Garden Fencing Ideas Guide: Vegetable Garden Fencing For Deer and Dogs That You Can Do Yourself

It is always frustrating when a gardener finds that the local wildlife is eating all of his hard worked veggies right out of the garden, but there are garden fencing ideas that can help.  Of course, the gardener may try other options before installing a garden fence.  Plenty of animal repellent is available for gardeners to try. Gardeners can resort to old tricks like tying ribbons to stakes around the garden to scare away the birds.  A scarecrow is another option for the gardener looking to keep animals out.

Sometimes, it is necessary to resort to good old fashioned fencing to protect your garden from being harvested too soon.  Most garden fencing is a do it yourself project.  Don’t you worry though, there are plenty of garden fencing ideas with do it yourself options available.

Blocking Hungry Animals

The deer are adorable to look at from a distance, but no gardener wants one eating up his or her vegetables.  When the deer get into the garden and animal repellent doesn’t work, consider a few vegetable garden fencing ideas.  Most vegetable garden fences consist of a durable mesh that is easy to install around the garden.  This mesh will be flexible so the animals can’t jump over it very easily, but durable enough that the animals won’t be able to chew through it either. Gardeners looking for deer fencing ideas can consider a type of mesh like this for their vegetable garden.  One such garden fence good at keeping animals out is Easy Gardener Deer Barrier Fencing.

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This fencing is typically 100 feet long and 7 feet high.  It is lightweight, durable, flexible and relatively easy to install.  The barrier mesh doesn’t come with stakes, so gardeners will need to purchase them separately.  This fencing also does not conduct electricity, making it a perfect option for those gardeners who are hesitant to use electrified fencing.

As far as deer fencing ideas go, the mesh barrier is an animal friendly way to keep the deer out of the vegetable garden.  It does have some drawbacks.  As mentioned before, the barrier does not come with the fence posts.  Small animals like, chipmunks and squirrels will also chew through it given enough time.  The gardener will need to make regular inspections of the fence and make repairs as needed to keep the animals out.

 Pet Owners and the Garden Fence

Pet owners will probably find it necessary to install fencing around their gardens too.  Garden fencing ideas for dogs include a wire mesh similar to that used for general vegetable garden fencing and wooden fencing around the perimeter of the garden.  Wooden fencing takes a while to put up though, and it blocks your view of the garden.  The wooden fence panels can be an unsightly block of space in the backyard.

The K9 Pet and Garden Fence Kit is a good multipurpose option for those looking for garden fencing ideas for dogs and other animals.  This fence is over 100 feet long, made of conductive wire and includes plastic fence posts and the K9 controller.  This controller sends a mild electric current through the wire of the fence that gardeners claim is comparable to a mildly unpleasant tingling sensation.  When activated, this fence will keep all of the animals away from the enclosed area.  It is durable, but the wire mesh of the fence does corrode over the winter leaving some areas non-conductive.  Be sure to get an extra roll of wire to make repairs each spring.

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Installing Garden Fencing

When looking for garden fencing ideas, the gardener will need to consider the size of his garden.  The gardener should also take into account how much money he can afford to spend to install fencing.  A mesh fence is very popular in part because it is low-cost while still being effective.  The do it yourself garden fencing ideas listed here are easy to install and affordable.

Before deciding on any of these garden fencing ideas UK, take the time to measure around the perimeter of the garden.  Standard garden fences are about 100 feet.  Gardeners will need to purchase extra mesh if their garden is longer around than that.  Taking measurements will also help the gardener to estimate the cost of installing their garden fence.

An eight foot long wooden fence panel can start at $20 and cost as much as $80 per panel. An 8 foot long plastic fence panel can range from $40 up to $100 per panel. This is compared to the 100 feet of Easy Gardener Deer Barrier Fencing for around $70.

After purchase, install mesh fencing using fence posts, a hammer, metal wire and ground stakes.  Start by pushing the fence posts into the ground at each corner of the garden.  Add in more posts between these corner posts at intervals of about six feet.  Metal fence posts should push easily into the ground.  Plastic posts will need to be placed in a hole that is first dug into the ground using a small shovel.  Push the posts into the ground at least two feet to get past the frost level.

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Next, tie one end of the barrier mesh to one of the fence posts using the metal wire. Three or four ties should secure it properly to the post. Unroll the barrier mesh and wrap it around the next fence post, tying it in the same manner.  Repeat this process until you have wrapped the mesh around all of the fence posts.

You’ll want to leave a space between two posts to serve as the entrance to the garden.  Many gardeners create an impromptu gate between these two posts using a section of mesh and two other fence posts that aren’t inserted into the ground.

Stick the bottom of the fence to the ground around the perimeter using the ground stakes.  This will keep small animals out as well as the deer and discourage digging.

These garden fencing ideas are just a few of the options available to the gardener who is looking to keep animals out of his garden.  Spend some time comparing products and prices before selecting the fencing for your garden, and enjoy the fruits of your labor without animals getting to them first.

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