Gator Blades: Landscaping & Reviews

Gator blades have proven to be very popular in recent years when it comes to the world of landscaping and lawn mowing; they are excellent tools that get the job done quickly. Knowing which gator blade to use for the job in hand can be tricky as there are a lot of different types on the market, but if you do your research well, you should be able to find one that will do the job properly and last you for many years without causing you many problems

The 2 Gator mulcher 3 in 1 blades is one of the most popular sets of blades thanks to its strength (The steel has been made 20% harder) and longevity. At just over 21 inches long, 2 ½ inches wide and 0.18 inches this, these blades are suitable for use on five different types of lawnmowers and will give you a smooth and fast cut without needing to be sharpened for a very long time.

You can buy the set of three mulching Gator blades that have been made to replace the 152443, 157033, 163819 and 176084 blades used in a variety of lawnmowers. These particular blades are great because they leave a lot of the mulch in the grass and can therefore give you the protective cover that you need in order to keep the moisture in the grass. You will need to use all these blades as a set, so they can do their job properly, but that is the only downside.

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Landscaping gator blades

If it’s landscaping Gator blades that you need then the Gator Mulcher Deere LP 396742 blade may be just what you need, it comes as a single blade which may be easier if that is all you need and it is a three in one blade that replaces the M128485, M144196, TCU15881 blades that you may have used in the past. Buying single blades can sometimes work out a bit more expensive, but you will be getting a very strong blade that does the job you want it to.

When you’re about to buy Gator blades

If you are just about to buy some Gator blades for the first time, you may be interested in knowing a little more about them and what makes them so special. You can find a lot of useful information right here. Although this website is specifically targeted at women, it does provide a lot of clear and concise information for everyone and there is something to be learnt from it. Knowing how the Gator blades work and why they are so good can help the user to understand a lot more about them and feel more comfortable while going about their jobs. This website also provides links to a number of other sites that sell a good range of Gator blades.

Gator blades tractor

If you need a set of Gator blades for a tractor/ride on lawnmower then the set of three Gator three in one mulcher blades that can be used to replace Craftsman, Poulan and Husqvarna blades, typically the 187254 and 187256 blades and they could be just what you are looking for. There are ideal for reducing the amount of grass that goes into the bag and will provide you with the cut that you need. Although they do tend to work better when the grass is not wet, they are an excellent set of blades that will prove to be very reliable.

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Looking for a Gator blades review

When it comes to choosing the right Gator blades, it may come in handy to read a few reviews on the blades you are thinking of purchasing, you can find some good reviews here you will also see that there is a forum on this website too. The forum is there for people to add their own comments, reviews and suggestions about the different gator blades they use and if they think they are any good. Getting a lot of information about a set of blades you are thinking of using can prove very useful and help you to determine whether they are worth the money you are thinking of shelling out for them.

You will find the most popular shopping websites to have a few reviews on the gator blades that they sell, but they can occasionally be quite limited and few and far between, so taking a look at a site that is specifically dedicated to gator blades is usually a good idea.


For top quality Gator blades Husqvarna is the name to trust

Husqvarna is a very well-known company and it sells anything from chainsaws to Gator blades and everything in between, if you have a lawn mower that requires Gator blades then you might want to consider using the set of three, Gator 3-in-1 mulcher Blades that have been made to replace the Husqvarna blades 187254 and 187256. These blades are typically very strong and they have proven to be an excellent addition to your mowing needs, measuring 18 ½ inches in length, 2 ½ inches wide and 0.187 inches thick, these three in one blades could prove to be very effective for you. Although a little pricey, these blades will provide you with the cut you need and give you those results in a very short space of time.

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The Oregon 96-344 18 inch Gator Mulcher blade with a three in one high lift is suitable for replacing Husqvarna blades, so if you cannot get hold of Husqvarna blades or you are looking for a cheaper model then this blade should do the trick. It actually replaces more than forty different types of blades including the Husqvarna turf blades model numbers 100341, 101485, 363055 and 363245. The blades are sold individually however, but their price is pretty reasonable depending on where you shop.

Getting the right blades for your lawnmower or your tractor/sit on lawn mower is vital. If you get the right set of blades then you can get the perfect short grass in a fraction of the time, plus thanks to their strength and longevity, the gator blades will not need sharpening for a very long time.

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