Gransfors Axes Review: Hunters Bruks Axe Types And Sharpening Tools Guide

Gransfors Bruks a small Swedish family owned company has been making axes for over a century. The knowledge that they have accumulated over the years in creating Gransfors Axes has been shared in the responsibility of looking towards the future. The company is taking responsibility in what they do, the product they created and the wastage that is produced in the creation of the product. Being responsible would mean that the product they deliver in the market will be of highest quality and with the company’s 20 year product guarantee the customer is assured that they have the best axe in hand available on the market.

The totality of the responsibility that the company takes will result to a durable product that would entail a reduction of raw materials and energy utilized, reduction in the creation of the product that would allow the company to pursue other endeavors and healthier to the environment due to minimal output of wastage during the production of the product. Each Gransfors axe created adheres to five fundamental theses that the company follows:

  1. Each single axe created has a skilled smith behind it with the knowledge and experience being harnessed in making a durable Granfors axe.
  2. Doing away with unnecessary application of cosmetics on the product like stoning, epoxy fixing, painting and grinding which is harmful to the environment.
  3. A sensible way of producing will result in the reduction of raw materials but will also result into a durable and high quality axe
  4. Acceptance in the total responsibility in the making of the product will include being responsible to the environment, working conditions, product quality and to humanity as a whole.
  5. Knowledge in creating the product increases its value.
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More details regarding the theses of the company can be found at

Types of Gransfors Bruks Axe

The only axe that received a design award in Swedish Society of Crafts and Design is the Gransfors hunters axe. This axe is designed to meet the hunters various needs in chopping wood, skinning animals or other forms of endeavors that a hunter will encounter in the wild. The design of the poll is thinner which is gently rounded and burnished. The handle is designed with circular grooves for maximum handling even when the hunter has wet hands when using the axe. The face of the axe is 3 and ¼ inches with a 19 inch hickory handle and a total weight of the head at 1½ pounds. is proud to carry in its line of products the Gransfors outdoor axes. The application of this axe includes chopping and splitting firewood, limbing trees, wood carving and simply chopping wood. The head of the axe comes with the smiths initials, and the handle has an exclusive embossed logo of Ray Mears. The development and creation of the axe was made with the help of Lars Falt a Swedish survival expert that has written 8 survival and outdoor books over the years.

Gransfors bruks scandinavian forest axe is made for professionals as the bit is curved in shape and forged thin that is specifically sharpened for cutting fresh resinous branches of wood, spruce or pine. To give extra strength and power to the user the handle is designed longer. The 25 inches hickory handle and a 2 pound head with a 3 ½ inch face will allow the axe to dig deep even in the sturdiest tree that has fallen.

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There are two types of Gransfors splitting axes, the small splitting axe and the large splitting axe. The small splitting axes can be utilized with the use of one hand. The bit is forged, ground and shaped into concave that will allow the axe to go deep into the wood and splitting it with efficiency once the thicker part of the axe hits and pushes it apart. The hickory handle is 20 inches long and the face of the axe is 2 ½ inches wide, the weight of the head is 2 pounds. The large splitting axe is designed much the same with its smaller counterpart except that it is heavier with its 3 ½ pound weight of the head. The face is also larger which is at 3 inches and handle is much longer at 27 inches.

The axe that is designed for artist and has architectural uses is the Gransfors carving axe. The pattern of the axe was made by an experienced master craftsman Wille Sundqvist who is an author of Swedish Carving Techniques, with the aid and advised of craftsman Onni Linnanheimo. The ruggedness of the handle gives the user a good grip and has length of 14 inches. The face is 4 1/3 inches and the head weighs 2 pounds.

Tools for Sharpening Gransfors Axe

The Gransfors axe sharpening stone will guarantee that the Gransfors axe will be in tip top condition. The stone is designed to have two types of sides, coarse and fine, and comes in a 2 piece protective cover that is made of rubber and can be utilized as a grip while sharpening the axe. Sharpen the axe using circular motion and time to time it must be rotated to have an even wear.  Besides sharpening axes the stone can also be used to sharpen knives as well.

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If at some point your axe is damaged the Gransfors axe file may be used to repair it with ease. has a step by step recommendation in utilizing the file to repair a damaged axe. The first step includes cleaning the blade first of dirt and other material before starting to sharpen it. When this is not done the edges can get filled in and the bite of the axe will be lost. Visiting the website will give the owner an opportunity to return the axe into its former functionality once the steps are followed by heart
If you are looking for great deals on your next axe or even for a Gransfors axe review carries several models with consumer comments and specifications that are easy to read. You have never had an axe till you have had a Gransfors.

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