weighing just 56 pounds, this saw has a heavy-duty feel yet is compact enough to move easily in and around the workshop. The cast iron table levels 45 degrees on the left side and 45 degrees on the right side for additional versatility.

RBI Scroll Saw

RBI scroll saws are made in the United States. This scroll saw has a throat capacity of 16 inches and has a maximum cutting thickness of 2½ inches. The cutting strokes of the scroll saw are as many as 30-1800 per minute. The RBI scroll saw has a work table of 12-1/2”; the motor is DC TENV, the controller type is PMS, the saw weighs a relatively light 35 pounds and the table space required is 13 inches by 29 inches.

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