Gladiator Cabinets Review Guide: Sears, Lowes & Coleman Gladiator Cabinet Clearance Sale Guide

The cabinets that you use in your garage should not only allow you to keep your garage looking neater by keeping it clutter-free but it should also be able to withstand the tough environment of the garage. If you are looking for cabinets that not only look good but can also help you to organize your garage then Gladiator Cabinets are for you. These rugged cabinets are made of high quality tough steel. A Gladiator Cabinet is specially designed and constructed with high durability keeping its rough and tough use in the garage in mind. Gladiator produces two different kinds of cabinets: the premier series cabinets and the ready to assemble cabinets. Because of the location in which these cabinets are to be placed it is important that they can withstand harsh use and the elements, which is the Gladiator promise.

Premier Series Gladiator Cabinets

These cabinets are considered high quality storage systems that come pre-made from the warehouse. Keeping in mind the rough usage and to provide durability and longevity, these cabinets are constructed using heavy steel. If you want to buy a cabinet from the premier series then you have a wide variety of styles to choose from, including free standing cabinets and wall attachments.

To provide security to the goods stored inside it, these cabinets come with latches that are magnetic and locking methods. If you need to move around your cabinet then you can do that easily as many of the free standing cabinets of the premier series have heavy duty locking casters. If you need a gladiator cabinet then you can buy it from the Gladiator Cabinets clearance sale that offers good cabinets at a comparatively lower price than the market. Two of the cabinets of this series include:

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Premier Tall GearBox

The five feet tall Premier Tall GearBox comes with three full width shelves: one fixed and two adjustable shelves that can be flexibly adjusted with 9 possible placements. It is 66 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep. This cabinet is constructed using deep welded steel which gives it an impressive structure along with perfect support to fulfill your storage needs. It has two large highly durable magnetic door locks that hold the door and provide it with additional security. To meet ever-changing storage needs and to increase its stability, these cabinets sit on 5-inch x 2-inch durable casters. The front set of casters can be easily locked so that the cabinet does not move, and the rear set of casters can swivel making it easier to move about. Using the Gladiator Wall Systems, there is also an option to use the bracket kit that allows the cabinet to hang on the walls.

Premier Tall GearLocker

The Premier Tall GearLocker is very similar to the previous cabinet and it comes with full width shelves. This 66 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep cabinet allows a partition down the mid of the cabinet structure that allows the shelves of half width to adjust at various heights. It can be placed at 20 placement points making it very flexible to store all types of goods. It has an exceptional cabinet structure that is perfect to meet storage needs as it is made of welded steel. Tall items like the lawn tools, tents, and golf clubs can be easily accommodated in this cabinet. If you need to hang items like clothes or jackets then you can easily do so as it includes two hooks at the upper region which allows for this type of storage. To meet storing needs that change often, this cabinet has heavy duty casters. Like the Premier Tall GearBox, this also has an option to include the bracket kit that makes it possible it to hang the cabinet on the wall. The tread plate door has a magnetic latch system which powerfully holds the doors together, and it has large recessed door handles.

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Ready to Assemble Gladiator Cabinets

The second series of cabinets are manufactured using the same durability as the premier series cabinets. However, they are just not assembled together as it gives you the opportunity to assemble it yourself and customizing it the way you want. The cabinets from this series are available at Gladiator Cabinet sale should you want to buy one at a price that is slightly lower than the market price. One of the Gladiator Cabinets from the ready to assemble series is as follows:

Ready to Assemble 36” Large GearBox

The 36 inches wide, 72 inches high, 18 inches deep and large GearBox from Gladiator has the ability to store all garage supplies. A robust cabinet can be made from the ready to assemble cabinet panels available that can store four levels of automotive, paint supplies and gardening tools. It is made to last long keeping in mind the kind of usage it has to undergo at the garage. It is made tough to hold large paint cans and 40 quarts plastic totes. It has a fixed and two adjustable shelves that can be assembled at different points and offer flexibility to the different storage needs. The hinges of the door are designed that it has keyhole slots both at the top and the bottom so that the door hangs on the cabinet structure while you fasten the screws to fix it. It has a pair of magnetic doors that can be secured using a pair of magnetic strips on the shelves. This cabinet has a powder coated finish and can also be hung on the wall. If you want a gladiator cabinet then you can also choose from the sale items at Sears gladiator cabinets or Lowes gladiator cabinets.

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Before you buy any cabinet for your garage, you should read the Gladiator cabinets reviews as it will help you to determine the best cabinet for your garage space. The Coleman gladiator cabinets are a close competitor to Gladiator cabinets as they are not only sturdy and dependable but they are also pleasing to the eyes, as they come in bright colors.

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