Guide To Millermatic 140, 135 & 180 Prices and Reviews

Manufactured by Miller Electric Manufacturing Company, the Millermatic 140 is considered the simplest MIG (metal inert gas) welder in the small welder category. It features an innovative and breakthrough control, the Auto set, which automatically adjusts the setting to the appropriate welding parameter of your task. There is no need for estimations or guesswork, with Millermatic 140 Auto Set, precision is guaranteed without extra effort on your part. Whether you are a novice welder or an experienced worker, you can count on the reliability and flexibility of this welding equipment. It also has manual mode for other wide-ranging applications. You can set the machine manually when you need to weld stainless or mild steel and aluminium materials. Other impressive features and advantages are as follows:

  • A very easy access to output studs allow polarity change easily if you need to switch from flux cored or solid wires.
  • Smooth-Start exclusive feature which provides spattering-free start up.
  • Double Cast Aluminium Drive Technology especially designed for hassle-free and quick set-up
  • Thermal Overload Protection-a helpful safety feature which automatically shuts-off the welder to avoid overheating. When everything goes back to normal temperature it automatically readjusts.
  • Tip Saver or Short Circuit Protection shuts off output if the tip is shorter thus preventing further damage to other parts and components.
  • Built-in Solid Contactor circuit maintains safe temperature while the gun trigger is not yet pushed. It assures safety even if you leave the torch is working in between short welding breaks.

Millermatic 140 Review

The Millermatic 140 has been receiving positive and good reviews from its satisfied users. Many users who have bought this machine especially online have given it rave reviews and many more are earning its trust in the process. Its proven dependability and reliability is slowly but surely earning the trust and confidence of many users and more are expected to be satisfied in the future.  This unit is very handy and convenient to use and yet very powerful and dependable even after long hours of welding tasks. It can easily be used and carried anywhere and makes welding job simple and trouble-free. It is ideal for home and garage welding jobs and guaranteed to produce satisfactory result and job performance. It is one of the best small welding equipment manufactured by the Big Blue in terms of durability and quality performance. It is even considered a little mean machine because it has proven its worth many times over and provided its users results beyond their expectation.

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Millermatic 140 Parts

In any kind of equipment, the availability of parts is of prime importance. No matter how good the product is said to be in terms of performance, time must come when some of its components will have to wear down. That is why it is equally necessary that a good product is supported by ample parts availability as well as after sales support service. One of the reasons why Millermatic 140 is the preferred model in its size category is precisely because they have excellent support services. Parts are readily available in most instances and all you have to do is to identify the parts model number. Replacement guns, consumable kits, contact tips and adapter can be availed at reasonable prices online at Since this model is available locally in distributors, it follows that its parts can also be obtained in local sources.

The Price for Millermatic 140

The price of Millermatic 140 varies according to the source.  It is therefore important to get to conduct ample survey on the best price available for this welding machine.  Some dealers offer it at a reasonable price of below $800 with free shipment to go while others offer it at above the said price.  There are also sources including the internet where Millermatic 140 is on sale.  Choosing the right dealer is therefore important.  When buying this machine especially in the internet, the buyer must consider several factors like availability of stocks, price, shipment requirements, as well as how long it would take for the shipment to arrive.  At any rate, relying on a trusted source is always of primordial concern when buying any equipment for that matter.

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Millermatic 135

Millermatice 135 is another of those models that come from Miller Electric Manufacturing Corp.  It is a smaller capacity version as compared to the other models and is suitable for use in households, garages and also small to mid-sized auto shops.  Its easy operation makes it ideal even for the uninitiated in the area of welding techniques.  Due to its limited capacity however, it can only accommodate given sizes of steel for welding jobs.  For every purchase of this machine, it comes with a complete guide on how to properly use it.  Aside from the operations manual, it also provides helpful tips on how to troubleshoot the machine when it encounters basic problems.  Even if the said manual gets lost or destroyed in some way, owners of this machine can take comfort in the fact that the said manual is also available online for their easy and quick reference.

Millermatic 180

The Millermatic 180 is also ideal for home use and especially for beginners and those who are into taking welding lessons as a hobby.  It is considered as one of those fool-proof welding machines because it has an automatic control that adjusts to the thickness of the steel being welded.  Its voltage regulator can also be set manually which makes it versatile especially when different kinds of steel has to be welded and because of this, it can take on even stainless steel and aluminum depending on the requirement.  This machine, aptly termed the ‘big blue’, is a best seller among the miller welding machines and continues to get positive reviews from satisfied users.  Among its host of features are easy starting, automatic shutdown when temperature exceeds the maximum, auto shut-off to prevent the unit from short-circuiting and a host of many other useful features which makes it a capable welder’s do it all machine.  It is also widely available in online stores and local dealers and buyers will just have to choose which supplier can best fulfill their requirements.

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