Graco Magnum X5 – Our Review!

graco magnum x5
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Rated one of the top sprayers in 2018, does the Graco Magnum X5 really trump the competitors or is it just smoke? In this review we are going to discuss the features of this model as well as go into the pros and the cons by our own opinions so that you can decide if you want to add this to your Christmas list or not. So let’s discuss the Graco paint sprayer X5 model and you can see for yourself!

The features

This model does have some nice features to it. We’ve compiled a list so that you can compare it to your mental checklist for your own DIY requirements. The Graco X5 airless paint sprayer boasts the following features:

  • Adjustable pressure – With a 3000 psi output, you have a wide range of pressure that you can select between the low and the high. There are also cleaning and roller settings as well .
  • Reverse-A-Clean tip – One of our favorite features in Graco models, this allows for you to unclog easily through a simple reversal of the tip that blows impediments right out. If you have ever had to unclog a lesser sprayer before then this feature is a godsend.
  • Power flush – A nice addition for those who hate cleanup, this allows you to attach to a water hose to quickly and efficiently clean.
  • Flexible suction tube – You can place this directly into the paint can and then get busy painting!
  • Easier priming – This unit boasts ‘pushprimer’ technology, which takes some steps out of priming your painter to make things quicker and easier.
  • Stainless steel pump -Stainless steel for a sturdier build. Always a bonus.
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Not too bad, so far. Still, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the painting. Now let’s go into the pros and cons of the Graco X5 in our review.What stood out and what needs fixin’. Happily, this model has a lot of perks to go with it, but without spoiling anything, hHere we go with the pros.

The pros

graco paint sprayer x5
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay
  • Works with many materials – This is going to work with most kinds of paints and stains, although with the thicker ones there is still going to be a chance of clogging.
  • Comes with a stand – This is kind of nice. This can save a little wear and tear on your back as you can setup and get started. The sprayer itself is pretty lightweight so it makes painting much less of a chore.
  • Durable – We like the stainless steel portions and overall it seems a pretty durable unit. Graco tends to make products that last and the X5 is no exception.
  • Reach – Clocking in at about 75 feet, you should be able to easily reach anything that you are trying to pain. This is a relief if you’ve worked with sprayers that require you to be a contortionist simply to paint a hard-to-reach area.
  • Piston pump – This allows you to use un-thinned paint with your Graco at a high pressure. This is quite satisfying if you hate thinning down the paint.


Well, there you have the good stuff. Now let’s go into the the portions that we did not like as much. We’ve compiled a list of cons for you and you can decide if these are going to prove to be deal breakers or simply a minor nuisance that wouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing one of the X5’s.

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“Make some practice runs on some scrap wood.”

The cons

graco x5
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay
  • More suited for outdoor use – With some overspray issues, without a lot of taping and tarping this is likely going to be a unit more suited for outdoor use. That’s not to say that you cannot use it indoors but if you do, be sure to prepare thoroughly.
  • Occasional Clogging – While the Reverse-A-Clean can remedy a clog fairly quickly and easily, the Magnum X5 paint sprayer can occasionally pick up clogs and force you to utilize the feature. While it doesn’t happen all of the time, with thicker materials it is something that you might see.
  • Overspray concerns – Be sure to make some practice runs on some scrap wood so that you can get the hang of the unit and potential for overspray. Practice can help to compensate but you will want to get to know your sprayer and of course to prep an area well before spraying.
  • No Wheels – While the stand is nice, we would have liked it more if there would have been wheels to go with it. This was hardly a deal breaker, it just would have been a nice addition to this product. Some of the higher end Graco models do have this so if you have a bad back or simply enjoy the idea of not having to lug your painter around all day when you can roll it then another model may be more suitable for you.
  • Higher legs would be nice – Higher legs would allow you to position it better over the paint can(instead of placing the paint can to the side) and to avoid potential spillage when moving the unit. This is another one of those complaints that is more in the ‘mildly annoying’ category, however, than any sort of serious reason not to consider the product.
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graco x5 airless paint sprayer
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The verdict

While there are a few issues, we felt that the features and the durability of the Graco Magnum x5 airless paint sprayer make it a good value for the money. Available new for under 400$, if you decide that you would like a model with wheels you should also consider looking at the newer X7(which comes with a cart). Beyond this, you should be able to paint with most paints and stains utilizing your X5 as it should surely fit most DIY and small to medium work painting needs. We hope that you have enjoyed our review and we wish you happy painting!

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