Gerber Axe Review: Splitting Axe, Axe Combo, Camp Axe & Price Comparisons

The Gerber camp axe has a variety of uses, from hatchet to axe; you can use it to gather and split wood logs for a campfire, or your fireplace if you’re not into the rustic scene, make woodchips, you can even cut down unruly tree limbs to add to your stockpile.

The handle, being robust nylon enfolding durable glass, is actually molded around the head of the axe for optimum stability. The glass inside the nylon handle absorbs the majority of the shock from impact, so your arm and hand won’t overtire easily. The head of the axe itself is crafted of strong, long-lasting forged steel; its super sharp cutting edge won’t dull after a few uses. The Gerber camp axe is no flimsy piece of work; it can withstand vigorous, continuous use through even the toughest of conditions.

With the size of the Gerber camp axe being compact for ease and comfort of use, being only 18 inches long and weighing in at a little over two pounds, users won’t find themselves tired out or sore after a few swings. And its size makes the camp axe highly transportable, as you can simply strap it in its included ballistic nylon sheath and carry it on your belt, or to your pack, and hike to your chosen destination.

The Gerber camp axe isn’t the only wood chopping tool offered by this multi-talented company. From sport axes to their ‘kick axe’, Gerber’s innovations in the tool industry have revolutionized the way everyone else does business. The Gerber splitting axe is perfect for heavy duty wood chopping and splitting. You can even find a Gerber axe and knife combo, which is the ultimate in convenience in today’s hunting, gathering and camping world.

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Gerber Splitting Axe

The Gerber splitting axe is a strong, sharp and high-quality axe that can withstand repetitive use in even the toughest of conditions. With a forged steel blade that maintains a sharp edge despite constant cutting and a handle crafted of fiber composite for durability, the Gerber splitting axe should weigh a whole lot more than it does. Coming in on the scale at a little over 3 and a half pounds, a few inches over 2 feet in length (with a blade of 3.38 inches), this splitting axe is both comfortable and light enough to keep wielders from over-tiring or weakening after a few heavy swings; even better, the fiber comp handle reduces all but the lightest of shock to the user’s arms and hands, for even more comfort and sustainability during use. Perfect for use as a hatchet or an axe, this splitter can cut or split wood, make wood chips or kindling, or can be used for virtually anything else you may need to hack through on your camping adventure.

Gerber Axe and Knife Combo

The Gerber axe and knife combo is a huge seller through Actually, almost all Gerber products can be found on this website, and since they come with a variety of product reviews from real life Amazon customers, you can always be sure you’re getting the perspective of actual buyers; this can come in handy when trying to decide between multiple products of the same type.

The Gerber Gator axe and fixed blade knife combo is one of sheer genius. With the typical eye for detail to be expected from the Gerber brand, the fixed blade of the knife actually sits within the handle of the Gator axe, with the handles of each locking magnetically together. Both the head of the axe and the tang of the knife are crafted of forged steel for strength and durability, with first-rate preservation of the sharp edges thereof. The handles themselves are made from sturdy nylon, with a nubby rubber grip to provide both comfort and control while employing the tool. The Gator also comes with a handy sheath, to provide safe and secure transport while carrying this convenient combo. With a combined weight of just a little over a pound, and an overall length of 8.75 inches, you can essentially use the Gerber axe combo for any on the spot chopping you’ll need to do while hiking, camping, or just ridding your backyard tree of wayward limbs.

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It isn’t just a Gerber axe and knife combo you can use to multi-task your tools, either; they also have a Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo available on This all conditions axe is perfect for chopping and splitting wood, no matter how tough the conditions get. Furthermore, if you have the need to saw through cords, knots or any other hard components, the inset saw magnetically held within the handle of the Gator is the perfect implement. With the same nubby rubber found on the axe handle, the blunt-nose pull saw has sharp, biting teeth to cut through the toughest wood.

Comparing Prices

Although the average price for a Gerber axe is a little higher than those found for Fiskars axes of comparable size, the truth is that Gerber just has a better reputation amongst woodmen. Their axes are composed of high quality materials, are crafted for comfort and ease of use, and are generally more trusted than any other cutting tool on the market. So while comparing prices for Gerber axes versus other brands, keep in mind their integrity, their comfort and their overall excellent product.

Gerber Axe Review

Customers love the fact that the Gerber axe, whatever variety, features a glass fiber comp handle wrapped in nylon; its sturdiness and durability far surpass that of traditional wooden handled axes. The blades of not only the axe head, but the fixed blade knife and pull saw insets as well, are and remain sharp even after being used consistently, in even the worst conditions. The quality, construction and ease of use are the biggest pluses of the Gerber axe reviews found on, whereas the biggest complaints originated from the fact that, at least with the axe combos, the handle is hollow, weakening the attachment to the head of the axe.

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Gerber Axe

Gerber axes, whether for camping, sport or all-conditions use, are strong, durable and concentrated on the wielder’s comfort and ease of use. If you have need of an axe that is easily transportable and lightweight while simultaneously can be relied upon for effective chopping or splitting of wood, you should check out the Gerber axe selection on Amazon.

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