Grizzly Lathe Review: Mini-Lathes, Woodworking And Industrial Lathes Guide

Mr. Shiraz Balolia started building metal lathes out of hobby; he bought used lathes and after rebuilding them sold them. What started as a hobby soon turned out to be a lucrative business. Mr. Shiraz’s rebuilt lathes were of good quality and soon people were asking him to make them some good quality woodworking machines, and that is how Grizzly was born. Mr. Shiraz had not really worked on woodworking machines but due to the high demand of the woodworking products he joined a school to learn the trade. The sheer hard work of Mr. Shiraz helped the company achieve great success and it is now one of the top brands globally.

Grizzly Industrial is an internet company in the USA where mail orders can be placed for metal and woodworking machines, and their accessories.

Grizzly is one of the largest manufacturers of woodworking and metalworking machineries, but it’s not about being big it’s about the quality. Grizzly offers that quality and they’ve won numerous awards for their manufactured products to prove it.

The main aim of Grizzly was and is to provide quality products at an affordable rate which cannot be found anywhere else, so their products compared with their counterparts are much less expensive, but the quality of the product is unquestionable.

They’ve also done quite a unique service to their potential new consumers. According to the customer reference they refer you to a customer close to you who is using their product so that you can get a neutral opinion of their product. This is actually a very good practice, almost an alien practice, yet it is an excellent way to get an honest reference.

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There are numerous Grizzly lathe reviews available on the internet and magazines of the company’s products. Their products are available for sale both new and used, because when the company is providing such good products at low rates their demand is always high.


Lathe is basically a tool for machines with the main purpose of rotating the machine about its axis so that cutting, grinding, drilling and other such tools related works can be performed easily.

Grizzly has been making lathes since 1976 and they are the professionals of their field of work. There are two main types of lathes sold by the company: metalworking and woodworking. Since Grizzly started as the manufacturers of metalworking lathes therefore they’ve a wider range of products under the metalworking category, but they still have a good number of products under the woodworking category. In the metalworking category, there are few other retailers who can say they produce that many lathe options, it is purely amazing. Recently newer models of lathes have been added to the line of metalworking lathes, making your decision perhaps a little more difficult.

Their products in the metalworking department start from $550 and ends at a humble $14,995 price tag. The prices compared to the products of their competitors are very low because that was their main aim, to provide affordable high quality products. Their range of woodworking lathes start from a mere $47.95 and ends at an affordable $2595 price tag.

The company also manufactures mini woodworking and metalworking lathes they are very easy to transport and can provide most of the functionality that the non-portable models provide. Also sold, for both woodworking and metalworking lathes are some lathes which are free-standing, and others that are part of a bench.  These options allow the consumer to truly select the right lathe for their business or personal use.

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The quality of material used in the company’s products is very high and the products are designed for working in tough conditions, which can withstand rugged usage. That is why they are so popular.

Recommended Products

Grizzly Heavy-Duty G1495-

The G1495 is consistently reviewed by consumers as an affordable and easy-to-use lathe, an overall excellent product! With a price tag of $995 many consumers claim that it is one of the best investments that they have made into their work. One reviewer of this lathe claims that it has an extreme amount of power and is capable of turning bowls of 13” in no time. This same consumer also mentions that the speed control of his lathe was very easy to control, with almost no effort on his part to move it. Other consumers rave that the quality of the sanding table was superb compared to other brands on the market.  Most believe that even though this lathe comes with a heavy price tag, it can be a purchase that will last a lifetime.

Grizzly G4003-

The Grizzly G4003 is one of the more common models of lathes sold by the company which allows the user to choose from various speeds.  It is easy-to-use and a good quality product!  The retail price is $2795, but many consumers also claim that it is money well spent.  Once consumer claimed that even though the price was high the machine worked like a dream and was one of the best lathes that he had ever had the opportunity to work with.

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Grizzly SB1049-

If you are looking to try a newer model lathe that has so far been receiving great online reviews, the SB1049 13 x 30 in. metalworking lathe.  This model was built for precision, ease of operation and high quality productions.  One consumer claimed that the speed controls on the SB1049 were perhaps the easiest to use and precise functioning of any hardware tool in his garage, including an older lathe.

Grizzly Dedication to Consumers

As the Grizzly name has continued to grow in the hardware and professional tool genre they have done well to stick by their consumers throughout their purchasing process and long after.  On their website there are several customer support options that you have to chose from in the event that your lathe is not working properly, or that you merely have a question regarding the various models sold.  Their customer assistance specialists are dedicated to standing by their consumers, just as the company itself does so well.

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