Guide: How To Loosen Or Release A Ratchet Strap?

how to loosen a ratchet strap
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Ever wonder how to loosen a ratchet strap? How to use ratchet straps? In this article we will not only discuss the use of ratchet straps but the best straps that you can use for securing your oversized goods for camping and more. First, what is a ratchet strap?

Ratchet straps

Ratchet straps are, quite simply, one of the best if not THE best method for securing items in your flatbed or on the hood of your vehicle. Consisting of a securing end with a hook or a flat end as well as an end rather like a seat belt. The ratchet-action comes in when you secure the two parts, as the buckle end may be loosened and secured more tightly in small increments to get everything secure. Genius, no? So how do you release a latchet strap? Typically there will simply be a button on the side that you can depress and release the lock on both halves of the line. That, simply put, is how to undo a ratchet strap.

How to use ratchet straps/practical applications

Also known as ‘tie-down straps’, ratchet straps can be used in a number of ways for securing your cargo. Most often they will be used in conjunction with a tarp in order to minimize air friction from travel and to keep your goods dry. Now, while ratchet straps are the most common, there are other great means of securing your goods that we will go into for this article.

Ratchet straps and alternatives

Getting ready for a camping trip or just need to secure some materials for a project that you are are working on? We’ve collected some information on ratchet straps and some alternative options that you can on Amazon with the click of a button. Options such as:

  1. how to release a ratchet strapClassic Rope – When it comes to packing, you don’t always have to go the fancy route. Good ol’, traditional nylon rope has been a camping and moving staple for years. It’s solid and while it takes a little more planning that some of the bungee options it will do in a pinch. That said, if you have a lot of weight to contend with then option number 2 is your best bet.View this item on Amazonhow to release a ratchet strap
  2. Ratchet straps -15 feet of strapping with ratchet-locking, 500 pound load cap, and a 1500 pound breaking point. If you’re moving something heavy, why play around? There is a reason that ratchet straps are one of the most powerful options for securing items and this is it. They are strong, dependable, and do what you need.View this item on Amazon
  3. how to use ratchet strapsWellmax bungee cords(moving set) – This set is great for moving and includes not only a variety of bungees(such as standard and ball-type bungees) but it also includes a mesh for keeping your goods securely in place. It’s a good set to have around the house for when you need to get moving!View this item on Amazon
  4. Cartman bungee cords assortment jar – This set includes 24release ratchet strap cords, also of an assorted variety, and put together in a handy jar for sticking in the garage until they are needed. While not as fancy as the Wellmax it does have an assortment on useful bungees for your needs and comes with its own practical storage.View this item on Amazon
  5. loosen ratchet strapStratchits – Ever usewd a stratchit? Sold in pairs, they are kind of a hybrid ratchet strap made of a durable stretching material and designed so that you can secure them just about anywhere. These are also a great option if you are always getting your bungee cords tangled and would like a little more elegant and portable solution. View this item on Amazon
  6. Poweryte -Made in the USA lashing straps – .For when you want to secure something butundo ratchet strap you are worried about crushing it with a ratchet strap, lashing straps are a fine solution in a pinch. While they lack the elasticity that you’d get from bungees this can be a good thing if it’s going to be a bouncy trip and sometimes those ratchet straps can be a little harder on your cargo than you might like. In those cases, go with lashing straps.View this item on Amazon

“Take the time to double and triple check your work.”

Tips for ratchet straps and bungees

Now that we have gone into some of the choices that you have, let’s go into some general tips for using your ratchet straps and bungees to best effect. When securing your goods you will want to remember the following:

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  • Double-and-triple check your work – Once you get on your way you don’t want anything to shift on you. Take the time to double and triple check your work. You want those cords secure and ratcheted into place as much as possible. Indo, loosen, release those straps as needed until you get them securely in place to your sattisfaction.
  • Tie up those loose ends – If using ratchet straps, don’t let the excess strap wave about in the wind. Take a moment and tie it to avoid loose ends.
  • Too many straps is better than not enough – Take care to always err on the side of making your cargo TOO secure rather than risking it being not enough.
  • The right strap for the job – These straps are rated for particular weights. You will want to make sure that you always go with a strap rated for more than you need to be on the safe side.
  • No roof loads without a rack – Sometimes it is tempting to simply secure an item to the roof without a rack but you really shouldn’t. Ratchet straps can apply a lot of pressure and you might end up with a crushed roof or worse. Play it safe.

In closing

We hope that we’ve been able to enlighten you on the glories and convenience of ratchet straps and their related lashings. If you can, get a wide assortment, as it’s always better to have exactly what you need. Happy camping folks and we look forward to speaking with you again soon!

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