Garry Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Guide: Complaints, Scams & Review From The Infomercial

A home is our pride and joy, and for most of us, that means a lot of time spent keeping it clean and presentable. But as we can all attest, this can be quite a hassle, especially when you factor in work, school and various other activities that keep us out of our homes. So, for us, when a cleaning tool comes around with the ability to make the job of cleaning easier and more efficient, we’re going to jump on that chance with both dirty feet. With the advent of today’s technology, numerous cleaning products and devices of all sorts have been surfacing everywhere, be it in appliance stores or even online. With their own tag lines are the promises of good quality, great functionality, with utmost efficiency, making cleaning a less taxing job as these machines can do the work for us, in half the time and effort.

Some of the best cleaning devices in the market today are vacuum cleaners. Deemed as the ultimate indispensable household cleaning products, vacuums take care of the dust, dirt, hairs, and all things in between, ensuring a spotless house as a result. A prominent name among the latest line of vacuum cleaners is the Garry Vacuum.

The Garry Vacuum cleaner is a light-weight vacuum of superior quality. Having undergone numerous trials and rigorous testing upon its development, this vacuum gives one of, if not the, best all-out performance. Boasting an unparalleled suction power at 58 air watts, with brush spins rotating at an impressive 6,600 rpm, the Garry Vacuum can clean with a “one-pass-no-back-track” technology. This vacuum cleaner loosens and suctions stubborn dirt in carpets, mats, furniture, drapes, and anything else you find yourself running your vacuum over, the first time it passes. With the Garry Vacuum cleaner, getting rid of that dust and dirt will be easy and hassle free. To outline its unique features, the Garry vacuum possesses the following:

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  • Superior suction power at 6,600 rpm
  • Light weight, at only 9 lbs.
  • One-pass-no-back-track cleaning technology
  • A three-layer inner bag and a five-layer outer bag system
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Air purifier
  • A free-bag-for-life service (which one can get anytime of their liking)
  • A warranty with no questions asked (lifetime warranty)

One catchy feature of this vacuum cleaner is its “free-bag-for-life” service. The Garry Vacuum guarantees a lifetime supply of their filtration bags, which are patented and hypoallergenic. These bags have eight layers of filtration protection that ensures that all environmental allergens are perfectly eliminated, which indirectly takes care of its owner’s health.

Another great thing about the Garry Vacuum is its accreditation with the “Better Business Bureau.” This means that this product takes pride in upholding its quintessential reputation with the consumers and that people who are to purchase it can guarantee that it lives up to its promises. To better ensure its superior quality rating, consumers are offered a 30-day risk-free trial which allows people to test the product themselves and return it if ever they were unimpressed, with a guaranteed full refund.

A great number of Garry Vacuum infomercials have been aired on different TV shopping networks to support these claims. One of these infomercials compared the Garry Vacuum to the Dyson and Oreck vacuums for vacuum supremacy. At the end, the Garry Vacuum performed better than the others, leading to its claim of the crown. Truly, Garry Vacuums live up to their claims of superiority and quality.

The Package

When one wants to get his or her hands on this best-quality product, he or she can do so through placing an order on Garry Vacuums’ official websites, at and, or go to the nearest appliance store. Making an order is easy and the product will be delivered to one’s door in no time. The package would include:

  • An upholstery tool
  • A dusting tool
  • A crevice tool
  • A hose extension wand, 18.5”
  • Free zero maintenance warranty
  • Free vacuums bags
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Purchasing the Garry Vacuum won’t feel like a dent in one’s pocket. As it is relatively inexpensive, costing only a fraction of the prices of other high-quality vacuum cleaners on the market, the Garry Vacuum is indeed a best buy.

Consumer Verdict

As a lot of people have purchased the Garry Vacuum upon its introduction, numerous needs were met with their satisfaction guaranteed. One such buyer testified of its suction power being more than what she expected. Getting rid of pet hair, especially dog and cat hairs, is so easy that vacuuming has become an entertaining activity – no longer a chore. Also, setting up the vacuum cleaner isn’t daunting anymore because of its good user interface. One can really shift from one type of surface to another, for example, carpet to hardwood floor, easily making any setting changes. After vacuuming with the Garry Vacuum, rooms will look fresher and brighter, with carpets and floors emitting a newly revitalized look.

However, some consumers are saying the opposite. Upon receiving the vacuum, they encountered series’ of problems in less than a month. The most common complaints of the Garry Vacuum concern its motor that easily burns out and freezes. Another would be the very loud sound it emits when in use. Replacing or returning the vacuum cleaner was termed a nightmare as its customer service is terrible and consumers have complained of being hung up on while on the phone with the customer service center.

Another major downside of this product, as quoted from some of its consumers, is tagged as the “Garry Vacuum Scam.” In this scam, although the vacuum’s service guarantees consumers the right to return or replace their units for free, a hidden cost that consumers really need to pay reflects on the shipping and processing fees, which will cost them approximately $50 to $90 one way. Also, if one fails to send back the defective item within 30 days, he or she will be charged. Allegedly, the company would claim that these items were not received even if these were shipped already by the consumer. Same goes to the “free bags” they supply. There have been claims that even if no bag request was made, the company keeps on sending these free bags and charging them for the shipping fees. The no-questions-asked warranty policy is also one of the highlights of the Garry Vacuum ‘scam.’ If one will call its toll-free customer service hotline, they would ask series of questions non-stop and would “accidentally” disconnect the call.

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As these types of service cannot be easily ignored, for it involves a great sum of money lost, one should ensure that every purchase made is worth the price. Some tips in doing so would be to purchase these items from an authentic and trustworthy store. Also, reading reviews on the Garry Vacuum or asking people with first-hand experience on this brand of vacuum can be a big help, as you would be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

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