Garrity Flashlight Review Guide: Replacement Bulbs, LEDs, Parts & Prices

The purpose of a flashlight is to light up the dark, allowing one to see. Garrity takes it further than any other flashlight company. They have produced the first of many different flashlights, including a rubber flashlight and a disposable flashlight. They also make some that do not need batteries ever. Their flashlights range in size and durability with their smallest one being the Micro Keychain light up to the largest and most durable being the stainless steel flashlight.

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They also proudly have helped out when the need has arisen. In 1991, they provided thousands of Life Lites for Operation Desert Storm, and after the attack of 9/11, they provided flashlights for the rescuers at Ground Zero within hours.

Not only do they have wonderful, hardworking products, but they also are a company that helps those in need. As being part of the Duracell family, along with their parent company being Proctor and Gamble, Garrity has all the credibility and durability expected of them. To learn more about the company, this is a direct link to their website:; it does not have pricing, but it does have great information on the different products they carry, their background, and ways to contact the company.

Garrity Bulbs and Replacement Bulbs

There are two bulbs that Garrity uses for their flashlights: LED and incandescent.  Incandescent is the more traditional bulb that most of the older flashlights use; they are relatively inexpensive to replace but waste up to 70% of their energy in heat. LED is the more modern bulb and is much more energy and cost efficient.

Light-emitting diode, more commonly known as LED, bulbs have recently come into mass marketing.  Basically the bulb should never need replacement as an LED bulb should never burn out, and can last up to 100,000 hours.  They can be up to 70% more energy efficient than the incandescent bulbs.  LED has a much further throw (the distance the light can travel), since it is a more concentrated beam. The Garrity K009 is a great example, which would work wonderful if used to see things from afar.

LED also has different colored light bulbs for different uses: red, green, white, blue, and amber. White is the most common as it used for general purposes. For hunters they make blue colored bulbs to see any blood, which looks black under this light, that may lie upon the trail. For military personnel, there are green bulbs that are used for their night vision equipment. For low light conditions, there is red; and amber is used when bright light isn’t needed as it is still effective and much easier on the eyes.

Using a flashlight that uses incandescent bulbs means the bulbs will need to be replaced. To find replacement bulbs just go to a local retail store like Wal*Mart, ACE hardware, Autozone, CVS, and Menards. There are also a few online sites that replacement bulbs can be found at, here are a few links: and and;_ylt=Atqw8l_kkRMgfAgsu9eVVP4bFt0A?p=garrity+bulbs&did=0.

All flashlights come with an on/off switch, whether it is red or black, on the side or on the bottom of the flashlight. They also all come with the ability to change their light settings, depending on if the consumer wants a direct beam or a broader, softer beam to light more of an area.

There are flashlights that do not ever need batteries, like the self-powered Power Lite. It comes with a hand crank that when turned powers the flashlight.  That means no need for replacing batteries. The flashlight can also last an upwards of 10 years. To learn how to use these flashlights follow this link:

Another neat invention from Garrity is the Touch ’N Lite. It is an area light that can be placed on any flat surface and can also be hung upon the wall. All that this light needs to be touched to turn on, and a set timer, depending on the user, will automatically shut the light off after 1 to 5 minutes. It also comes with a glow-in-the-dark spot on the dome makes it much easier to be found in the dark.

Rechargeable flashlights are unique as they come with NiMH rechargeable batteries.  The flashlight has a built-in plug that goes right into an electrical outlet and charges the batteries. It also has a bright red LED light that shows that the flashlight is charging and, in case of power outage, indicates where the flashlight is in the dark. A good example of this is the Garrity E3.

Some flashlights also come with interchangeable lenses to use on the flashlight. There are red and green lenses to enable one to see better in low light and also to track.

Why Garrity is Better

When comparing Garrity’s rechargeable flashlights to Maglite’s rechargeable flashlights, Garrity is unbeatable.  They both use NiMH environmentally friendly batteries, but instead of using Maglite’s accessory battery pack, Garrity uses AA batteries instead.  Also, Garrity has many different options when choosing a rechargeable flashlight, whereas Maglite only has different sizes. When the battery needs charged all that is needed is an electrical outlet, no hassles with cords or battery removal and replacement.  As far as prices are concerned, Garrity beats out Maglite; Garrity flashlights run between ten and twenty dollars, compared to Maglite’s 70 to 100 dollars.

In general, Garrity has the lowest prices for the best quality. Even though the price is cheap compared to other flashlights, the flashlight itself is not cheaply made.  They use batteries that last much longer than conventional batteries. About the Garrity Aluminum LED Flashlight, K009, one reviewer believed that brevity got the point across clearly with a simply stated, “Excellent flashlight” at Other comments regarding this flashlight include the more descriptive: “Being a storm chaser I have had and used alot of flashlights and the Garrity K009 is the best flashlight ever produced anywhere. It puts out plenty of light but this flashlight has a trick no other LED flashlight has extreme battery life.

I tested this flashlight on how long the batteries would last, and after being on for 13 days 24 hours a day this flashlight was still on and giving light! I would recomment this flashlight anytime, anyplace, or anywhere.”

To read some more reviews on how other people think of Garrity’s products, it is possible to go to,, and and type in Garrity flashlights and many of their products will come up with numerous reviews on how people love their flashlights and recommend them to others.

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5 thoughts on “Garrity Flashlight Review Guide: Replacement Bulbs, LEDs, Parts & Prices”

  1. Su Broomell

    Are the LED and incandescent bulbs interchangeable?
    Rather not have the extra heat…and my rubberized Garrity flashlight needs a new bulb.

  2. Theodore J. Cohen

    I have a Garrity stainless steel flashlight that is approximately 6 inches long. It uses two AA batteries. The light is turned on and off using a push button on the back (push on, push off). The head-end turns to “focus” the light. The lamp, itself, is incandescent. It is 9/16-inch long, including the two 1/4-inch wire leads. The flashlight was purchased 11 years ago, and the lamp just burned out. When I called Garrity, they said they no longer had replacement parts for these flashlights. Which is strange, given you can use Part 2A001 Mineature Bulb G1.27 Base bulbs available from Bulb Town in Jacksonville, FL, as replacements. They work like a champ! If you have any questions, ask to speak to Melinda.

  3. Robert Maher

    I have an older garrity flashlight which operates on 4 d cell batteries and it quit working all of a sudden. I put 4 new d cell batteries in it , a new bulb and it still won’t light. could it possibly be the switch ?? and can you send me one or can I send it back and have you repair it ??? Thanks Bob

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