Garden Fence Ideas Guide: Vegetables, Edging, Decorative, Landscaping, Deer & Picket Fencing

While most of us would never think of fencing as being something of intricate detail, it actually is for a homeowner and avid gardener.  In selecting the appropriate types of fence to protect your landscaping the possibilities are endless.

Chain Link Fencing

The most common type of fencing material –and also the cheapest– is the chain link or sometimes known as the wire netting, chain-wire fence, cyclone fence or hurricane fence.  The fence itself is not very decorative but it has several advantages.  For one, chain links are easy to install and it lets light and air get through. Allowing you to see through the other side also widens the space and you don’t get that claustrophobic feeling or create a yard that seems enclosed

Wondering how to decorate the chain link fence though? You can add some evergreen vine plants to your landscaping design.  If you can’t imagine how this looks, you can try checking out pictures online for decorative fence ideas.  Many homeowners use ivy, wisteria and trumpet vine which tend to crawl into nearby structures like your chain link fence.  The green crawling naturally on those interlinked metal will add some softness and color to the look of your fence.   Planting shocks of clumping bamboo, which grow tall and sway gently in the wind, will also create a similar effect.   Finally, if you don’t mind partially blocking the view of the outside, you can line your garden with shrubs and hedges like dogwood and hydrangea.  There are so many other garden edging ideas you can try to either decorate your chain link fence or distract viewers from it.

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Wooden Picket

Although they do not match the level of security of other materials like metal grills and although they require greater upkeep, wooden picket fences are classic, traditional and simply beautiful.

Some of the more popular picket fence ideas for landscaping include lining the fence with seemingly wild flowers or black-eyed susans which –if allowed to grow naturally –will peek through the pickets randomly and give the landscape a “countryside” look and feel to it.

Because wood is difficult and expensive to maintain though, many homeowners go with the PVC picket fencing option.  PVC or plastic picket fencing or vinyl picket fencing is the material which will spare you from expensive and laborious treatments against termites and constant repainting. It is also sturdier against the wear and tear of the elements like rain, wind and sunlight. Once installed, PVC picket fences will not peel, corrode and rust and they will never need painting or treating.

Not only will PVC picket fences save you time, money and hassle, they are also environmentally friendly as using wood does have an adverse environmental impact.  They are also non-toxic and fully recyclable.

Landscaping fence ideas specifically for wood or PVC pickets can be searched online.  You can even mix them with other materials like stone and again line the perimeter with shrubs to create that charming and homey look.

Aluminum Fences

Yet another great option is aluminum which is typically powder-coated with acrylic finish. While being great in terms of security, it is gives your home the stately elegance of wrought iron.  Plenty of garden fence ideas can go well with aluminum fences because this material allows for flexibility in terms of design. While other homeowners prefer simple and straight vertical lines to edge the perimeter, others prefer curvier shapes or more intricate designs.

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Unlike the cheaper chain links, whose appearance must be enhanced or covered with creative landscaping fence ideas, aluminum fences actually add to the beauty of the area.  It can line your home, garden or your pool for added safety. Contrary to popular belief, it is also easy to install and requires little maintenance.  There are pre-assembled panels available online for you to be able to do the fencing yourself.

Why Fence Your Property?

Landscaping and fencing isn’t just about design though.  Before any other aesthetic consideration protecting your home and garden should be on top of the priority list.

For some people, putting up a protective fence is simply about keeping animals like deer off of the garden.  Deer love to eat shrubbery and can do a lot of damage to any type of garden. If this is also your problem, ask the local nursery for deer fence ideas. Vegetable garden fence ideas are specifically planned out to protect plants, fruit beds and landscaping from being ransacked by hungry cattle.

For example, make sure that your fencing goes up as high as seven feet and is made of high woven wire. Barbwire may be used on the upper portion to really keep cattle away.  If this is not enough, have an electric fence system surround your garden and place temporary netting to specific plants like strawberries.

Going Shopping For Your Garden Fence Ideas

If you have determined what type of fencing material and design best suit your needs as a homeowner, it’s time to go shopping!

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Chain links are readily available at retail and do-it-yourself hardware stores or they may be purchased online.  The standard heights are 42″, 48″, 60″, and 72″ tall.  They also come in several colors, the most common of which are black, green, brown and white.  Be sure though to check that your chain link fencing comes with a warranty and is manufactured with a 1 ¼” mesh, which is the BOCA swimming pool code standard. One great feature of online shops which sell chain links is that it now comes with an online calculator, for you to better estimate the length you need to cover your perimeter.

If you have decided to go with wooden pickets, you can go shopping online for suppliers of Cedar, Redwood and Southern Yellow Pine.  Cedar and redwood are probably the wiser choices because these materials resist moisture, rot and insects naturally with little treatment needed.  Better yet, you can try looking for composite fencing, which is made from recycled wood fibers in a resin base.  Its surface may still come in Cedar, Redwood, and Tuscan Walnut but this type will require less maintenance especially against cracking.  Again you can make use of free online calculators as you get started.

The Internet is particularly a great place to buy aluminum fencing because it allows you to choose from a variety of designs.  As mentioned earlier, aluminum grills can be a very lovely addition by themselves and online there are more stores and designs that you can choose from.

With diligent research and canvassing, you can recreate the lovely garden fence ideas you have planned.

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